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  1. xG is good! The problem is treating it like a Big New Feature instead of just quietly slipping it into a robust, customizable Match Stats panel that the user can resize and rearrange.
  2. Every. Single. Time. I'm in a replay, I spend a heartbeat trying to remember how to get out of it or skip it, and then I remember that the "Skip" button sits on top of the enforced Match Stats panel?! instead of just to the right of the scoreboard where other view-related prompts sit (e.g., "Waiting for Next Highlight..."). Can I get this one tiny thing? Just move it to where it's easily viewable and consistent with other in-game messaging?
  3. I believe there's a mod for this: I haven't tried it yet myself. By the way, SI, I'd pay five, maybe ten quid to remove all 3D "backdrops" from the game and replace them with plain black, if you're in the mood to do some cosmetic microtransactions.
  4. Also pretty easy because they're also a fallen team that has good investment and staffing behind them. The big difference is they weren't of Palermo's stature to begin with, and their stadium is about 1/4 the size.
  5. Palermo is going to be an easy save to start out with because they've got massive structural and financial advantages over the other Serie C teams. It should toughen up when you're back in Serie A.
  6. Strongly agree. FM21's interface changes make it harder for me to find the information I need, more laborious to take the actions I want to take, and actively work against my immersion at every turn. There are ways to add color, visual interest, and immerse the player in their (highly specific!) football manager universe without imposing stale, repetitive, ugly, full-screen 3D scenes that actively detract from what I'm trying to understand and accomplish. I know people have joked about the game being "spreadsheet simulator" in the past, but spreadsheets are incredibly efficient and u
  7. I just checked the latest Steam survey, and it appears 2.26% of users are using a primary display resolution below 1366x768, which is still used by some cheaper-end laptops, I think. Regardless, while some of the problems definitely stem from not paying attention to the 80%+ of users who use 1080p or higher, many of the principal UI problems are about layout, placement, design, etc. Most of my issues with the match engine UI would be a problem at 1024x768, too.
  8. More fun with UI/UX, this time in a match: There are four ways to meaningfully affect how the match engine screen displays. They are in ... four different corners of the screen. So I've pointed them out with arrows! In the top left, we can hide or unhide the Match Stats and Notable Events panel. This wasn't clear to me initially, because the blue icon is a little hard to parse at 1440p and uses no familiar interactable iconography. You cannot customize this Match Stats panel as you could in the past (more on that in a second!), and you cannot shrink or adjust the size of the Not
  9. Just to illustrate some of the UI complaints with an example. In the screenshot, I've highlighted where my eye naturally falls in red; it's where it's led by the perspective of the scene. Meanwhile, things I will need to read or potentially interact with are in green. The yellow overlay is unused dead space. I'm playing on a 27" 1440p monitor, and my eye has to traverse all of the yellow to find the things in green, which are laid out in ways that defy reading order or any eye-tracking research I'm aware of. I have to go from the red to the green box to the green circles, read through the
  10. Strongly agree with all of this. The current game feels like it's creaking under the weight of some imposed directorial vision that doesn't fit. Is the end goal to make FM a first-person virtual reality RPG where you wander around some empty offices, sit down at your chair, and do paperwork at your desk? If so, the graphics need to move beyond Second Life territory. But I'd argue that these choices make the experience of interacting with the game more time-consuming, less intuitive, uglier, and more prescriptive. I can no longer freely imagine what my office looks like at a lower-league c
  11. This is such a tired, trite comparison between the leagues. Never mind that Pogba played in 40 Champions League games for Juve.
  12. Oof. Hope a hotfix is coming soon, but I'll have to put aside my save for now.
  13. It is... bewildering. On my 1440p monitor, there are numerous screens where 70% of the real estate is empty, dead space (or a terrible, prescribed 3D backdrop that actively hurt my immersions). My eye and mouse have to rove across huge gappy spaces to find information that's laid out in bizarre fashion. Confirm prompts are inconsistently in the top and bottom right, and often wholly divorced from the action I'm taking. It's frequently unclear what I can even interact with! Even figuring out who's reacting to what in a team talk is needlessly complex because nothing is laid out in a way that's
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