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  1. I suppose the mitigating circumstance with Zinchenko is that, in reality, he's a midfielder anyway - so that was the slightly more obvious switch. Not that Cancelo couldn't play absolutely anywhere on the pitch, of course. Yeah that's it. Factoring in the step-down of course, that Egan-Riley is a much more...rustic player than Cancelo, he tends to move next to the DM (Lavia recently, he's played there himself though!) to form that double pivot like you say, rather than what we see with Cancelo who seemingly bypasses that line altogether. The most interesting reveal in this particu
  2. Excellent stuff. Thought it was interesting last night after Laporte came on, it looked quite like this in possession: Sterling------Mahrez------Torres Zinchenko--Bernardo--Cancelo Rodri Laporte-----------------------Stones Dias Cancelo would have been the one to fall back into line but uh... he never really needed to... This interests me because the reserves have played like this throughout Pep's time here, making me think he wanted to play like this all along. For example on Monday, in possession, they looked l
  3. Good spot, the PL squad list confirms it as Adedire Emmanuel Oluwatofunmi Iyiola Awokoya-Mebude. https://www.premierleague.com/news/1869523
  4. The two seasons you are comparing are JS's scholarship year (16->17yo) and JB's second year (17->18). JB's first year at City is more comparable to JS's. In the equivalent of JB's second year that you have posted here - JS played 12 games in the Bundesliga. JB's birthdate on the very last possible day for inclusion in his group means that this sort of data is skewed anyway, comparable in some aspects, but not completely fair either way. I don't really disagree about Braaf having a high ceiling, but I'm not sure it's as high as Sancho. Also he's not played much this season for
  5. Give us *some* credit, chief - a lot more thought goes into it than that.
  6. I thought he was OK today, up against a young City U23 side (by policy). I wouldn't be rushing to break Nick's rating system for him, as tidy as he was. As an aside I was impressed with some of Hanibal's movement, however. He's like a nouveau Pogba in lots of ways.
  7. Thanks both @Experienced Defender @frukox Straight after seeing your post last night, I lowered urgency slightly, set def width to normal (this was me attempting to combat intrusions through the middle originally) and narrowed the wingers, and had instant success with a 5-2 win v Sevilla w/ effectively my C team. I didn't change the ST just yet, as I had a funny feeling that where Jesus and Aguero are falling short, young Liam Delap has been thriving, and sure enough: 2 goals and an 8 rating. Is there any merit in the idea that DLFat suddenly comes alive with a 1.87m powerhouse,
  8. Hello all, I've finally caved in to asking for some help This year I've tried to really get stuck into the roles and shape of a tactic, in order to try and increase my knowledge in an area that is probably one of my weaknesses to be honest. I'm getting SOME success but there are issues, and I was wondering if anybody from this esteemed forum were able to pick out any errors, clashes or observations? --- I'm happy with the shape overall, I think it suits City well and helps form my transfer and development plans coherently. With roles, I have read the pairs & combin
  9. Looks like he might be getting there slowly https://www.thisisanfield.com/2019/10/naby-keita-much-better-after-big-step-with-language/ It's not unheard of though. Claudio Bravo and Nicolas Otamendi left with hardly a word of the language between them.
  10. Can you tell me what exactly this overall opinion is based on, and which specific areas you personally believe him to be overrated, please?
  11. Hmm. There's a few scenarios I could imagine that being *theoretically* possible. Maybe AI Pep convinced Garcia to stay. Maybe one of the very promising batch of centre backs came out too good to ignore. Maybe Liverpool's real life injury crisis is being recreated, and/or Stones fancied more first team football? Liverpool are set as competitive rivals in-game, but the rating for that is quite flexible to show that it is more current than historic & permanent. It certainly seems more likely than what I did in my City save, ACTUALLY ADDRESSING THE LEFT BACK PROBLEM. Sorry, th
  12. The info you get on TM can vary wildly on quality/accuracy. It's an excellent site but it's always worth double checking anything you see on there elsewhere, as a rule. https://www.premierleague.com/players/50989/Claudio-Gomes/overview That said, this could still be wrong, but he's always looked a lot closer to this sort of height to my eye!
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