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  1. This has been a problem in every FM for as long as I can remember.
  2. Yeah, I've been using this for years. The new feature is just a more intuitive menu for something that already exists. Which is nice and all, I guess.
  3. I've said it for years, but the marketing and drip-feed of information SI do for FM is just wildly out of the norm for videogames. It's kind of refreshing how unpolished it is, but that's undermined by the attitude and presentation to consumers feeling adversarial, especially when Miles is involved. A Twitter poll to slop out random lines from patch notes is ... wow.
  4. Bad luck. I've played three seasons and I have yet to see a single straight red in any game I've played, which is even weirder. It's always been second yellows.
  5. This was my initial impression, but not how it turned out in practice. What I do is pick the premade routines and then tailor them slightly. I do this about once a month to make sure everything's in good shape (and again if a schedule change messes it up), and it takes less than five minutes. There are some easy marginal gains to be made (the premade routines don't make use of, e.g., Community Service/Team Bonding/Match Review much), and it's hard to mess it up totally if you're working from the templates. I was initially very intimidated, but you really can put as much or as little effort in as you want, and it's more intuitive and easier to adjust than it looks at first glance. It also addresses something that was deficient in the game before: You didn't really feel like you were "coaching" your team outside of matches. Now I spend a lot more time thinking about—and a little time tailoring—how training works based on what I need in the short or long term.
  6. Depends on how important his physicals are to the position and role you want him to play. In this particular case, because he's a central player with wonderful technical ability, you could probably start moving him deeper and deeper with less running involved as he starts to decline.
  7. Over time, your squad sort of mulches towards the average of the personalities in the team. I've noticed determination declines, too, but luckily my squad's determination as a whole is kind of insane, so everyone is gravitating towards 16+. The general way I've addressed this is only to hire/buy great personalities.
  8. In practice, it doesn't feel like there is that much penalty. I actually do this to close out games, regardless of red/orange familiarity.
  9. This one grinds my gears, too. After all these years, column behavior (and text/info alignment) is still erratic, it's still impossible to lock their width or position, and the tiniest misclick can mess up minutes of work.
  10. This is a recurring argument made across sports. You can see a version of it unfolding right now in baseball because Jacob DeGrom just won a Cy Young award (best pitcher of the year) despite not getting many "wins" (a traditional stat that pitchers don't have meaningful control over). But the analysts always win in the end. The baseball establishment is now the analytic establishment; the same thing is happening in basketball and hockey. The traditional gatekeepers of the game—players, managers, pundits—tend not to be mathematically or analytically inclined, and they tend not trust what they don't understand. But wherever the argument is had, they always lose, and the nerds take over the actual running of their sport. It's already happening in soccer, too; it just doesn't bubble up to the popular consciousness much.
  11. Remember that you can add him to the first-team squad but make him permanently available for the U18s—so he continues to play at that level while training with and learning from the first team.
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