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  1. Can you share some more screenshots of inside the game?
  2. This would be a more global fix, we will think about it
  3. makes sense, can you maybe give feedback on these similar ones, same issue? KEY-434700: I am happy to remain within the nation I currently reside in and I'm looking forward to playing for [%club#1-short]. STR-1: Ik ben blij waar ik nu zit en ik kijk ernaar uit om voor [%club#1-short] te mogen spelen. KEY-434701: [%male#1] is happy to remain within the nation he currently resides in and is looking forward to playing for [%club#1-short]. STR-1: [%male#1] wil graag blijven waar hij zit en kijkt ernaar uit voor [%club#1-short] te mogen spelen. KEY-516271: He would be happ
  4. Please check has this been fixed with the new update?
  5. testing a possible fix for this, I don't think in time for next update but hopefully for next version
  6. That is really tricky I'm afraid, due to the nature of how those lines are constructed with variables
  7. Thanks for flagging, I will check what happened here
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