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  1. this should be added already for the latest update
  2. here are some of the strings that may need to be updated, let me know what you think KEY-483014: We have one good young [%nation#1-nationality] [%position#1] from [%city#1] who has caught the eye. STR-1: De goede, jonge [%nation#1-nationality], een [%position#1] uit [%city#1], springt in het oog. KEY-483015: We have one good young [%nation#1-nationality] [%position#1] who has caught the eye. STR-1: De goede, jonge [%nation#1-nationality], een [%position#1], springt in het oog. KEY-482975: We haven't any new wing-backs coming through. ST
  3. can you explaina bit more the problem here?
  4. I don't think this is a mistake, below is the line, what do you think? KEY-395706: The board are disappointed that the team were only fairly competitive in the [%comp#1-short]. STR-1: I dirigenti sono delusi dal fatto che la squadra sia stata appena competitiva {nella}[%comp#1-short].
  5. Should be translated in latest version, are you on latest update?
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