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  1. What a story this has been. Definitely one of my favourite threads to read on FMCU over the past nearly two years and well deserving of its Best Story award. Good luck on the next one.
  2. Well they deserved their loss for not playing the ween.
  3. They could be inflicting more psychological harm on him depending on where in Cork they're sending him.
  4. So I haven't really been feeling like playing FM for a while now. I don't think it's anything to do with this version, it's just that it's been the only game I played for a couple of years now and I need a break for a few weeks/months. In the meantime, I'll f*** around on other games . I'll probably still come to FMCU during that time though and I'll try to read and comment on threads. My thread is suffering the consequences of my apathy towards FM at the moment so I think I'm gonna end it here. Even when I do come back, I don't really see myself updating this. Anyway, thanks for reading and following up until this point and sorry to end so abruptly.
  5. August Update: Long month I had planned on posting this a lot earlier but it's been a hectic week. It was a pretty tough one too, we got destroyed by injuries. Maguire, Barkhuizen, Robinson were just some of those out for a few weeks at a time. We started off with a great win away to Derby before effectively undoing that with a disappointing home lose to Reading. Our second XI scraped through against Leyton Orient in the Carabao Cup before knocking Forest Green out in the next round. The draw against Leeds was certainly a result I'll take as they're a better side than us. The loss against Norwich was also somewhat expected. The draw against Portsmouth was a bad result, we really should be beating a newly promoted club. It's not terrible but not ideal either. We ended the month though with a superb win over Fulham. I really didn't expect any points out of this and we did brilliantly to get all three. We counter attacked for the majority of the match and turned a 1-0 defecit into a 2-1 win. Brilliant win. League Table: We're doing alright I suppose. Meeting expectations with a solid mid-table placing. If we can keep like this, I'd take it given it's my first season in charge. Huddersfield are the surprise strugglers while Nottingham Forest are flying high early on.
  6. A pretty good preseason, Ajax result aside. Even that wasn't too bad as it was a narrow loss against a much better club. The last two games were just morale boosters but back-to-back 5-0 victories are always welcome. Hopefully we can carry this into the new season.
  7. Transfer Window Despite the budget restraints, we've done some pretty good business and strengthened where we needed to. Cuco Martina: He's a very solid option for the championship who can play anywhere across the back line. Great for squad with and he'll probably rotate in and out of the squad. He's fairly well-rounded which should hopefully stand to him when he plays for us. Korey Smith: We needed some depth for the BWM position and this guy is a great option to have. He's very versatile and is capable of playing as the playmaker for us or even as a right back, if needs be. His physicals are very good and his tackling is impressive too. He'll be important to us. Jordan Hugill: Guess who's back... Honestly, he's probably straight into the first team ahead of Maguire. He's really good for this level. His mentals are incredible, his physicals solid and his finishing is pretty good too. I think he'll be great for us this season. Kyle Walker-Peters: He'll be battling Martina for that right back spot. In case of injuries, he can fill in at left back too. Like Martina, he's very well-rounded and is quite good for a lower level Championship club. I really like his work rate and stamina. Reece James: He's not that good to be honest My assman rates him as a League 1 player. His attacking attributes are pretty good to be fair so I guess we could play him against wekaer sides maybe in the cup. And he adds a bit of depth to the squad which is always good. So, all in all, that's some pretty good business. Our squad is good and our depth is great as well in most positions. First month of the season will hopefully be posted tomorrow.
  8. 2nd July 2019 It was Tony's first day on the job and he'd just been given the full tour of the stadium. They were now in Tony's new office. “Well Tony, welcome to Preston!” said Preston's chairman, David Sharpe. David was a tall, thin, black man, somewhere in his late fifties. He wore a smart-looking suit along with a light blue tie. Tony, wearing am all black tracksuit get-up was feeling a little shabby in comparison. “Cheers David. Good to be here. I'm really looking forward to this,” Tony responded. “Yeah, I bet you are. This is a great club. Certainly a step up from your former club, mind. So, speaking of which, tell me about your season at Cork. I know most of it but I just want to know your full story.” Tony filled him in on everything, from his first game to his last, from Mr Feconi to Terry, from his first signing to his last. “Wow!” David exclaimed when he'd finished. “Two arch enemies within the space of a year. Damn, that's impressive. Concerning, but also impressive. “Well, I'd say that they're both overreacting so it's more their fault than anything anything and–” “Yeah, yeah but I suppose you would say that,” said David laughingly. Tony didn't join in. David cleared his throat before speaking again. “Well, I'll leave you to get used to everything. Call me if you need me.” Tony smiled and said “Will do” before examining his surroundings. He'd a much bigger office than at Cork. The stadium and facilities were much more impressive too. Tony decided to check Twitter to see what they were saying about his arrival. “F*** Tony, that cock ran away the first chance he got,” read the first, from an irate Cork City fan. The wnxt few were from Preston supporters. “We barely survive relegation and so we hire a manager from what's basically a farmer's league. Wtf?” “Lmao, joke of a club.” And the next tweet was this gif with the caption, “Who?” There was a long road ahead.
  9. The ol' financial situation isn't looking too good but I knew that going in. We'll have to rely on loans and even then we'll be hoping for ones where we barely have to pay wages/monthly fee. At least the scouting budget is healthy.
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