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  1. Romford FC are down as playing at Ship Lane. They now play at Rookery Hill, home of East Thurrock. Their proposed new ground at Westlands has also had planning permission accepted, and is set to be built within the next 3 years.
  2. I won't comment on Mount too much but bare in mind that he is a year group ahead of Foden in his development (PF 3rd season since scholar, MM 4th), so this has to be factored into your comparisons here Foden is an excellent young player with all the attributes to get to the sort of level as represented in-game. This is the lad that only 12 months ago was the player of the tournament during England's excellent U17 WC triumph, and has already beaten his PL appearance total from that personally hectic season (League cup, Prem, U17WC, BBC SP award...) as we enter November. He looks the part every time he plays, against whatever opposition he's up against. And there's a hell of a lot more to come. I certainly don't think this is a case of 'Media hype' vs performances in the second tier....
  3. AFC Hornchurch to become Hornchurch FC (their pre-phoenix club name) from next season, from the look of it: http://www.isthmian.co.uk/urchins-to-drop-their-a-53596
  4. Cheers, but the U15 coach isn't a role represented in-game. Nice one for the heads up though, coaches tend to get promoted pretty fast at the CFA.
  5. Won my first league game and am now officially terrified to fire the game back up in case I rage quit after no-doubt losing the second 0-6. Went for a 4-2-3-1 focusing on crossing onto a target man. Will attempt to plough through a season this weekend.
  6. I'm absolutely abysmal at tactics, as me two years ATTEMPTING to start this challenge have shown Praying I can keep Hornchurch up and turn them professional, at very least...
  7. Can I put myself in the 'Hates City' camp, please? @jkadms Looks like a bug to me, Sane in particular is very high in the best rated players list. Don't know what to suggest with this one - it hasnt happened on any sims i've run. 4 in 7, 2 in 4 for England - I think I'll have to wait till he gets to Madrid to finally be able to convince people that he is as good as he is
  8. That said- just in case, here's my profile...
  9. Not sure if I can take part this year as I'm still sulking about Thurrock folding...
  10. Foden is perfectly capable of playing CM in-game. He's got room to grow into that position as a 18 year old, sure. But you could play him there now. Zinchenko can play LB in-game, but he's just better as a LWB, being a little suspect defensively.
  11. Bernardo has already been upgraded actually, that should come through by release. Not convinced on giving Foden high CM capability atm, may have another look at asking for him to be somewhat competent though. Need to see more of him really. Diaz not at all. At least for now, the lad's a winger, for me. Sounds like a bug to me!
  12. To add to @Dan Ormsby 's post about regens, another situation you might see is that as you start your save game in June; a player may be 15, but we're essentially going back in time. The limit for needing to be 16 is 1st September. A great example of this will be in Manchester City U18s on FM19: Jayden Braaf's 16th birthday is on August 31st 2018, as late as it can possibly be for inclusion - meaning he'll be 15 for 3 months of in-game time!
  13. Lukaku's Player Tribune words are ringing in my ears, here. Now he's the son of an immigrant, is he. I wonder what he was considered on this occasion:
  14. I really like when I bring in players/staff who then turn up in real life. In FM16 I bought Stefan Kutschke for Dynamo Dresden, an absolutely massive striker who fired me up the leagues. (He scored THIS in the season just gone btw) By January he had signed on 1.5 years loan for Dresden IRL. As usually happens with FM, I grew attached to Dresden because of my epic save and everything I learnt about them in the mean time. So on 28th October 2016 me and a few friends flew out to watch Dresden take on Braunschweig. Dresden went down 0-2 just after half time, but Kutschke took charge. in 12 minutes, he got the scores back to 2-2, and then in the 81st minute, right in front of me in K-block for my first ever visit, did THIS !!!! Limbs, bodies, & beer flying everywhere. What a man Stefan Kutschke is. Seems i'm now Dresden for life
  15. What is this fixation that the co commentator has to comment on EVERYTHING
  16. Feel like I had deja vu watching Jesus today, I've seen him have that exact poor game 6/7 times already. Difficult guy to figure out.
  17. Want him signed on name alone. Can you imagine the cross-over content that would be created!
  18. Think I'm off to Scotland over the summer, personally. See if I can build on the SFA Cup win that Neil Lennon couldn't. If that doesn't intrigue you, how about diving into the challenges forum? Plenty of juicy stuff in there
  19. It took me an absolute age. Something like 50-100 re-tries. And then I never saw it through to the end of the first season.
  20. Honestly couldn't be prouder of the lad himself, considering the avalanche of nonsense he puts up with from the English press and support, he deflects the lot and gets on with doing his job and looking after his family. A true inspiration for us all.
  21. Shame about the opening game innit. Other than that, off out to get a wallchart and crates and crates of the good stuff later, bring it on.
  22. Thurrock FC Post 1 Starting squad: Rough start, lads: Tough, tough stuff. Gone with a narrow 4-3-3 as you can probably see, hoping to get the full backs involved in attacks but not having much luck at the mo. The new scouting system is making finding players a pretty miserable task, added to struggles with finding a tactical sweet-spot. Averaging 4 points every 5 games, leaving me with about 35, won't be enough to keep me up I don't think. I will have to re-evaluate. Coaching is now the best in the league, with 'Pie Bloke Wayne Shaw™' sat as my GK coach. Not going to see much reward in this area, but it's nice to have.
  23. So, It's 1:30am but by-god I've done it.... THURROCK FC Profile | Squad There's at least SOMETHING to work with in that squad, lots of tweaking and tactics and a staff overhaul to come. I do realise I've jumped in right at the deep end here, but I'm up for a solid challenge on this years game. I think I'll be doing a few days solid work on a tactic (as I'm not the greatest in that area) and fitness coaching. After that I'll follow a few of the tips I've picked up in this thread and see how the first season goes. After sleep. As a final point, here's the inspiration for me starting with The Fleet - my visit in August this year. Immaculate pitch, great football and a good bar.
  24. Very clever all round, that this doesn't change absolutely anything about a player, as it would in real life. Meaning you are unaffected in any way by a player coming out as gay. This then means that anyone whingeing in a thread like this, about something that has 0 negative effect, are shown up for what they really are
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