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  1. Nope, just yours and the 2016 claassen file. Also, when selecting leagues, the J league shows up as "Japan League 1" or something similar, instead of the "Meiji-Yasuda ..." as has been set in the claassen file. I wonder if that's part of the problem.
  2. Hi Foss, thanks for your hard work on this! Really appreciate it. Unfortunately, the latest link still crashes in July for me.
  3. Well but I play a high tempo attack game, and many attacking teams in real life have their wingers acting like this too (Man United, Dortmund etc.), so it would be quite counterproductive to have such conflicting instructions, wouldn't it?
  4. Hi, is it possible in this ME to have the wingers NOT cross the moment they hit the byline, but instead maybe slow down and look to take their man on near the corner flag/do a turn to cut back and try and create space/play it back to the supporting fullback? I'm getting way too many crosses blocked because the winger doesn't bother trying to create space for himself, but just wants to swing it in the moment he reaches the byline.
  5. Cydver

    buy to loan back ???

    Actually, yes it can.
  6. I have probably had the pleasure of interacting (to a tiny extent) with SFraser over certain issues in T&TD, as well as sought his opinion on how to play my favorite game - the news is a shock and I offer my condolences to his family. Although we were all drawn by just a game and a sport, and I never actually got to know him, I am sure he was a good man and he will be missed by all on the forums - especially with next year's edition and no more of his valuable insights. SFraser, rest in peace.
  7. Cydver

    Real rule Japanese Leagues for FM2011.30

    Ah, alright thank you! You should update the first post with that too! EDIT: Well, unfortunately that Chinese link seems a bit messed up as well, and the players are for the 11.1 game, which means we still don't have an actually playable Japanese league for 11.3! The league structures in this file are solid, however.
  8. Cydver

    Real rule Japanese Leagues for FM2011.30

    Yeah - I did but I got a lot of text instead. My friend helped me download it, however, yet after loading it into the game and the Editor I see clubs which are decently filled out but no players in any first team squads... not even Sogahata from your screenshot. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Cydver

    Real rule Japanese Leagues for FM2011.30

    Thank you so much!! I have been waiting for a japanese file all week to restart my career(s) on FM. Will return with updates soon. EDIT: Sorry I don't think the download link works. It just gives me a load of text.
  10. I wouldn't say the game is 'not fun nor realistic', but it has certainly seemed less fun with the years due to the dilution of content and far longer waiting times all round (although, admittedly, this could be the fault of my year-old Mac). I understand the game to be a simulation of real life, so realism might not really be SI's true focus given the primitive and rough AI after all these years. That is a shame, for I still do hope for a truly challenging AI and game mechanics which can ensure that not just anyone is able to win the Champions League for multiple years in a row, even with a team that is seemingly complete. The current AI just cannot measure... there just isn't enough sustainability with all the supposed flaws in regens, finances etc. to justify playing this game for the span of a "Football Manager" than, say, four or five seasons with your favorite club.
  11. Cydver

    Unlimited Potential

    Exactly. And for people who continue to stress about numbers and attributes and CA and PA, well, play a season picking players based on their form and buying/scouting players who have good average ratings for the last 5 games. You will be surprised by the number of gems you can pick up for cheap who are also able to punch above their weight, and in then in some extreme cases, take you all the way to the top.
  12. Cydver

    Unlimited Potential

    Oh wow woody2goody just summarized my entire post... but yes that was my point.
  13. Cydver

    Unlimited Potential

    In truth, I believe the notion of 'unlimited potential' is already evident in the game. Last year I did join in this 'debate' a little on the side of having unlimited potential, but then I realized that the only thing we're truly lacking as players is a graphical representation of unlimited potential. What CA and PA tell us right now are that a player has a set ability at any one time (CA) which can be altered by certain factors like morale etc., and that a player can only be as good as he was meant to be (PA). In Neville's case, though, we have a different thing in FM which has allowed me to view the game in an entirely different light altogether, reigniting some of that 'flame' - form. Performances. The ability to take an 18-year old at your League One club, and put so much time and faith into developing him such that even if his attributes remain in the 10s and 8s at 23, he is a key man for your newly-established EPL midtable team 5 seasons later. Such a phenomenon is, in my opinion, the evidence that true potential is indeed unlimited in FM. I think if players started looking past numerical representation for attributes and stats, there would be a lot less debate about things. A key example of that would be how some people have mentioned Park Ji-Sung being underrated. I think he has a bit more dribbling skill than 12 and 14 wouldn't be too far off, for example, but I never complain because of how amazing Park has performed over many seasons of FM since 07. What we see with Gary Neville's incredible career would be in his performances and that's what we should look at - how a player performs in games, or his average rating. Though to be honest I think Gary's a bit overrated in terms of technical attributes, plus the ratings system is not as accurate as it could be... but that's exactly why we have a graphical representation of the match, no? After experiencing the above example of that 18-year old myself (at some League One/Two club I don't really remember now), I am convinced that FM has a passable enough representation of real life at the moment and even if the attributes do not reflect how well a real life player can play in real life, it is how well he truly plays in FM that matters. You don't need the 16s across the board to play well in the EPL and I point at Ian Ashbee who started from the lower leagues and did not become an embarrassment in his short time at the top with Hull, amongst other examples. Therefore what the OP suggests about Neville is well and truly achievable. All you gotta do is really take the player under your wing and make sure you groom him (Training) , put faith in him (Appearances) and build up confidence (Morale) over a number of seasons. The form will carry over and he will be able to sustain some 'out of his skin' performances over his career and establish himself as a top player at the highest level. Then again, of course, it won't happen in every case, so...a little heads-up there.
  14. You can also use Cmd+Shift+4 to snap just a portion of the screen.