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  1. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester City Data Issues

    @tv_capper On Aminu, his club issued a statement denying that story at the time, so the African researcher did not transfer him https://m.facebook.com/1417689485218922/photos/a.1417705565217314.1073741828.1417689485218922/1904262269894972/?type=3 I'm aware of the Max Sala situation, as he still appeared on the bench all last season. Mauri was already in game however, and fit better at the time. Thanks.
  2. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester City Data Issues

    @tv_capper Interesting, I will need to double check that it isn't a mistake carried over from copying and pasting Felix/Lukas Nmecha's profiles and not changing enough - as I've not heard of the Dele-Bashiru's spending any time in Germany before. I've got a fair bit of info from interviews in matchday programs so far (Frimpong was born in Amsterdam, for example), so I should know soon enough. Thanks!
  3. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Thurrock FC Post 1 Starting squad: Rough start, lads: Tough, tough stuff. Gone with a narrow 4-3-3 as you can probably see, hoping to get the full backs involved in attacks but not having much luck at the mo. The new scouting system is making finding players a pretty miserable task, added to struggles with finding a tactical sweet-spot. Averaging 4 points every 5 games, leaving me with about 35, won't be enough to keep me up I don't think. I will have to re-evaluate. Coaching is now the best in the league, with 'Pie Bloke Wayne Shaw™' sat as my GK coach. Not going to see much reward in this area, but it's nice to have.
  4. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    So, It's 1:30am but by-god I've done it.... THURROCK FC Profile | Squad There's at least SOMETHING to work with in that squad, lots of tweaking and tactics and a staff overhaul to come. I do realise I've jumped in right at the deep end here, but I'm up for a solid challenge on this years game. I think I'll be doing a few days solid work on a tactic (as I'm not the greatest in that area) and fitness coaching. After that I'll follow a few of the tips I've picked up in this thread and see how the first season goes. After sleep. As a final point, here's the inspiration for me starting with The Fleet - my visit in August this year. Immaculate pitch, great football and a good bar.
  5. "Coming out" feature

    Very clever all round, that this doesn't change absolutely anything about a player, as it would in real life. Meaning you are unaffected in any way by a player coming out as gay. This then means that anyone whingeing in a thread like this, about something that has 0 negative effect, are shown up for what they really are
  6. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester City Data Issues

    I'd probably say I'd change it from basic to good next time round. I would like to see him do it a bit more though, really grow into speaking it. (Aguero too)
  7. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    My god, Thurrock must be UBER-RARE
  8. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    I will be all over this challenge on release day, as long as I can nab Thurrock!
  9. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester City Data Issues

    @ArsenalistZ Disagree, he's still somewhat inconsistent in performance IRL if not hard stats-wise, but I know from my game last year (where he started lower) that he becomes an excellent player. The AI not picking him is an issue perhaps but City are a little light on true wingers in reality, so buying more is not that unrealistic. My opinion is that Sterling is a better player now but Sane will overtake him as they both get better. @djole Thanks! @Ma Can't help with that one, thanks though!
  10. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester City Data Issues

    Right on cue, Silva is doing his first proper press conference in English as I type
  11. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester City Data Issues

    @ArsenalistZ That one's beyond me tbh, I have set all I can with the favorite club etc. I don't think he'll want to leave either, but then I was having trouble keeping hold of De Bryune in last years game too! @TokuYoru95 They have played the odd two-striker game, nothing drastic enough to go around changing everything at this stage though I feel @yonko My understanding of Team Work is that it can work against a player like KDB, and cause him to come out more Milner than Silva. That said I'm not sure 12 is necessarily incorrect for KDB. I don't even know where to start on Mbappe vs Jesus (!!!) I don't feel that either of those players are represented overly incorrect as the game begins. (both have PA to let them become very good players)
  12. [ENGLAND] (Official) Manchester City Data Issues

    Tough one, as he was on the retained list this year. I can't say for sure just yet Disagree on Silva, I think we'd be hearing from him more if his English could be described as good.
  13. [FM17]We've turned into a Monster....

    Excellent work. Do you feel the end is in sight with this save, out of interest?
  14. Playing as Manchester City, the game is crashing straight after the Youth Candidate vs U18s game in the first season (9th March 2017) I have tried attending the game (crashes on attempt to continue after game finishes), not attending (game crashes during the progress screen on the day of the game), holidaying passed the day(game again crashes on the calendar progress screen during that day) and reverting to a save earlier than the game has been scheduled and holidaying all the way to the day after (same result as last time). I've also sent the game to my brother and he gets the same issue Any ideas? Thanks
  15. [FM17]We've turned into a Monster....

    Bit late to seeing this but thoroughly enjoyed. Great idea. Also, big props to how the kit looks in-game with the black top and green numbers. Very satisfying design.