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  1. Fer Fuchs Ake

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    That fair enough. There would be a lot of bias towards recent posts in a category like that. I was just spitballing.
  2. As long as you got a call a minute in advance, you'd have been fine.
  3. Fer Fuchs Ake

    [FM15] Jamaican Me Crazy: Time to Shock the World!!!!!

    Unlucky man Looks like baths are no match for entire houses full of water.
  4. Fer Fuchs Ake

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Perhaps a “Match of the Year” category? Nominees would probably be matches that were updated live.
  5. Fer Fuchs Ake

    [FM17] Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    It's where all the cool teams go.
  6. Fer Fuchs Ake

    Saving Football: Frauding A Nation

    Chauve's Travel Log Location: Southampton That's right, Chauve is still on holidays! I don't why I'm referring to myself in third person but here Chauve am. I mean... ****. Anyway, I'm manager of Aubagne now and they're currently Aubankrupt. I haven't even bothered going back to France since getting the job. Just called the assman, told him what I wanted and let fly. It's going well so far too. I'm keeping my phone on. I won't make that mistake again. Had an interesting time in a pub earlier, when I was getting mullered. As is customary when I come to a new city. I got talking to a guy who loved my stories of the famous Academie Des Frauds. He's a big fan of Hakan apparently. I don't know why, he's only been at Malmö a season or two. Michael I think his name was. I think he's a manager too, I wasn't really listening. Just playing him for free beer. He's one of those traditional managers apparently. The type who actually attend matches. Most managers are. What dip****s. Despite what happened before, I still maintain that my way is the way to go. Holiday, holiday, holiday. That's my motto. Anyway, I've gotta go as the words are starting to dance in front of me. I've had ten too many I think. Sincrkelfy, Cgaube De Fraudkldjse
  7. Fer Fuchs Ake

    [FM15] Jamaican Me Crazy: Time to Shock the World!!!!!

    This is what we all really came to read.
  8. Fer Fuchs Ake

    [FM15] Jamaican Me Crazy: Time to Shock the World!!!!!

    How European... Good luck, @kidthekid!
  9. Fer Fuchs Ake

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    This thread is just so ****ing mental in a brilliant way.
  10. Fer Fuchs Ake

    "Proper" careers

    Really? You referred to @smp20's thread as pointless. “Another career using the 3 striker exploit. Pointless.” You also went off on Marc. “If you're going to play like this, why not just take over as manager of your opposition, play their worst players then resign. Or give yourself a billion quid. Its weird why you'd use some exploits and not others. Just go the whole hog. Credibility is shot to **** anyway. Have fun.” Those are just two examples. People will play how they want to play. If they want to use three up top, so be it. Not every three striker tactic is an exploit. If they're playing with three advanced forwards, they probably are exploiting the game but so what if someone is playing with two inside forwards or three strikers with different roles? Doesn't necessarily mean it's an exploit tactic. Many big teams have used 4-3-3 or a similar variant and qcheiver great success with it. It's only natural that users will try to replicate these tactics and that these formations do well in-game too. And even if they are using a tactic that is definitely an exploit, as long as they're up front about it, so what? If you don't like it, don't read or comment on it.
  11. Fer Fuchs Ake

    "Proper" careers