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  1. Brilliant result against Real Madrid! Hopefully ye can hold on to top spot.
  2. The various members of the Iron Fist had gone in separate directions. They wandered aimlessly, without any purpose other than avoiding being caught. Except for one. And that one was David Griffiths. He had another purpose. To finally get revenge on Michael King for turning down his beloved Wales and also because David had a misguided belief that Michael was at fault for him ending up behind bars. He reasoned that had Michael not annoyed him so much, he wouldn't have tried to plant drugs in him, wouldn't have mistakenly Joel for him and he wouldn't have got arrested. David was meeting with Ralph Krueger at the infamous restaurant David had got arrested at. “Well to start with, I've got some bad news.” Ralph opened. “My sources are telling me that Michael isn't that happy as a manager anymore. He might be getting out at the end of the season. Unconfirmed but my sources are generally quite reliable.” “Well that's all the more reason to go big!” replied David. “If that is true, we need to stop him before has the pleasure of bowing out of his own accord.” “That's true. We need to end his career in disgrace! But how?” “Well, I've still got my connections with the Iron Fist...” “Good, good.” Ralph responded. Then an idea flashed into his mind. He smiled tightly. “We can use them. He's got those Champions League semi final legs coming up, hasn't he?” “Yeah?” said David who was unsure where this was going. “Well we know the fraud will probably lose to them, right? Especially after what I've planned. So if we put our idea into action then it'll have more of an impact. It'll probably be after a loss. The fans will be a little bit more willing to turn against him.” “Ok, but what plan?” “Well those goons of yours owe you a favour. It was your plan that got them out. So you get them together. Tell them there's a reward in it for them-” “Is there?” David interrupted. “No but if they harass me about it, I'll just threaten to report them to the police.” David smiled at this. Ralph continued, “We get them to kidnap Michael before the first leg, okay? They take him to some abandoned building or warehouse. They're criminals, they'll know somewhere that fits the bill. They have some beer and wine in there. They threaten him into drinking it. We release him just before the match. He shows up wasted just before his side plays the semi finals. He'll be disgraced. His players will be distracted and probably lose. He'll get all the blame. The fans will hate him!” David laughed loudly. “I love it! There's no way he'll come back from that. I'll get onto my... associates.” he said, trying to sound like some sort of powerful mob lord. Ralph cringed. “Yeah, do. And before he knows it, Michael King will be-” “If you're not ordering anything, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.” interrupted the young waiter who'd appeared suddenly at their table. Ralph looked at him as though he was something you'd scrape of the sole of your shoe. “Yeah, we're done anyway. You know what you're doing, David? I don't want any **** ups like last time, yeah?” David nodded and the two men left, anxiously awaiting the execution of their scheme.
  3. Probably not, but hopefully! Bet on us now while the odds are still 8/1. Also throw on a cheeky €5/£5 on Horvath to score the opener. Probably won't happen but you'll make a killing if it does.
  4. All the constant scrutiny. The rumours. The expectations of thousands of fans plus the board members. It was all so much to deal with. Michael was beginning to like management less and less.
  5. 12th April 2024 The decision had been made. The talks weren't easy but they had to happen. And eventually an agreement was reached. One that suited everyone.
  6. Definitely the toughest draw available. I'd love an away goal or two but even with their attacking power it wouldn't guarantee anything.
  7. Oof... That's gonna be tough. They've got a lot of stars, such Mbappe, Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva and a ridiculously good regen striker called José Andrade.
