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  1. This was flagged up a few months ago and fixed, cheers.
  2. Micah Richards used to use that line, too. It's even less convincing in Adama's case...
  3. Yeah It's one that we all missed but someone helpfully pointed it out on here a couple of weeks ago. Cheers.
  4. IIRC The 'Youth Coach' job title was previously used as a non-player history item to help show that a person had a previous role at a club lower than the U18 level that FM represents. I'm unsure as to how we stand with setting this as a *current* job role, and how the game would react to that. I've always suspected that it leads to that person not being extracted, thus removing them from the game entirely. That doesn't seem like the best-case outcome to me. If that's incorrect I have some work to do, as I have a large list of club staff that I use as a standby for if they ever get promoted U18+
  5. He's the U15 coach, which isn't a role that FM represents. Maybe he's been promoted since but I haven't seen him around. I disagree. I think that is the game giving you a rough estimate for a bad injury, as is, to be fair, that MEN article. Also as has been posted already; you have to put up with injuries sustained at those sort of times IRL I'm afraid.
  6. I've flagged up that some of you think that Sterling is under-performing vs real life, but calling him under-rated in the game is untrue. He's one of the best players in the virtual PL. I think it would be more of a bug, if it is found to be the case. Please believe that the man with the Raheem Sterling avatar does not under-rate Raheem Sterling.
  7. I will turn myself in to the relevant authorities at once. Thanks for sharing your opinions, I'll keep them in mind.
  8. IIRC Sterling and the Liverpool forwards are rated very close ability wise. There are also plenty of people who would disagree with you on those particular stats.
  9. Has anyone ever experienced being bang-on level on all aspects and having to play a 'final' to determine the league winner? Is this even coded into the game?
  10. Won my first league game and am now officially terrified to fire the game back up in case I rage quit after no-doubt losing the second 0-6. Went for a 4-2-3-1 focusing on crossing onto a target man. Will attempt to plough through a season this weekend.
  11. I'm absolutely abysmal at tactics, as me two years ATTEMPTING to start this challenge have shown Praying I can keep Hornchurch up and turn them professional, at very least...
  12. Not sure if I can take part this year as I'm still sulking about Thurrock folding...
  13. Lukaku's Player Tribune words are ringing in my ears, here. Now he's the son of an immigrant, is he. I wonder what he was considered on this occasion:
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