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  1. It looks like the defender is marking nr 7 (Ronaldo) which drags him out of position, but your right back should have taken over and let the center defender stayed where he’s suppose to stay. I have seen this happening if you are marking a playing using the PI, but in this example there’s no logical play for the defender.
  2. This is something I find very weird. I can understand it when the keeper is under pressure, but otherwise he should stick to the TI. In real life, as a manager you could tell a player to almost never shoot or almost never play long balls. In FM the player needs to train to do what you demand from them and often they're not able to do it. Weird. If a player in real life is doing to much outside of the TI he’s going to be taken of and benched .
  3. I can understand this is annoying if it’s goal kick or a back pass and the keeper has plenty of time with the ball. Then it’s probably something SI should look into. But if the opponents striker is near, the keeper will probably hoof the ball because of the role.
  4. Do you have a pkm and the minute of play? Then it’s a lot easier for SI to go straight to the problem.
  5. If you are using the PI “take less risk” I think the keeper will hoof the ball if he’s under pressure.
  6. @Johnny Ace If you have same examples where the AMR/L is too deep, please add them to this tread!
  7. Have you tried changing the role of the keeper? I have mine as sweeper-keeper (support), much better!
  8. In minute 55 Tonali shoots, but the ball hits the opponent and ends up in Rebic feets, who can just score an easy goal. To me Rebic is offside when Tonali is shooting. Im glad i won the game, but VAR didn't even check for offside. Maccabi Haifa v Milan Offside not called.pkm
  9. @Johnny Ace Maybe the RMD isn’t the best role to use for this, but as mentioned earlier, it’s because if the description. I feel I have better “argument” when the role description say one thing, but in a match it almost do exactly the opposite. So they have to change one of them. Either the way the role play in game or just the description, because now it doesn’t fit. Another sad thing is that I’ve tried every other roles and neither of them are staying up high hugging the defensive line.. It’s so common in today’s football and would have been really nice to have in fm of course. PS!
  10. I see your point @right_winger, but the only reason I used a RMD in my examples is because if the description of the role. “A poacher in a wide position”. In the poachers description it says that the role rarely join the build up play, so I would assume the RMD also wouldn't do it, but instead have stayed much higher. Btw, in picture 1, what if the RMD would have been in the position I want him (drawing). When the attack suddenly become much more powerful! I’ve tried everything both in the beta, full game and FM20. If there just have been a way to make the AMR/L being the players who
  11. Here's some examples on when my keeper should have passed it short. Beşiktaş v Milan goalkeeper long passes.pkm
  12. In this match I got 25 corners.. and 38 throw ins But in the match analysis its says I only got 17 corners.. Milan v AA Gent Raumdeuder too deep.pkm
  13. So, last year I made a post that is just the same as this one. I actually copied most of the texts from the old post and pasted it into this. In the description of the Raumdeuter it’s written that it’s a poacher in a wide position, but the role doesn’t play like a poacher in a wide position. The Raumdeuter doesn’t hug the offside line. He doesn't stay on the same line as opponents defender, high up the pitch. He joins the build up play which hes not supposed to do. There’s always plenty of room the Raumdeuter could have exploited, but he always comes deeper than my striker when im out o
  14. So, a couple of years ago, I don’t know exactly what FM it was, maybe 17 or 18, they introduced the feature that made it possible to do changes both in possession and out of possession, which was something I really liked. After playing for a while I noticed that it would have been even more amazing to have control over team instruction and formation when my team is in: Opponents half in possession, opponents half without possession and my half with possession, my half without possession. This will take FM and managing-skills to another level! Be able to normally play f.eks 4-4-2 in
  15. I've noticed in previous FM that if I’m trying to make a player practice playing in a new position or role, it can take up to a hole season for it to be successful. Sometimes after a hole season I get the feedback that the players didn’t adapt to the new position/role. To me this is way to long period of time to learn a new position. I can understand it if I would try to make a central defender become a striker, then it would take a long time. Same if trying it out on a old player. But, for example, if I’m trying to convert a defensive midfielder into a central midfielder or a central defen
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