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  1. Biggest change SI came up with in FM 20 was combining u 23 and u18 and naming it dev center
  2. Is public beta 2.4 the last update before 3.0? Surely an official 2.4 will be released right? If it is the last update before march.... might just go play some other game
  3. I play Out of the park baseball and they generate stats that are surprisingly accurate compared to real life.... they have crappy ui and graphics but I don't see ppl complaining when the core of the game is so well established.
  4. Why can't SI give us some feedback on how the patch is going so ppl can calm their nerves... Isn't that the logical solution to all this dispute? Can't believe FM and Fifa is similar in price with this sort of after service
  5. Too many excuses You get paid to deliver, you fail u get criticised, just do a better job next time Stop going on about how its a difficult process and how it is hard to balance out the perfect match engine... blah blah blah You go to a restaurant, customer complains about the food do you hear the chef moaning about how they don't get the credit for all the hard work they put in a dish? How cooking the meat is a difficult process? You're treating us like we've been given the privilege to play a game that you made for us for free with bunch of volunteers.
  6. This game has to be the only game I played that takes this long to fix gameplay problems I think you have a working schedule per series and you try to work within them as much as possible but under the circumstances right now you should really consider yourself to be in a crisis. Do you outsource these match engine fixes to some other company? Is that why it takes this long to come up witha a fix in response to a feedback? I think I would understand the situation better if that was the case rather than saying " the match engine is complex and difficult to balance".... That really shouldn't be an excuse to come up with to a paid customer... do you expect us to go away nodding our head saying "Ofcourse! it must be difficult, what do we know about coding and programming, we should wait." If you are doing them internally using internal devs Fix one at a time, let us test them out and then re-apply feedback.... don't try to come up with a completely different game every patch. Im sure it's cost friendly but look at the bigger picture you're losing your loyal customer. Here are some more examples of the problem that you are aware of. 67th minute : Eccles dribbles all the way to the side netting 74th minute : Some stupid passing by Morgan Gibbs white and Jonny Otto when no-one is near them There are multiple 1v1 misses but i'm sure you are sick of hearing them. Wolves v Man Utd.pkm
  7. 64:32 Esposito fails to get a shot off early and gets defended well, watch what he does after dribbling past a defender with an open goal in front of him.... work ball in the box is on, but that just doesn't look logical to me Watford v Man Utd.pkm
  8. Luca Pellegrini just sitting there watching while Pulisic runs by him 92:33 Chelsea v Man Utd.pkm
  9. Think felipe is paying one of your scouters
  10. why does it have to be blocked? can't they be cleared once it enters the box? I understand that blocks can happen when the defender is marking closely but when they are pretty far apart... I don't see why a player with 16 crossing should struggle get one past the defence. I am just curious not being toxic or anything
  11. just load any game internally and put it on comprehensive highlight
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