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  1. Is it not because you now can't sign non-UK players under the age of 18 in the UK?
  2. I am thinking about going on a Brazilian adventure. Can anyone recommend a team in Brazil with the most exciting bunch of youngsters? Thank you!
  3. These are fantastic. Thank you for sending them through. I would be really interested to know the method of how you discovered if you wouldn't mind sharing? Thank you.
  4. Wowzer. I could get £400k + 30% future fee. Did you give him a new contract and a few run outs?
  5. My understanding is that it gets lifted on 1st Feb so you can arrange transfers for the summer after this date. Before that date, you can't bid on anyone.
  6. When can you offer extensions to the over 30 players? I started a save on the beta and was looking to extend Willian but could only give him a wage increase with no extension around November time. I sold Pedro for £30m to United which, when i start the game in the full release, I am not sure if I will try to do or not. It was decent money (as opposed to letting him go for free at the end of the season) but left us short. I didn't have any injuries and Mount/Barkley can cover there in an emergency. Thinking something similar for Giroud as well.
  7. Thank you. Will give them a go this weekend!
  8. How much do Wolves start with on the January transfer update patch?
  9. I bought Appiah on my Norwich save in January of the first season. I had him training with the first team immediately when he joined. When i had tied up promotion, i gave him 3 sub appearance and a start on the final day. Scored 4 goals (2 from the bench, 2 in his start) in 4 appearance which i wasn't expecting.
  10. I was thinking about doing something similar and starting a save predominately developing youth players but less restrictive so that I could sign: Dutch players Anyone who has previously played for Ajax
  11. Highly recommend. He is obscene. 110m is of course a lot of money but PSG have the finances. This is a personal preference and has no relevance but I quite like having a world class player from a smaller footballing nation. I have thoughts of millions of Slovenians tuning in to watching Atleti play.
  12. Thank you! Skriniar is at Barcelona now as they sold Umiti to Chelsea. It has been a bit of a Merry go round for CBs this transfer window! Will check him out when i get home!
  13. Thanks. He has a £70m release clause but might just be out of range at the moment. I'll have a look as i might be able to unsettle. I am also looking at Leo Santos from COR in Brazil. I can get him for about £25m and looks like he has great potential. Have anyone used him before?
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