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  1. SI STRIKES AGAIN First season, worked harded, managed my team to the final. Suddenly the game decides that it's funny to call 6 of my star players on international duty on the day of the champions league final. Can't be fixed I guess, save game is ruined. Thanks a lot. I uploaded a save game under the name "peking bug". So you can look at it and be sure to leave the bug for further games ps. I tried to create a post on the bug forum, i got this. I guess even your bug forum has bugs. The bigger the company gets, the less they care Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0
  2. Reloaded my game today and the team talk worked. Strange as i didn't made it up. Anyway, you can forget about it now
  3. I have a problem that i can't continue the game without holding an end season team meeting. But when I click on the buttom to hold it it says i can't have on during a season break (not sure if translation is right). Anyway, just look at the save and you will notice it immediatly. I uploaded under Fc Bayern bug
  4. Playing as fc bayern munchen. 1/8 finale against fc porto. 13000 empty seats. 600 away fans. Both numbers are unrealistic. Also, apparently no one at SI watches champions league football because the whole section behind the goal is empty. I now it's because of the standing places but you surely know that's not the case in real life. Btw I'm top of the league if you think that would be an excuse for the low attendance
  5. I just had Marco Verrati, who has the 3th most appearences of the squad complain to me that he wants a chance in the first team. It was after i benched him for 2 games straight. A bug? It seems a bit unrealistic. A better question would be why he didn't start the 2 last games
  6. Oke, so Cavani will perfrom better as a f9 in orange than poacher in green? Because the tactic needs a f9 to be successfull?
  7. BEOWULF 4231. Great tacktic. Just one question. Why the f9 when all good strikers aren't suited for it. Are all the other striker roles that bad?
  8. How does it work? What are the factors that determine it? How come Leon Bailey and Isco have more than Salah, van Dijk, Asensio, Lukaku,....?
  9. The bug of the afc. Normally the teams from west asia will only face a team from east asia in the final. But in this fm edition, in round 2 all the teams from east asia face a team from west asia at home. The bug has been raised in the bug forum and acknowledged. So i'm confidant a patch will fix it. My question is, will it be fixed in my current ongoing game or will I have to start a new game? If that's the case, you owe me 24 hours of my life
  10. Any player, any point. I've uploaded a save game Fortuna Düsseldorf (v02).fm
  11. When I pick a custom database and toggle players with national reputation from all continents. Does it mean current players or will it be early updated with newgens? For example: Will I be getting a good load of mexican newgens without selecting the league?
  12. Playing as Fortuna Dusseldorf. When i send a player to the reserve team. His match fitness become 99/86 the next day. It doenst matter if he had 80/50 or 95/92 in the first team. When i send him back to the first team he stays 99/86. Easy hack for getting injured players or tired players match fit but very unrealistic
  13. 1000€. I'm from belgium so I'm not sure if you can help. I'm now doubting between: Acer Aspire 7 A715-72G-76PF MSI GL63 8RC-013BE Asus FX504GD-DM030T-BE MSI GV62 8RD-219BE Don't know if these codes are the same for every country
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