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  1. [Manchester City] (Official) Data Issues

    Yeah, Nolito's English will probably be set to 'NEVER' after his recent whinging. Also I will be setting a 'melts at the sight of a bit of rain' PPM.
  2. [Manchester City] (Official) Data Issues

    @Bothan Spy Navas will leave City with his influence never truly acknowledged by all concerned. Any player who leads the assists chart for his first 2 out of his 3 years at the club(including a blitzkrieg of a title-winning season), and then leaves at the age of 31 should really held in higher regard. Not bad for a player who 'can't cross'. That said, I don't think these stats are all that incorrect, if at all. He is still muy rapido, as you know, and his crossing is ok, but still hits the mark less often than he could do. I'd say that's more down to decision making and a distinct lack of bravery to take risks with the negative crowd on his back, rather than actual crossing ability. That may get a boost upon his move to Sevilla, but is overall rating is one that shows him as a lower-level squad player for City - which he pretty much is. AI Guardiola putting him on the transfer list straight away is a somewhat harsh reading of how he has fallen out of favour IRL, but it is not necessarily an incorrect interpretation either, as he has been relegated beyond bit-part and completly failed to really drive home any sort of point in the Stoke game the other week(though he was far from the only one)
  3. [Manchester City] (Official) Data Issues

    @romjet2 I have input some of your info, thanks!
  4. [England - general issues] (Official) Data Issues

    The game seems to require 10 appearances in the premier league in order to award a player a medal (or a champion history item, in this case) The actual threshold of Prem games for a medal is 5 http://www.skysports.com/football/news/30385/10271115/which-leicester-players-get-a-premier-league-winners-medal
  5. [FM17]We've turned into a Monster....

    Excellent work. Do you feel the end is in sight with this save, out of interest?
  6. Playing as Manchester City, the game is crashing straight after the Youth Candidate vs U18s game in the first season (9th March 2017) I have tried attending the game (crashes on attempt to continue after game finishes), not attending (game crashes during the progress screen on the day of the game), holidaying passed the day(game again crashes on the calendar progress screen during that day) and reverting to a save earlier than the game has been scheduled and holidaying all the way to the day after (same result as last time). I've also sent the game to my brother and he gets the same issue Any ideas? Thanks
  7. [Manchester City] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks Dorsal. There's a few (Diaz, Buckley-Ricketts, Davenport) who will have their professional contracts added-in next time around. A bowtie for a contract signing. My word.
  8. [FM17]We've turned into a Monster....

    Bit late to seeing this but thoroughly enjoyed. Great idea. Also, big props to how the kit looks in-game with the black top and green numbers. Very satisfying design.
  9. [Manchester City] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks, I've made a note of this for the future updates.
  10. Every year on FM, I find that I am pushing for my English U18s teams to win the youth cup. Attending games, personally making transfers to cover injuries, taking over management if I get an itchy trigger finger and so on. While this crosses over from the real world bias where I actually visited Stamford Bridge for the final last year, and sat in a crowd of 20,000(!!!) for City's 2008 win, I still believe there is a case for including the records in-game. It's one of the most important national competitions in England and is a big miss from the history profiles of Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham and others. The youth leagues and divisions are never really at the same level, they come and go, switch and change but the Youth Cup has stayed strong since 1952. You constantly hear of the former Youth Cup winning exploits of players regardless of what level they end up playing at senior level- from the United teams including Fergie's fledglings, straight through to future star Tammy Abraham. I understand that certain stats in general (player cup appearance stats etc) aren't included to reduce the strain on the database but with the high regard it is held with fans and clubs, I believe there is a strong case for its inclusion.
  11. [Manchester City] (Official) Data Issues

    Nah, you've been constructive which is great. That's what the boards are here for!
  12. [Manchester City] (Official) Data Issues

    Yes, I agree on Li's true-life position. That said, I like that he sits there in-game as a representative of the Chinese government's interests in City. If you were to look at the cast iron titles on FM at the particular club and not take into account any other controlling influences- you know full well that you are 100% right. However; if you try and look at the situation as a whole, the fact that CFG themselves will never be represented in-game but they ARE there in reality and are genuine controllers of destiny when it comes to MCFC, and the fact that City really will have Chinese Government interst in the background as shown by their huge investment, and the fact that he does sit on a City board of sorts- then a step back to look at the control section of the staff page just shows a tangible Chinese influence at the club. Does that make sense? Remember that all data is subjective, and creative licence is enacted with roles that may not match their real-life titles, to try and reflect the true natures and behaviours. Another example is dialling the relationship of Yokohama and Melbourne back from it's real-life sister club status to discourage interaction with City that probably won't happen. That brings me on to Allen and Willcox. I'm fuly aware that Allen has a corporate role and sits behind his desk running the show- but that is mostly the same with Marwood and Begiristain. The problem is Allen probably really is pulling the strings behind the scenes at the academy, controlling the path of development and direction of the young players there. The fact that in-game he also appears on the training pitch is an unfortunate by-product of trying to most accurately represent his role at the club. This is similar with Willcox who in-game does have a hand in training both U23s and U18s in-game but doesn't as a result have the controlling influence we'd like. I'll be keeping a beady eye on what the pair actually do and say this year(as Borell was mostly useless in showing off what his role is last year), as well as input from SI who have agreed that this is a difficult one since the start. The way it is at the moment isn't necessarily wrong, but it is something being worked on in the long run. I think the problem lies in clubs refusing to stick to a set employee structure(and at City, not even set job names!) and moving the goalposts every year. I doubt SI will ever bend TOTALLY to this sort of whim, and we'll be expected to reflect the reality of what they do as much as possible
  13. [Manchester City] (Official) Data Issues

    Wilcox' current placing in the database is the best possible reflection of his influence on the coaching for both U23 and U18s available in-game at the moment. In time I will look to clarify the difference in his role between that of Mark Allen in the future, who possibly has a more corporate role than suggested in-game, but for now it ticks many of the boxes of what he'll actually be doing. I will look into Chapman's old assistant. The current backroom staff at City in-game has had a vast overhaul since I took over this role and the major cogs in Pep's backroom staff have been slotted in. Li is a complicated situation as with anything relating to CFG. I will look into it but please try to remember there is no cast-iron way of displaying this sort of parent-company data.
  14. [Manchester City] (Official) Data Issues

    In real life - maybe so In game - trust me.