  8. April Update: Pretty mixed but a lot better than last month. I forgot to screenshot the league table but it's as good as over. United have been in insane form and it would take a miracle to catch them. Everton: G. Patrik Nyman (2), Maicon A. Leon Bailey (2), Harry Winks We started off the month with a slightly unconvincing win over the Toffees. It could've been 4-2 but Winks missed a penalty in the second half. Nyman gave us the lead on 21' when he slotted home from Bailey's cross. He got his second after 34 minutes after Harry Winks spotted him on the edge of the box and he rifled it home. Angel Romero pulled one back for them on 60' before Maicon got our third on 72', nodding home a Bailey cross. Denis Leroux made things nervy with a goal on 76' but we held onto a much needed three points. RB Leipzig: G. Patrik Nyman (2), Maicon A. Alejandro Pozo, Jean-Claude Jacquin, Junior Tavares Once again, Nyman got a brace while Maicon notched one as we got a brilliant away win in Germany. It took just 12 minutes for Nyman to put ahead after he headed home Tavares' cross. The next goal took a while to come but eventually it did when Nyman tapped in Pozo's cross on 62'. They went up the other end after tip and scored with Malcom being the scorer on 63'. Jacquin helped us wrap up the win as he teed up Maicon for him to volley home our third and final goal on 82'. Great win. Man City: G. Patrik Nyman A. None One quick lapse in concentration cost us the entire game. They scored two in three minutes to get the win. Munir, keen to get revenge for his former side's humiliation in the CL final last season, popped up with the first on 24' which was shortly followed by Kingsley Coman grabbing the second goal on 27' after some nightmarish defending. Patrik Nyman pulled one back on 64' as he smashed in a shot in the rebound but we couldn't push for another. Disappointing result. RB Leipzig: G. Patrik Nyman, Leon Bailey, Maicon (2), Harry Winks, Jean-Claude Jacquin A. Maicon (2), Leon Bailey, Pedro Obiang, Harry Winks An emphatic second leg win puts us through to the semi finals. They got a red card early in the second half which admittedly helped our cause but we were already cruising to a win at that point. Nyman put us in front after only 2 minutes when he knocked it Bailey's cross. Winks then slotted home a penalty on 8' to put us 2 up. Malcom tucked away a penalty for them on 13' to give them the faintest of hope. Bailey all but crushed that hope on 45+3' when he buried Maicon's through ball. Phillip Ochs got another for them on 54' after some lazy defending from us before a red card for their right back changed the game completely. We went rampant. Maicon blaated home Winks' incisive pass on 56' before finishing off a short pass from Obiang with a great dribbling display. Jacquin put the icing on the cake as he finished off Maicon's pass at the near post. Great, great performance. Swansea: G. Harry Winks, Cristian Salerno (2), Maicon, Patrik Nyman A. Maicon (2), Fabio Martins We continued our fine goalscoring form into the Swansea game with a massive victory. Winks converted from the spot after just 5 minutes. The rest of the goals came in the second half. Salerno got his first on 49' despite playing on the right wing due to injuries after a beautiful ball in from Maicon. His second came on 55' when he latched onto a poor clearance to volley home. Maicon got a goal of his own on 62' after a fine cross from Martins. Nyman then continued his incredible goalscoring run with a neat finsih from Maicon's through ball on 74'. Maximilian Phillip was able to score a consolation on 82' but it was far too late for a comeback. Moussa Dembele only made a sub appearance against his old club. Watford: G. Harry Winks A. None Awful. Simply dreadful. A striker with 11 finishing scored twice. A regen called Søren Nørgaard. He got his first on 5' after a long ball over the top. His second came on 33' as he poached a cross from the right and put us two down. Winks restored some bit of dignity on 73' with a well hit shot from the edge of the box but it was ineffectual. A dismal performance and an unacceptable loss. Key Points: • Nyman has been sensational this month. Exactly what we needed from him. • Our defence continues to be sloppy. I don't know are they getting complacent or what. Jedvaj is more to blame than Tuanzebe and the full backs have been grand, though Shaw has been a bit inconsistent. Horvath has been great but let down by what's in front of him. • Maicon has completely overcome his January slump and is fine form. If we're to nail down a top four spot and progress in the CL, we'll need him to continue in that vein. • We've cut down a lot on the amount of pot shots which is great. They got it all out of their systems in March! As stated above, I forgot to screenshot the league table. Sorry. We're well behind United and we look good for top four, though it's certainly not secure yet. Nothing else has changed much.
  9. So much was being said of his team's poor form. Rumours of the manager losing the dressing room here, murmurs of him not being able to motivate the players there. They constantly needed to put him in the spotlight. Michael was beginning to hate the press.
  10. Thursday 23rd March, 2023 To: The staff of HMP Wakefield From: Warden Buck Subject: I think I ****ed up. Ummmm, yeah. Remember how I said that the Iron So-and-so would escape today because I overheard them saying so? Well, it appears to have been a bluff. Or was it a double bluff? No, I'm pretty sure it's a regular bluff. Anyway, they somehow saw through my ruse of pretending to be texting whilst eavesdropping on their conversation and countered it. How? By just making up some fake plan which they knew would be fed back to the higher-ups (namely most of you reading this). Soooo yeah. Sorry. To: Warden Buck From: Warden Gentles Subject: I think I ****ed up. So what are you saying? They'll attempt an escape some other time? To: Warden Gentles From: Warden Buck Subject: I think I ****ed up I'm saying they sort of took advantage of the fact that we had reduced staff on last night due to us preparing to prevent their escape today... To: Warden Buck From: Warden Gentles Subject: I think I ****ed up WTF?! YOU BETTER BE BULL******** ME, BUCK! YOU DIDN'T EVEN CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY OF THEM LYING??? YOU REDUCED STAFF FOR THE NIGHT SHIFT?! THE TIME WHEN PRISONERS ARE MOST LIKELY TO TRY AN ESCAPE?! ARE YOU SLOW? YOU'VE LET HARDENED CRIMINALS OUT INTO THE PUBLIC!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THIS COULD DO FOR THIS PRISON'S REPUTATION??? HOW MANY OF THEM ARE GONE??? AND IF YOU ****ING SAY ALL OF THEM GOT OUT, I SWEAR TO GOD YOU'RE FIRED! To: Warden Gentles From: Warden Buck Subject: I think I ****ed up Yeah, all of them. Sorry boss.
