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  1. Can you upload the tactic for me by attaching it in here?
  2. Thought so as well. Hopefully they can use the information I gave them.
  3. No. But i started the game as a free agent, then i took over Colo Colo. So i missed some of the first games, in the league and cup.
  4. Just won the league with Colo Colo as the manager... Obviously. But my goalkeeping coach gets the praises as he is the manager. Got this in my inbox Club info shows i am the manager: My Profile: Social Media: Surely this is a bug? FM Version 20.4.1 (m.e v2040) I uploaded my saved game at the si cloud called BUGSAVE_Colo_Colo.fm Load the saved game and you will see all the things in the pictures right away
  5. So Knap which sympathy its the best for beta the original one or the beta one? Im getting insane results with original one so far.
  6. So i have this bug, when i am in a game and i get updates about other on going matches, I get a text where i can't see the team conceding name (Dont know if its always the team concedings name i can't see) (Been going on since the beta - Already created a topic for it). I am playing FM with danish language so thats probably where the problem is. Uploaded my saved game at the sicloud called Sao_Mart_Bug_Danish.fm. 2 clicks and you're in the game. Just switch to danish version and it will happen every match. Sorry if this isnt the right place for this topic.
  7. So you can see im at the date 1 marts(1 march in english) 2021. And my player have contract to 30/6/2022 (30 june 2022) the problem is the game says his contract runs out in 4 months (Udløber om 4 måneder - in danish) when actually it runs out in about 1 year and 3 months As far as i know its only a problem in the danish version of the game. Uploaded my save as Sao Martinho Glory.fm at the si cloud
  8. Only allowed to upload up to 9.77MB. So how?
  9. Only allowed to upload up to 9.77MB. So how?
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