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  1. So, i spent hours last night working on the 70's Brazil tactic - i've found that your base formation does a good job of emulating the ethos of the tactic. Still not 100% happy with the AP's positioning (finding him drifting far too right on attack on some occassions) When he does stay left he's scoring some great goals when the ball is crossed from the right - he is in acres of space when he arrives in the box. Not sure if a PI or positional change will change this - like you i want him inside when on defence. I changed the BWM to CM-D - found that this gave a bit more stability in the middle
  2. I remember watching a re run of the 1970 World Cup final in 1978 when i was 10 years old - i was glued to the TV. I was a young boy who had recently discovered football but had never seen anything like this. It truly captivated me for 90 minutes. I spent weeks/months afterwards recreating the Carlos Alberto goal over and over in my back garden. My mum bought me a Brasil shirt, i wore it almost every day. This thread has recaptured those childhood memories and made me go back to watching that amazing game. Great work Cleon - it's spurred me into recreating my own version of this tactic, thanks
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