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  1. Fer Fuchs Ake

    And Now That I've Been Through It All - A Journeyman Career

    July Transfer Window: Just the two to tell you about. Both are for squad depth more than anything but they're also decent young talents. Andrea Fontanelli: He's probably second or third choice depending on how much of a good backup our current second choice, Peter Cherrie would be. He's a decent young keeper though and we got him for free. Decent handling, aerial reach and reflexes for this level. Solid at one on ones as well. Dejan Sarac: Not a bad backup to have at all. He's probably second choice, behind Graham Cummins who has been incredible all season. I'll show you his stats at the season's end. Sarac has very good physicals for this league and his technicals are handy too. Mentals could be improved but overall he's a very solid free transfer.
  2. Fer Fuchs Ake

    And Now That I've Been Through It All - A Journeyman Career

    Good point though At least he seems to be a decent playmaker.
  3. Fer Fuchs Ake

    And Now That I've Been Through It All - A Journeyman Career

    My illegitimate Scottish son?
  4. Fer Fuchs Ake

    And Now That I've Been Through It All - A Journeyman Career

    So there's the Champions League draw. We'll face The New Saints in the first round, a low reputation side from Wales who we should easily get past. After that, we will unfortunately have to face Celtic. We'll be going to against the likes of: Kieran Tierney Leigh Griffiths Scott Sinclair And of course @ManUtd1's mortal enemy, Brendan Rodgers. We're gonna get walloped.
  5. Fer Fuchs Ake

    And Now That I've Been Through It All - A Journeyman Career

    I just noticed the typo I had because you quoted it. And good point, a win's a win. Cheers man. 
  6. Fer Fuchs Ake

    And Now That I've Been Through It All - A Journeyman Career

    Due to the lack of competitive matches in June, Tony had decided to organise a team building activity in between their friendlies. So for that reason both players and staff were out in a field, camping in the tents that had taken far too long to set up. Tony, John Cotter, Liam Kearney and one or two other coaches were all in one large tent. The 30 players that had come along were in 6 tents of 5. Tony and his staff members were playing a game of cards to pass the time. “Take two,” John said smugly. “F*** off,” responded Liam. “I'm serious. Take two.” “That's not a rule! You don't have to pick up just because you take a while to pick a card.” “Yeah you do! And you can take another two for being such an obstinate little upstart!” “Upstart?! What the f*** is an upstart?” Tony decided to leave the two to their bickering for a while and see what everyone else was doing. Damien Delaney, Gearóid Morrissey, Graham Cummins, Connor McCarthy and Barry McNamee were gathered around in a circle, telling each other scary stories. Delaney was in the middle of one his many horror stories about having to play under Pardew. The lads in the next tent were belting into a bit of karaoke after hooking up someone's phone to a speaker. All five were singing ‘After All’ by the Frank and Walters, in unison. Some others were telling each other jokes. Tony listened in as he heard Kieran Sadlier say “Here, why can't you run in a campsite?” There was a pause before Kieran said “It'd be ran. Because it's past tents.” Tony smiled and walked on before his phone rang. It was Pat Lyons, the club's chairman. “Alright, Pat. How's it going?” “Uhh yeah it's alright. Couple of things though.” “Sure. Hit me with them.” “Well first of all, we heard about the fact that you cost us the chance to get some major investment.” ‘Sh**,’ Tony thought. “But we've also crunched the numbers and we think that as long as you get through the first Champions League knockout round, you'll get us out of the red. So basically, get through and we'll forget anything ever happened.” “Ok, no pressure there then,” Tony said drily. “Sounds fair though. What else?” “Well speaking of that whole thing, remember that guy who you pissed off? Vincenzo Feconi? He offered to invest €2 million into the club if we fired you.” A dull silence falls before Pat quickly adds “I said no, despite one or two others thinking I should accept. And I said no because you're doing a good job. You're top of the league, you're a former player, the fans like you and so do I. But you really will need to at least get through the first round to justify my decision.” Tony breathed a sigh of relief. “Yeah, sure thing. I won't let you down.” “Ok, cheers Tony,” Pat replied. “But one more thing. Watch your back. Because this Feconi guy really seems to dislike you and he's a powerful figure. Look, I've got your back if he tries to wage any more boardroom war but he could try to take this battle into other areas off the pitch or, God forbid, even on to the pitch. So just be careful, yeah?” “Yeah, I will. Cheers Pat.” Tony hung up the phone and began to walk back to his tent in time to hear Liam yell “SIX?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TO PICK UP SIX FOR NOT CALLING LAST CARD?! IT'S CALLED TAKE TWO FOR F*** SAKE!”
  7. Fer Fuchs Ake

    And Now That I've Been Through It All - A Journeyman Career

    It's not worth much I know, given we only played two matches but it's always nice to win these things.
  8. Fer Fuchs Ake

    And Now That I've Been Through It All - A Journeyman Career

    June Update: Just the two competing matches to show you this month. Two friendlies as well. We were confident and convincing against Sligo Rovers and ran out deserved winners. They never really got going and we controlled the game from start to finish. They're not a bad side so, while a win was expected, a 3-0 win is quite pleasing. The game against Derry City wasn't great. We were a bit sloppy and conceded a fairly stupid goal. It should've been an easier win than it was but we made it kind of hard on ourselves. Still though, we got the three points. The two friendlies were just for the sake of keeping fitness and match sharpness up but we still for a brilliant result against Basel U21s. The game against UCD wasn't as convincing but we still got the win. Onwards and upwards! League Table: Five clear at the top now, so hopefully we can keep this going. Still the tip four are us, Dundalk, Shams and St Pat's. That almost certainly won't change. The relegation battle is looking pretty exciting down the bottom end of the table. Just 2 points separate 10th place and 7th. I doubt there'll be much movement in mid-table.
  9. Fer Fuchs Ake

    The wandering Irish man (FM2019)

    You've recovered well there. Always hard to hit those points targets with so much pressure on you.
  10. That's the thing, I know it doesn't make any difference but I still do it. Though I do it for myself moreso than the players. It's just satisfying if you give everyone their preferred number. If two players have the same preferred number, the more important player gets it.
  11. Order my bench as: Goalkeeper Central defender Full back Defensive midfielder Winger Playmaker Striker Change around my squad numbers so any player who has a preferred number gets that number. Commentate in my head when the game is on. If I lose, I sometimes imagine myself giving the team talk and bollocking the players. Player gets a red card but I'm happy with the result: A warning. Red card and I'm disappointed with the result: A one week fine. Red card and I'm really annoyed by the result: 2 week fine.