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  1. The why don't SI release a small update to enable to game people bought to still work? It'll never happen but it wouldn't even take much time.
  2. I think it is a nice idea but as you said about how much weight this would bring to the game. You would need to model every u23 team/system for all the leagues on the game and have them fully simulated and researched each year. I doubt SI would want to do that, considering the few another of players who would enjoy this feature.
  3. The newer TBL/ECK rosters are not very stable - which is a shame obviously. You have to be really careful about the setup of your game with which leagues to run, how many players to have loaded ect. If you haven't already then read here- https://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=20653 on how to set up the game so it hopefully stops crashing. I had the same issue though so am waiting for the 1.5 update before starting any serious saves again.
  4. The game is slow yes, probably not helped by the huge roster updates and db changes that we all play with. The main options to help are to only load leagues you are interested in managing in, put the leagues you have loaded on to 'quick sim' or 'none' in game detail. Also yes, don't mess with the window size or alt-tab as the game will break
  5. Well Mr SI Miles Himself said in an interview it's not solely the performance during early access sales that will determine if we see more EHM - whatever that means? Going off guestimates that I can find based on the number of steam reviews the game looks to have sold up ~ 60k plus copies, if that is correct that is a decent number for a niche game! The new update will bring some interest so that's going to be good.
  6. I still cannot believe SI games are using the excuse about not having enough resources to get details on other leagues to add to the game, really? So by that there are no people who play the game in any of the big African or Asian leagues that would be willing to help? Or do the current researches not know how to use an internet search engine? How is it that South Africa has been part of the game forever but no Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria ect? Or we have Singapore, Malayasia and such but no Vietnam, Thailand, Iran or the Gulf States? The game should be called 'European+ Football Manager, which is fine because most people care about Europe but its a poor excuse that has been used over the years. Then with this same excuse we get... Canada added. Canada of all soccer playing nations they add Canada? (Which is interesting and fun but overall around 0.0.5% of players will ever use it). Also, the Japanese issue is frustrating, I guess SI don't want to add a playable 'fake' japanese league, fair enough but one question I've always wanted to be answered is this...... When you add Japanese league via the editor why does it disable the 'information' screen for the team?
  7. I would disagree there is no point in a long term save, I would say it makes it more interesting having such restrictions, this is why I tend to only play in the MLS if I play FM. Does the CPL actually increase the salary cap each season, looking at info available it is set in stone it seems? So once you start winning and getting more exposure it's only normal you better players will want to leave for bigger leagues. One of my favourite saves was on FM 12 with Toronto FC. I turned them into one of the top MLS teams but player turn over and demands were hard to manage but that made it more interesting.
  8. Riz was open that since having this child his time to work on EHM was less too, understandable. Then he works full time on FM (from his posts and info he shares) mix that with SI Games apparent hate for EHM and we are probably waiting a good while I would think. Personally, I think its better we don't have a time frame, because that will lead to us all being extra unhappy once it is not met. Riz is pretty open that it's being worked on and I trust it will arrive at some point.
  9. Hello and serious question, FM is their flagship game, clearly, but EHM is very much loved and from the best estimates on sites that are available it sold relatively well this time round, so why no more love or attention for EHM? Surely with the revenue that FM alone brings in some more could be done to push their other title? We were vaguely... I don't want to say 'promised' because it will be denied but, advised that if the game was well-received there was a small chance of a regular release - but then total silence after it came out? We are all extremely grateful for Riz and his hard work on EHM and the coming 1.5 update but it'd be nice for SI to explain the reason for the lack of attention to the game series at some point.
  10. Its probably something to do with the TBL Database, you are best to go to EHMtheblueline.com as here doesn't get much activity
  11. Neil Brock to appear in 5..4..3..2..1.. And tell you it can't be done due to licensing issues
  12. Its surprising how many posts on steam forum you see asking for real rosters. I try my best to monitor it and let everyone know about TBL! And with the numbers, you said it right, sales, humble bundle etc will play a part in the total so some people will have the game who don't even know or care I guess? If we look at Football Manager 2018 on steam it says 1m - 2m owners and the highest concurrent was around 72,000 at once. We are told that FM sells around 1m copies each year doesn't it? So the data can't be THAT far out for EHM surely?
  13. What I found worked. Whether allowed to post or not.. I have a digital copy that I paid for but same issue. Install the game. Go to Gamecopyworld get the exe with the last update 3.1.4 or whatever it is. Copy into folder containing exe. It works. Make sure you've bought the game obviously else it's pirating. If si don't like it they need to give us an option to still buy a license
  14. I'm sure it is! I hope it is! @Riz Remes managed to bring EHM back from the dead so I'm sure he won't forget about the update - just family and things isn't it, we understand. Also.. Can't we protest to @Neil Brock 1. Its a scandal to have a Finnish guy working on a soccer game! (he must be an excellent coder!) 2. I'm clearly an economist so here goes - EHM has 100,000-200,000 users according to certain websites. Now lets take the middle ground, 150,000 users, at the base price that is just over £2m! So unless Riz is EXTREMELY well paid by SI that should be more than enough to have him work full time on EHM again! Thank you @Neil Brock for you consideration on this matter.
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