  11. Fer Fuchs Ake

    Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Gutting. Unlucky mate.
  12. Youth Intake Day: Not great to be honest. Not bad but not great. Only two worth showing. Bruno Adekunle: The young ball winning midfielder looks fairly tidy, with a solid work rate and bravery. His tackling isn't too bad either though it will obviously need some work. Will also need to hit the weights. I love that PPM though, it's great for a defensive minded player. Danny Johnstone: A decent looking prospect and probably the best of this year's bunch. Johnstone is a solid defender with a lot of room to grow. His tackling and heading are already very good while his marking needs some work. Needs to improve mentally though I like his determination. Physically, he's fairly good. Good strength and jumping reach for a player of his age. Needs to get faster though. Overall, we didn't get many good players this year but the two that we got look quite promising.
  13. March Update: Rough month. Many, many dropped points as both form and morale plummeted. At least we progress in the Champions League. Arsenal: We started the month as we seemed intent to go on - by dropping points. We simply never threatened in a lacklustre home performance. Axel Tuanzebe gave away a penalty on 43' which Lacazette smashed home to get what would turn out to be the winner. Very poor from us. Manchester United: G. José Tavares A. Leon Bailey It would get worse too as we dropped out of the FA Cup with a loss at Old Trafford. Marko Pjaca would give them the lead after just 8 minutes as we let them in behind. A lovely cross from Bailey saw Tavares restore parity with a close range header on 41'. Unfortunately, we couldn't take advantage of the momentum gained as wonderkid John English would snatch the winning goal on 65' to send us crashing out. Disappointing. Leicester: G. Patrik Nyman (2), Axel Tuanzebe A. Fabio Martins, Tin Jedvaj We conceded three to Leicester. If that doesn't show how bad our defence was this month, nothing will. Nyman got the opener on 10' after he latched onto Martins' cross to tap home past the keeper. Tin Mladicek equalised on 23' before Juanpi put them ahead ten minutes later. Nyman equalised shortly after on 35' with a rebounded effort from the edge of the area. Tin Mladicek would once again pop up on 84' to seem like he'd won it for them but Tuanzebe's header from a Jedvaj flick on denied them. Not good enough to draw here. Wolves: Boring. We created nothing and just attempted long range pot shots all game deposited me insisting they do the opposite. In the end, a bore draw resulted. We really needed to win this one. Benfica: G. Alejandro Pozo, Maicon A. Alejandro Pozo We finally found our feet and got a convincing win over Benfica to send us through to the quarter finals. It was an Alejandro Pozo masterclass which got us there. He gave us the lead on 21' with a majestic, looping free kick which sailed in from the edge of the box. Maicon got the second on 60' when he fashioned his own chance with some brilliant dribbling after a short pass from Pozo. Very good performance against a decent side. Stoke: G. Michal Franc, Maicon A. Alejandro Pozo, Pedro Obiang I was hoping we'd be able to carry the momentum and fighting spirit into the next game but instead we just about drew against Stoke. Cool. Maicon gave us the lead on 11' after he got his head to Pozo's cross. The game was quiet after that until Joel Pohjanpalo restored parity on 53'. He notched another on 68' to put Stoke ahead. When it looked like we were consigned to defeat, Obiang found Franc with a short pass and he smashed it in from 20 yards. Lovely goal, poor team performance. Key Points: • Dreadful month. I don't know what went wrong but we need to fix it fast. • RB Leipzig in the quarter finals. Should be fairly winnable but I would've said the same about the Wolves match and Leicester match etc this month. • Defensively, we've been shocking. So many simple mistakes being made. Also, we've been very poor attacking. The players seen to have abandoned the crossing and passing that's worked so well and instead are just shooting from 30 yards every time they have the ball. • Pozo has been brilliant and Maicon also seems to be returning to form which is a positive. League Table: 2 points behind and United have a game in hand. Not good at all. City seem to be resurgent while Liverpool and Newcastle are having strangely poor seasons. Southampton have also risen a little whilst Middlesbrough struggle greatly.
  14. To: The staff of HMP Wakefield From: Warden Buck Subject: Escape Plan Details Following Warden Gentles' memo to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour from any of the Iron Something-Or-Other, I can confirm I overheard them discussing details of an escape. The five of them were huddled together in conversation inside the canteen. I had the clever idea to pretend to be looking at my phone while eavesdropping but I heard everything. They discussed the full details of the plan in front of me! They'll be breaking out on Thursday 23rd March at 10 in the morning, when everyone else is showering. They're planning on sneaking out of the front door of the prison and violently taking on an guard who stands in their way. So we'll need extra wardens on that Thursday morning shift, even if it means having fewer on Wednesday night. Everyone be on full alert on the 23rd. Cheers, Warden Buck
  15. Good start. Some annoying dropped points but you're well in the mix domestically. Champions League is going grand for you as well.