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    I played FM since FM13 (crack version) I start buy original in FM 14 and can't stop play ever since. I never considered myself good at FM, my target is to win champions league with lower league team.

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    Manchester United

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    Forest Green FC

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  1. thank you for the reply yeah I start new save this morning and I can see my name in leaderboards
  2. I can't see myself and my friend in leaderboards, I already played two season maybe because I used save file from beta?? if I start new save can it show up??
  3. mine too I thought maybe because I used save from beta? if I start a new save maybe it will show up??
  4. Who are you all managing and why?

    I manage Forest Green Rovers simple reason I like the club badge and the Home kit
  5. already post a Steam review I enjoyed my FM18, well done SI
  6. Thank you very much neil to clear things up Hope info like this should be given before the beta in next FM cheers
  7. I have a feedback, how about if we use 2D classic camera it will be completely 2D so no 3D stadium during half time, pre and post match.
  8. -2D classic is gone disappointed -is now hard to change attribute color with color plate (i'm color blind) -ugly match day design, to much click to do simple thing I'm going to re-install my FM17 until FM18 is release
  9. if you lose a match just take a deep breath and accept it don't go to forum and say the game is broken
  10. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    no no I don't like use a default tactics. I do like make my own tactics I just don't want it to be complicated in current FM I just chose mentality, players role some instruction and probably some player instruction and tactics is good to go if in some match I probably change a mentality and some instruction or change player role easy imagine there is separate defend and attack, if it doesn't work through the match it would be disaster but I don't know maybe in the future SI can make seperate tactics work
  11. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    I don't like the idea to have defensive tactics and attacking tactics to control seperetly, it make so much to do and complicated I don't want spent hours in tactics screen the current tactics screen is already good and simple if I want to know how my team attack and defend, I just watch the match
  12. Football Manager TV: Sports Science

    I never more excited to wait a new FM!! Well done SI!! Now give me the the date of beta already!!
  13. Patrick roberts is really good in the games, pep should call him back from loan.