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  1. Football Manager TV: Tactics

    Barely anything new :/
  2. Wasn`t the Data Analyst camera already in FM 17? I`m pretty sure it was.
  3. Well I guess this is too rare. Should be more common. in 200+ hours, and in 100+ episodes of FM on youtube I have never seen penalties go wide.
  4. Never. I also never saw player completely miss the penalty, it`s always on target.
  5. Does anyone know at what time the features video will come?
  6. I think the reason its now 7 gb is because Touch is now included with the base game.
  7. i think if SI improved pass map by adding different dot sizes based on how many touches the player did and the arrows based on player movements, the pass map would be even better to look at. (Yeah, it should be in the feature request forum)
  8. I will start with Barcelona
  9. FM18 suggestion box

    Well there is a feature request forum here. You can post the suggestions there.
  10. Yup i would like that.
  11. This ain't right!

    I don`t see anything wrong here. Your tactics probably aren`t good and that` why you have so many loses. Head over to the tactics forum and post your tactial setup and people will be able to help.
  12. You mean animations for different skill moves right? I'd like that to be added to the game too, but i think it will take a while before a FM with skill moves will arrive.