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    I played FM since FM13 (crack version) I start buy original in FM 14 and can't stop play ever since. I never considered myself good at FM, my target is to win champions league with lower league team.

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    Manchester United

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  1. I can't barely see the stamina, is there anything I can do to changes that? can it be more clear in full release?
  2. The stream It's painful to watch They have no idea how to play and bring creator who is also don't know what to do is hilarious
  3. Lynch48

    Bêta fm 19

    my guess is on thursday 18th oct when they release new eps of FM show
  4. Gegenpressing is overrated Park the bus all the way!!!
  5. in FM18 every mentality altered the instruction so you will know the differences between each mentality but I don't see that in this video
  6. Lynch48

    Paul Progba

    This is bothering me when I manage Man Utd, already fourth season in Man UTD won EPL 3 times FA cup 4 times and CL Yet every single seasons Paul Pogba want to leave the team
  7. SI finally listen about tactical and training revamp, I'm surprised so many people disappointed The current match engine is a not something unplayable that really need an upgrade ASAP and SI always make addition to ME every series For me this is a great features realese after disappointed FM 18 Features realese
  8. Lynch48

    Third Uefa competition

    Second this Dude you're awesome
  9. You going to find hard using 4-2-3-1 with small team, because it needs a good wide players 4-2-3-1 wide and 4-4-1-1 is my favorite formation I rarely used different formation I set it up with 2xCD(D), 2xWB(s), CM(D), CM(s), AP(s), IF(a), IF(s), CF(a) Control mentally, flexible It always successful for me I won treble with almost any teams that fit 4-2-3-1
  10. What I hope: I hope they make the UI more imersive, if you in training tab you have training ground as a background Make training more interesting you can test your tactic with first team vs rotation player Actually see your player train No brexit or any other political issue Copy and paste system so you don't waste time choese set pieces taker and set assignment for scout ing Better Fantasy draft this is the best feature to play with friends Add challenge on Fantasy draft like only 100m> price tag or only under 23 player I'm already statisfied with how to make tactics and match engine so surprise me with some improvement No need for new role but maybe I like if there is a generic role in every position like CM(s) in midfield Make AI even harder I like challenge
  11. what a player!! shame this player will not pass his Gene to next generation.
  12. Lynch48

    I love FM

    this is maybe not a popular opinion but I really like FM18 ME even though I don't like the new scouting and new match UI but FM 18 still great is really nice to see some positive in forum for a changes
  13. Lynch48


    Thanks a bunch.
  14. Lynch48


    your welcome.
  15. for me all the things that happened after the newest patch it just pure coincidence