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  1. I've been reading this thread for a while and so I thought I would join in. I've narrowed down my search for a team to two - Fiorentina and Cagliari. Fiorentina interest me as they're a historic club that has seen a lot of transition over the course of the past twelve months or so. They need a rebuild almost else they look like falling into mid-table obscurity. Cagliari interest me as they're a typical mid-table side that maybe overlook on this game. They aren't a fashionable side because of this, yet have a lot of talent and would be a fresh team to manage as I don't recount
  2. Brilliant suggestions and I appreciate the reasoning behind them. Perfect example of what to follow .
  3. Thanks! I think it makes sense. This forum is getting cluttered with very similar threads, so this should help reduce the issue.'s That's pretty understandable!
  4. Preferred league(s): League One/Two (England), Serie A (Italy), Bundesliga (Germany) Expectations: Any. Finances: Depends on the status of team, not too bothered (unless the club are in a large amount of debt.) Youth/Training Facilities: Same as above.
  5. Do forgive me I'm wrong, but I haven't managed to locate a thread such as this that will allow people to ask for save suggestions. Many have been creating individual threads and creating this space should provide as a hub for suggestions and reducing clutter. Below is a small template I have created to help others find the most suitable team for you: Preferred league(s): Expectations: Finances: Youth/Training Facilities:
  6. I've promised to get a save going on here before and that failed, however this time I'm determined to change that. Obviously as an Accrington fan I loved League Two and so want to start a save there. A couple of clubs take my fancy but I'm just interested to who people would recommend? I tend to like to avoid teams that are popular (Coventry, Forest Green, Lincoln.)
  7. Loving the activity in this thread at the minute, obviously as an Accrington fan I love the EFL. I think you lot have tempted me round to contribute myself, the team I will start a save with... personally I'm not too sure yet. Feel free to give me a couple of names in L1/L2. Keep it up lads.
  8. Plymouth Argyle - 2021/22 Review Going into the season, I was confident we could look for the playoffs at least. This was also the expectation of the board, who had backed me in the Summer with a rather healthy pot of money to spend in the window. With just two league defeats to our name in the middle of October, just outside the top three due to playing a game less, things looked bright at Home Park. However, a 1-0 loss to Doncaster, who scored late on in that game, seemed to be the start of an endless downfall of form. It was a similar story to last season, when things seemed to be goin
  9. Plymouth Argyle - Season Update 2020/21 I came into the season looking to consolidate after what proved to be a tough season. I managed to steady the ship, just about, to remain in League 2 and the board gave me a little bit of money to spend in order to rebuild a poor squad. I do think that some people expected too much of me, it's easy to look at the league and notice I'm the only human left, but this was my first full season at the club and at a club where it was a completely new squad with lots of upheaval, it was of course going to take time to adjust. My aim was for a top half finis
  10. From last season to now... It's been a really interesting past season and a half for myself. Last season was one where I wanted to push for the playoffs and in the end, managed to finish in the top half after falling away at the end of the season. It was frustrating for me because I always felt like I could have done it, however we dropped points in the situations where a win would have got us there. That isn't good enough in this division and inconsistency cost us. A top half finish was still a remarkable season and I don't think some understand that I'm working miracles at the end of th
  11. THE CLUB THAT WOULDN'T DIE ACCRINGTON STANLEY 2017/18 SEASON REVIEW What a season. The season proved to be an exciting rollercoaster ride throughout and that's perhaps an understatement as over half the teams in the league seemed to be in the hunt for the League 2 playoff places going into the final stretch of games. Overall I am very pleased with my efforts, despite finishing below my own ambitions but that's only due to the teams around us rather than because of ourselves, we just burnt out eventually which can perhaps be expected considering the gulf between our facilities a
  12. THE CLUB THAT WOULDN'T DIE ACCRINGTON STANLEY Best known for being that team off the advert from the 80's. Accrington Stanley? Who are they? Exactly! I'm the new lad in the PGC ranks and once I saw we were starting in League 2 it was too difficult a challenge for me to reject the chance to manage the club I love, so here I am. I'm in at the deep end I suppose you could say, I don't exactly know what to expect from the other lads but at the same time it works both ways, suppose you could I'm the wildcard, I'll take that. Now, Stanley are doing fantastically well in the real
  13. Hopefully this season will be the year you go up!
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