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  1. Great stuff, thank you -taking a look at all these!
  2. Thanks for the report, this is fixed now in our files
  3. Please let us know any other examples and we will look at them too
  4. Hi, thanks for your post - @thom what do you think? The options are showing the attributes when he was '23 years old' There's not much space to play with, not sure the suggestion could fit This is the string: KEY-467966: [%number#1] years old[COMMENT: player attribute history panel; allows user to see player's attributes when he was '21 years old', for example] STR-1: [%number#1] ans
  5. Thank you for taking the time to make all these reports - we will deal with them, I will reply here as I encounter any specific query, cheers
  6. Thanks for the report, this is fixed now and will be in the next update
  7. Yes please, anything text-related here
  8. Yeah a bit too late - will figure it out, thanks
  9. Could you upload the save game file for us?
  10. checking, thanks - looks like the wrong header is displaying
  11. Checking on world-class Do you have any screenshots of the second issue?
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