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  1. His ability to rattle an entire touchy fanbase using a few keystrokes is tough to replicate in-game but I'll give it a crack! I'm struggling here because the range which you offered for his 'more suitable PA' is right where his CA was last season. And at the age he is, he won't achieve that PA you have mentioned, he'll stay around your preferred range (which, remember, is around 20-30CA lower than Messi). So, effectively, you are saying that he is overrated, but yet also correctly rated? --- Players were re-rated months ago, but I'll happily go back and improve if you have reasons why you think each stat is incorrect. Please bare in mind that I've watched him for three seasons now, including his large part in two monumental title wins, and have to rate his actual ability, not form, in these areas - against the rest of the squad(and world), taking into account whether I think he has just had an off-season, or if I think he has suddenly plummeted to being a less-than exceptional footballer.
  2. A PA of 180 wouldn't get you anywhere near Messi.... His work rate is exceptional and he has a very high standard of technical ability all round, for me.
  3. Bit vague. He didn't have a great season but is this to suggest he is not a world class talent?
  4. I must have caught that one before sending him off to Sweden, as it's there now. Thanks Nørbæk.
  5. Matthew plays for Lancaster City. No relation - strangely enough!
  6. And South African too, from the look of it! Cheers!
  7. A large overhaul of records in the DB was carried out in April, but thanks.
  8. Just to add some clarification: This is already set in Liam's profile, but not Rory's. @santy001
  9. That's City Football Group, not MCFC Ltd. The entry for the club on Companies House still has the people shown in-game. I did include Ruigang Li from the CFG board, as a visual aid for China's interests in City.
  10. He title IIRC is Sports Science AND Strength & Conditioning (fitness coaching). It's a bit of a balancing act trying to weigh the jobs needed in-game, vs what their actual job titles are. Chris seems to do a lot of the on-pitch work during regular training so I consider him a coach first, SS second. The dual jobs thing seems to fit at the moment.
  11. Wires are crossed here somewhere if he is in the game. He, according to this Athletic article (and his transfermarkt profile FWIW) turned 16 in October 2019, making this his U16 season. (Meaning he has not left school until this coming summer, and isn't eligible to be in FM20) https://theathletic.co.uk/1518657/2020/01/09/manchester-city-liam-smith-kilmarnock-interview/ Seen as in this has direct quotes from the lad himself I have leaned towards this being the most accurate source available. Maybe Scotland has different rules or I'm missing something but this is my reasoning.
  12. The BBC article has his age wrong, he turned 16 during this season, so as an U16 he's too young for this years game. I sent Yan through as a future transfer before the last update, he joins when he turns 18 in June.
  13. This was flagged up a few months ago and fixed, cheers.
  14. Micah Richards used to use that line, too. It's even less convincing in Adama's case...
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