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  1. It also seems to be a bug when the goalkeeper is set to pass short l, but hoofs the ball instead. I’ve conceded a lot of goal from this. Almost every time my keeper hoofs the ball the opponents team just runs trough my defense and scores..
  2. Is there anyone from SI who can comment/ give an answer on this topic? It seems like a lot of people are agreeing and sees the problem with the AMR/L playing to deep during build up.
  3. My 3th season with AcMilan starts in late July for some reason, and theres a two month break from 30.Oct.2022 to 31.Dec.2022 Here's a screenshot of the calender
  4. @themadsheep2001 At least SI can make the wingers and inside forwards playing higher and wider in the final third. Maybe make a ticker called "Stay in attack" or when playing a slow build up, make the AMR/L run high and wide as soon as my team wins possession. If you look at my first examples you can see that even senteral midfielders with an support duty stay as high as my wingplayers. Something is completely wrong.
  5. @CJ RamsonI don’t think it’s a quick fix, but I’m almost shocked that this hasn’t been looked at or implemented into the game. It’s a big part of modern football. I have a feeling now that this isn’t going to be fixed in FM 21 either.. As I have written earlier in this post, the Raumdeuter maybe isn’t the role for my examples, but the description of the role is way off then, but in general the AMR/L are way to deep. I have a lot of REAL examples where the AMR/L stays wide and high up the pitch which I can provide, if needed. In FM today there isn’t possible to make the wide player
  6. Okay @JordanMillward_1But I see every other post that has a “ticker” that says “under review” “pkm needed” etc, a mod have been giving a comment on the “problem”. That’s what I meant when asking for any confirmation on the case. Is this even under review?
  7. Thanks for adding examples and keeping the topic updated and active. The post is marked with “under review”, but there’s no admin who have said anything about this. @Jemal Wiseman @JordanMillward_1 @Jack Joyce Can any of you confirm anything? Do you have enough examples? Do you guys agree that this is a bug? Will this be fixed ? As I said, I’ve made this post last year. I wouldn’t hope this just goes unchanged until we get another update about the ME not getting any more upgrades.
  8. @Neil Brock I think the idea behind this thread is that we don’t see advanced wingplayers in the game. They always joins the build up play when there’s space higher up the pitch to exploit. You see a lot of the top teams having advanced wingplayers that threatens the space behind the opponents back line. Also, wingbacks are pushing higher up the pitch and ends up in the area where the wingplayers are staying when joining the build up. We don’t need the wingplayers and the wingback to stand on top of eachother. In my thread “Raumdeuter still way too deep” there’s good examples o
  9. @h3nrique_SEP Yes! It should have been an option to tick if the wingplayers should come back and defend or a ticker that says “stay in attack” or something like that.
  10. @s0ni42 That’s counterintuitive then. More disciplined means that the team are going to stick to the TI. More expressive means that the players can be more creative and go outside the plan to create chances. Note that this is under «final third» so its only meant to take affect there, but the way I know FM, it’s probably the hole pitch. So I would think “be more expressive” would make the wingplayers more creative and explore space and stay high up the pitch, but they do not do this.
  11. Awesome examples, thanks! Take a look at this example you posed. The RMD is pretty much as high up the pitch as it goes before going offside. This is what I want from all wingplayers on attack! Wingers would stay at the same “height” but wider. The Inside Forward will probably also stay a bit wider, will try to run behind often and so on for the other roles. That screenshot shows exactly how much more dangerous your team becomes when the wingplayers stays so high!
  12. Why is this game year after year released with a lot of bugs? I love the game and want and KNOW it could be better. I don’t feel the effort of delivering a good and functional game is there. It’s always half done work and the same problems accruing year after year. Why release a new match engine that needs a lot of time to get to know each year, instead of using 1 match engine that’s known and can be upgraded?
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