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  1. Is it not because you now can't sign non-UK players under the age of 18 in the UK?
  2. I am thinking about going on a Brazilian adventure. Can anyone recommend a team in Brazil with the most exciting bunch of youngsters? Thank you!
  3. These are fantastic. Thank you for sending them through. I would be really interested to know the method of how you discovered if you wouldn't mind sharing? Thank you.
  4. Wowzer. I could get £400k + 30% future fee. Did you give him a new contract and a few run outs?
  5. My understanding is that it gets lifted on 1st Feb so you can arrange transfers for the summer after this date. Before that date, you can't bid on anyone.
  6. When can you offer extensions to the over 30 players? I started a save on the beta and was looking to extend Willian but could only give him a wage increase with no extension around November time. I sold Pedro for £30m to United which, when i start the game in the full release, I am not sure if I will try to do or not. It was decent money (as opposed to letting him go for free at the end of the season) but left us short. I didn't have any injuries and Mount/Barkley can cover there in an emergency. Thinking something similar for Giroud as well.
  7. Thank you. Will give them a go this weekend!
  8. How much do Wolves start with on the January transfer update patch?
  9. I bought Appiah on my Norwich save in January of the first season. I had him training with the first team immediately when he joined. When i had tied up promotion, i gave him 3 sub appearance and a start on the final day. Scored 4 goals (2 from the bench, 2 in his start) in 4 appearance which i wasn't expecting.
  10. I was thinking about doing something similar and starting a save predominately developing youth players but less restrictive so that I could sign: Dutch players Anyone who has previously played for Ajax
  11. Highly recommend. He is obscene. 110m is of course a lot of money but PSG have the finances. This is a personal preference and has no relevance but I quite like having a world class player from a smaller footballing nation. I have thoughts of millions of Slovenians tuning in to watching Atleti play.
  12. Thank you! Skriniar is at Barcelona now as they sold Umiti to Chelsea. It has been a bit of a Merry go round for CBs this transfer window! Will check him out when i get home!
  13. Thanks. He has a £70m release clause but might just be out of range at the moment. I'll have a look as i might be able to unsettle. I am also looking at Leo Santos from COR in Brazil. I can get him for about £25m and looks like he has great potential. Have anyone used him before?
  14. Sociedad ended up 1 place above the relegation zone on my save and I was looking to buy Oyarazbal if they went down! Can anyone recommend an elite level young CD for Atletico? De Ligt choose United over me, Maresic did the same for Arsenal. PSG have unfortunately met Godin's release clause and he has left and he will be very hard to replace. I also only got 50% of the fee as 50% was owed to someone else. I then only got 30% of the 50% so not much!
  15. Lemar is fantastic. 2nd best average rating behind Godin. 31(4) appearances, 7 goals, 18 assists. He toppped the assist chart for the league. The defence is fantastic. Godin and Gimenez are just superb and if you do get through Oblak is different class. Conceded 23 which was the best in the league, missed out on the most clean sheets by 1 which went to Barcelona. I think they are a bad financial state due to the move to the new stadium which should sort itself out eventually!
  16. Started a game recently with Atletico. I wanted something fun that wasn't particularly challenging. I started prior to the January update patch so i have the original squads. Disabled first transfer window so no signings. I played a flat 4-4-2 with a slightly adapted Gegen-press. Main team was: SK-D: Oblak FB-S - Juanfran CD-D - Godin BPD-Cover - Gimenez WB-A - Luis LW - Lemar DLP-D - Koke Mezalla-S - Saul RIW - Martins PF-A - Costa AF - Griezmann Lucas/Arias/Savic/Rodrigo/Vitolo/Correa also got plenty of games. I signed Luis Fabiano on a free during December and he came in on wages of £500 a week. An odd signing but it was to keep Luis happy as he wanted a fellow compatriot around. He did get a few goals in the cup and is retiring now. PSG came knocking for Partey in January and the met his release clause of £28.5m. I was unable to offer him a new contract earlier to raise the release clause as PSG were interested and he wouldn't let me start negotiations. He was replaced by Bentacur form Juventus who joined for £22m. Had to spread some of the payments in installments to get the transfer through but he was definitely needed. I had a very productive season winning the league against Real Madrid at the Wanda with 3 games to go. My season stats were W:32, D:3, L:3. Not in front of the game now but i think I won my first 18 league games until a 0-0 draw at the Bernabeu. I was slightly disappointing in the CLs as i lost on penalties to Man Utd in the quarters. Atletico are in a pretty dire financial state and i ended the season with -£78m as my bank balance. I have been given a very sultry £300k transfer budget for the next season. I also only get 30% of my sales. I have just shifted Correa to Barcelona for £60m (£50m up front, £10m in 1 additional 12 month payment). That added £13m to my budget after San Lorenzo got their cut. I will probably look to sell on Savic and Vitolo if I can get the right price and then I really need to invest in some depth. I have given extensions at a lower wage to Juanfran & Luis who are old but key members of the squad. It will be an interesting summer as I think I will need to do a lot of wheeling and dealing. It has been a very enjoyable save though!
  17. Playing as Fiorentina and hoping for some advice on a transfer bid received at the end of season 1 / just before pre-season season 2. Chelsea originally bid £100m (80 up front, 20 over the next 3 years) for Chiesa. I re-negotiated and they pulled out. I managed to keep Chiesa happy by telling him he was an important influence in the dressing room. Chelsea have now bid again which is £106m up front and £39m over 3 years so a total of £145m. Would you accept? He is homegrown and my vice-captain so really in two minds. The money would be really useful for the whole squad as i lost some important players when their loans ended (Pjaca, Fernandes).
  18. Would like to see Hudson-Odoi, Mason Mount & Ampadu. Thank you.
  19. Is there a particular method to get Goretzka on a free transfer? Is it just declare interest and unsettle? He always signs a new contract in my games!
  20. Decided to start an AC Milan game and similar to a few posts on this thread will only allow myself to purchase Italian players. I was tempted to add in Dutch players as well as the likes of Van Basten, Gullit, Rijkaard, Seedorf etc have excelled in Milan but thought I would take on the harder challenge. So far signed: Eddy Salcedo - less than £1m Sturaro - £6.5m (Backup player and immediately worth £18.5m after signing) I am looking at Berardi for about £20m as my main signing. Can anyone recommend some young fullbacks that are attainable in the first window and for what price? Looking for some back ups to Rodriguez/Calabria/Conti(when fit) so that I can get the wages of Abate & Antonelli off the books. Thank you.
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