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  1. Carefree_Since_1905

    Screen shots 5 years into the save

    Would like to see Hudson-Odoi, Mason Mount & Ampadu. Thank you.
  2. Carefree_Since_1905

    Valencia CF

    I'll update fully when I am at home but I've had a really great game with Valencia and only done 1 season and pre-season of season 2. I played a flat 4-4-2 and came 4th and got into the CL after initially struggling with other formations. 2nd season, I was given around £400k which was tough and made worse by 30% of the transfers out I could generate. Zaza had a great season and his release clause was met by Monaco. I tried to offer a new contract but he wanted around £280k a week (!!) and I was nowhere near being about to afford that. I re-sign Paco Alcacer as he was transfer listed by Barca.
  3. Carefree_Since_1905

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Is there a particular method to get Goretzka on a free transfer? Is it just declare interest and unsettle? He always signs a new contract in my games!
  4. Carefree_Since_1905

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Decided to start an AC Milan game and similar to a few posts on this thread will only allow myself to purchase Italian players. I was tempted to add in Dutch players as well as the likes of Van Basten, Gullit, Rijkaard, Seedorf etc have excelled in Milan but thought I would take on the harder challenge. So far signed: Eddy Salcedo - less than £1m Sturaro - £6.5m (Backup player and immediately worth £18.5m after signing) I am looking at Berardi for about £20m as my main signing. Can anyone recommend some young fullbacks that are attainable in the first window and for what price? Looking for some back ups to Rodriguez/Calabria/Conti(when fit) so that I can get the wages of Abate & Antonelli off the books. Thank you.
  5. Carefree_Since_1905

    FM18: Chelsea FC

    I managed to sell him to West Brom for 10m (7.5m up front). Luiz had a word and I said that I wanted to test the youngsters and the concern was immediately dropped.
  6. Carefree_Since_1905

    FM18: Chelsea FC

    How much did you get for Moses? Valued at £25m in mine but couldn't get any takers at that price.
  7. Carefree_Since_1905

    FM18: Chelsea FC

    Loaded up my first save over the weekend. Struggling a little at the moment as I've gone for 3 at the back and wingbacks to mirror Conte and I can't seem to score. Beat Arsenal 2-1 in the CS. I've then had 3 draws in the league - Bournemouth 0-0, City, 1-1, Stoke 1-1. Out: Willian - £55m to Real In: De Ligt (One of my favorites from last year) - 14m Alex Sandro - £58m (£9m signing on fee as well) - Not sure if this is the right move / worth the money Pasalic - £38m (i think) - Willian replacement Coric - 11m but loaned back to Dinamo I also bought an Argentinian AM for £4m that couldn't get a WP so he got loaned out to Inter. I think I will fiddle around with the tactics and then probably start again. I saw that City signed Bernat for £25m so might see if I can pinch him if I start again. If i switch to a back 4 then I will probably sell Moses. Struggling with improving the coaches as we already have more than the allowed amount and the board wouldn't allow me anymore. Once coach was going to cost around £2m to get rid of which I thought was too much.
  8. Carefree_Since_1905

    FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    I've got the game on order but with no beta. Is Morata ranked well enough to lead the line for the next few years?
  9. Carefree_Since_1905

    AS Monaco - Find your wonderkids here!

    I originally started with a 4-3-3 wide with Bernardo cutting in on the right and Lemar sticking wide on the left but I found it isolated Falcao too much and we weren't scoring enough. Switched to a narrow diamond with 2 up top, Bernardo in CM and Lemar at AM and it allows the fullbacks lots of freedom. Results have been better.
  10. Carefree_Since_1905

    AS Monaco - Find your wonderkids here!

    Decided to start a Monaco game as even though they have made some great signings this summer it won't be the same without Bernardo, Bakayoko, Mendy etc. Decided to set myself a slight challenge and will only buy French and Belgian players. Similar to a lot of people, I was handed a group of death in the Champions League as I was drawn alongside Juventus, Atletico Madrid & Spurs. I would like to continue in Europe so would be too disappointed with 3rd and place in the Europa. I will update on transfers when I am not at work.
  11. Carefree_Since_1905

    A Rampaging Rightback

    Bellerin but he wouldn't come cheap!
  12. Carefree_Since_1905

    [FM17] Newcastle United; Join the Rafalution!!

    At start of 2nd season I did: Krul - Sold - £6m to West Brom - Contract up at end of the season and on high wages. Darlow - Kept - Back Up - He was my first choice in the Championship Sels - Loaned out - No-one would buy and I was able to loan to Napoli with 100% wages and £150k a month as a fee Woodman - Loaned for development. I then signed Dragowski to be first choice.
  13. Carefree_Since_1905

    FM17: Chelsea F.C.

    I've started my Chelsea game again. He's been a revelation in real life but Moses went to Everton for £22m which is just crazy money. Desperately need cover at RB so looking to bring in Henrichs from Leverkusen. Real shortage of quality RBs about.
  14. Carefree_Since_1905

    Lazio or AC Milan

    I played a Milan game before the January transfer updates came out and thoroughly enjoyed it. Managed to win the league in season 1. I really enjoy developing home nation players in my game so was great to have Donnarumma, Romangoli, Calabria, Locatelli etc.
  15. Carefree_Since_1905

    FM17: Manchester United - The Special One Arrives

    Thanks. I liked the look of Fabinho when I watched him in real life in the two games against City. Valencia has been really great for me at RB. There is interest in him so looking to shift at the end of the season. Arsenal aren't doing very well and look likely to miss out on CL so might go for Bellerin if I can unsettle. Darmian has also been great at LB as Shaw picked up a long term injury and I fear Shaw won't be able to play consistently. Sessengon was bought from Fulham and has done well in the minutes he has got.