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    Played FM since FM 13, from Indonesia, love journeyman save

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  1. now this how you marketing the game!! FM can finally feels like AAA Games
  2. Well yeah thanks SI now we can talk about politics in forum about football game
  3. - long distance shot is broken -every wide players can cut inside like messi follow up by long distance goals - set pieces is broken -GK can't keep a ball from direct free kick All this because peoples complains about how wide players can't cut inside, can't score Long distance goals, there is no many set pieces goals I know you trying to listen to your fans and granted their demand but this is ridiculous Hopefully waiting for next major update Current ME far worst than FM18
  4. More goals scored if using key highlight
  5. it make my save list uglier for example my normal save list: Man Utd Man Utd(v2) Man Utd(v3) now: Man Utd last save overwrite backup Man Utd(v2) Man Utd(v3) so what is the point I used 3 rolling auto save if the game decided to make a backup save with stupid name on it
  6. Can I turn it off? I already make a couple more backup save so I don't really like the game to make one for me, it just ruin my ordered list of save files not a big issue though, thanks for the reply
  7. what is this? is this a bug? how to make it never appear again?
  8. Wow someone blaming the ME, no one ever done this before
  9. I just love this guy so if you find the game easy = cheating if you find the game hard = you are the real FM Players
  10. True so true I watched tutorial a lot back in FM15 mostly from Bust the net
  11. I can't barely see the stamina, is there anything I can do to changes that? can it be more clear in full release?
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