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  1. Double Indemnity

    Player far outperforming his "rating?"

    Star ratings are highly contextual and often wildly wrong. They should be taken with two handfuls of salt. Players with mediocre ratings can often "overperform" if the system they're playing in is particularly well-suited to their strengths. Sometimes having high Work Rate, good hidden stats, and physical stats more than compensates for a dearth of technical ability. As they do in real life.
  2. Because we have thousands of hours of experience playing Football Manager, and many of us work in creative fields, are actual UI/UX designers, etc.?
  3. Also, there are still innumerable style errors. Things like "long term plans" and "Below Average training facilities" (first should be hyphenated, the second should prompt an in-depth editorial conversation); or "full-back" and "centre-back" (neither should be hyphenated according to any style or dictionary I can think of); or hyphens treated as dashes; or wildly inconsistent capitalization. SI seem to ignore every major style guide for title case, but they also treat similar items differently, often on the same screen! (For example, it's "Distribute over Opposition Defence" but "Pass Into Space".) I get that 95% of people or more don't care about or notice these things, but it looks and feels slapdash to writers and editors. Never mind that the game's longer writing is littered with comma splices, redundant modifiers (which is a fairly, very, rather British quirk, I admit), etc. This stuff would be so easy to fix! As it is, I wonder if there's even an agreed internal style guide. Another thing I've noticed is when the game incorporates something like Raumdeuter, it retains the capitalization that is a feature of German but not of English. Compare with other loanwords like blitzkrieg, realpolitik or ersatz, which appropriately lose their capitals when used as common nouns in English.
  4. This is the one part of the reveal that I thought was weak or underwhelming. I can live with the intense purple, but overall this feels like another strange step backward for UI/UX that's always been, at best, unintuitive and cluttered. The decorative diagonal lines and bars are particular bizarre to me; I'm not sure what they're supposed to signify or communicate (goal netting? maybe?), and they hurt the legibility of any type in front of them. They also seems sort of haphazard? And the combination of those sharp lines and points (for example, the selection bar under submenus) with rounded corners elsewhere just looks like multiple people worked on different elements without every speaking to one another. The angles aren't even consistent from one element to another! And then the selection on the left, with the point of the angle touching the straight line? And then another dividing rule style in the sidebar that is totally inconsistent with the decorate horizontal bars (see Homepage/Inbox/Squad at the top for instance)? It just feels like nonsensical visual flourish that makes parsing content at a glance harder. Sharp square corners in one place, rounded corners in another, angled lines at random, lots of truncated type (if this is a problem with responsive design for different resolutions, there has to be a better solution!) ... I just don't get it. That's even before the garish primary colorization of things, which looks especially bad with multiple dark blues against the purple. As a user above noted, it looks like the horrible Windows tiles that everyone revolted against years ago.
  5. Find the players who have the attributes you want, then worry about their position. A lot of "defensive midfielders" can be converted into hardworking wing backs.
  6. If you were being cynical, you could say that Man City offered that much money because they know it's sufficient to cause the player and his agent to pressure you into an eventual sale. But I would imagine the problem is that—like so much else in FM—this system depends upon the creaking Reputation system that hasn't seen a significant overhaul in any version of CM/FM I can recall.
  7. Double Indemnity

    3D engine: time to take a step back?

    Worth noting that OOTP is reportedly taking a big step forward with their 3D this year. No screenshots yet that I'm aware of, but they're moving to actual player models instead of the "pawns."
  8. This is the first year in this decade that I have not bought FM. I likely will end up picking up when it's deeply discounted later in the year and final patches are in (because I really, really want to play as Venezia in Serie B), but I've become increasingly disillusioned with the rate of progress on the game considering my annual investment. The #1 things are lacking right now is in artificial intelligence—both in the strategic behavior of AI managers (and how it interacts with the CA/PA/Reputation systems) and, most visibly, in the representation of footballing behavior in the match engine. I will say that when I think about the complexities involved in modeling the interdependent, organic behavior of 22 thinking, reacting humans in that match engine, my mind boggles. It must be insanely hard to represent, let alone balance. I'm sure things were much easier for SI when they didn't have to show every detail of the game and could rely on the human manager to fill in the blanks or extrapolate with their imagination. Still, it feels like the engine less resembles real football than it did even a couple of versions ago, even as it gets more sophisticated (or maybe because of that sophistication). Things like players' reactions to transitions, build-up play, the overabundance of long shots, the insane efficacy of crosses, defender positioning, dead balls, poor one-on-ones etc. have been plaguing the game for years, and it's just worn me down, because it takes me out of the experience so abruptly. It doesn't help that complaints about these things don't go well on this forum, with people being told that it's their imagination, or their tactics, or their squad's morale, or that these things happen in real football, too (which is true, but that ignores the frequency with which these things happen). At worst, it descends into moderators or staff scolding people for their tone, and that escalates into people being genuinely nasty to one another. I don't see these things with other titles in the PC gaming space, where more cautious developers tend to take a softly, softly "the customer is always right" slant (at least in public), and encourage their moderation staff to not call out individuals or get into spats. Because they never end well! I appreciate that your publisher might lose their minds, but maybe it's time to finally take a year off, release a (relatively cheap) data update, and rewrite some of the systems from scratch for 2019. If that's not possible, maybe set a few of your no-doubt passionate staff aside and have them work outside the normal release cycle on getting things right to their level of personal satisfaction, not just getting them released each year.
  9. Double Indemnity

    One on One finishing

    It's always been an issue. One-on-ones aren't the guaranteed goals people seem to think, but FM strikers never seem to make good decisions when put in this position. I've always wondered if it's a compensatory mechanism for how easy it is to produce them in the game.
  10. Double Indemnity

    FM18 New Roles Explained

    I haven't bought FM18 yet, but the Mezzala sounds exactly like what I was always trying to get my third man in a 4-3-1-2 midfield to do. I was always trying different combinations of roles and shouts to try and get him to exploit the space on the flank ahead of my more defensive-minded wing back. Pretty excited to try it out.
  11. Double Indemnity

    Real Life-Tactics success in FM - When?

    AI is hard. Like, really, really hard. Football is a weird, fluid, dynamic game, and a lot of how it works in real-life depends on thousands of tiny calculations and adjustments by live, thinking humans. Is that an excuse for the often clunky ways FM plays out? Not entirely. But just respect that it's an incredibly hard thing to replicate with any degree of accuracy.
  12. Double Indemnity

    Football Manager 2018 Announcement

    Yep, it's Football Manager.
  13. Double Indemnity

    Football Manager TV: Football Intelligence

    As someone who almost always starts in the lower leagues I like the idea of "flipping" guys who overperformed this year to bigger clubs, so the AI looking more at form is great. (This is already abusable with mediocre wing backs because of their inflated ratings.) I still think the Reputation system needs a dramatic overhaul, but I guess I'll wait and see how much smarter the AI is this year. The squadbuilding was definitely better in 2017, but the AI still makes a lot of strange transfer decisions and completely fails to develop top prospects. I get that it's hugely complex, but it's part of what makes long saves frustrating; the AI just can't keep up with human players, even if you deliberately avoid exploits and manipulative transfer clauses.
  14. Double Indemnity

    Football Manager TV: Tactics

    I would love this. Such a small, simple change that might help people intuit things better.
  15. Double Indemnity

    Why are there hidden attributes?

    I wish more or most of the mental attributes were hidden, to be honest, with them gradually emerging over time through assistant manager and coach reports.