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  1. Oh, well then it`s too rare, SI needs to tweak it a little.
  2. are any of the missed penalties off target or are they just saved by the gk? I have never seen player shooting the penalty off target in FM hmm.
  3. you need to download a custom skin, this one looks like vitrex skin, you can download it on fmscout.
  4. Exacly... Spurs even won ucl in my save. they are very good.
  5. Yes, I would really like that, would be easier to make tactics.
  6. I`m winning 2-1 against Real Madrid, and then in the 86th minute, b******* happens. My goalkeeper throws the ball to my defender, and then defender makes a terrible slow pass (which i assume is a bug too -_-) to the goalkeeper, goalkeeper should then instantly run towards the ball to at least clear it, but he just goes backwards and then we concede a late equalizer. Thanks game -_- Real Madrid v FC Barcelona.pkm
  7. Damn you are so good at understanding this game, I would never be able to create such tactics
  8. This! Every instruction should be explained very detailed IN game i think.
  9. Barcelona is my fav. save, because it is my favourite club and I know everything about them. You may think "well this is easy", but its not, im now in third season and still didnt win UCL, i guess im just bad at this game.
  10. I actually never cheated in this game, but one time I won a match 3-0, then my game crashed and then when I played the match again, we lost 1-0, so I restarted the game just to get a win like I did before the crash. I wouldnt count this as cheating tho
  11. Messi is only an icon in my Barcelona save while Pique is a legend. Im not saying that Pique isnt an amazing player, but I think he should be an icon at least and Messi obviously a legend. So, icons are definitely not working perfectly.
  12. You should post your tactics in the tactics forum, and people will be able to help
  13. Hey! I`m managing Barcelona, and I`m pretty terrible at making tactics. I`m not doing that bad, but also not that good as I should be. Matches played: As you can see, we just lost to PSG 2-0, it was one of the worst matches we have played this season. Absolutely terrible performance. No possession, almost no shots. This is the reason why I`m posting here, so I can win the second leg and progress, because if I don`t progress then I will be sacked. Tactics: PIs: I have roam from position on my CM(sup), and on my right IF. I`m using 4-3-3 formation. Im trying to play a possession based style. I have my striker as F9, so he drops deep and creates space for my two IFs to make a run(at least that`s how I think it would work, I`m just not good at tactics). I also have full backs on ATK to provide width. I`m still not sure how I want to have my midfield. I have been tweaking the midfield quite alot. At the beginning I had my DM as DM(def), but couple of matches ago I did set him to DLP(def) for him to be involved in the play a little bit more. This also increased our possession, which I was happy, because before that, we were struggling to have possession around 60%. Yes, I want to have 60%+ possession every match, I`m just not happy if we don`t have 60%+ possession in a match. I know that goals win you games, but I`m not happy if we have low possession. Based on analysis, most of our goals come from crosses. We also concede most of the goals from crosses(Hope that`s not something to do with the ME like last year). Instructions: Control - I want my players to have control over the match. When we play against better opposition, I then use Standard mentality. Fluid - I want my players to have more creative freedom, and be closer to each other (That`s what fluid shape does right? It increases team creativity and makes the team more compact) Lower tempo - I don`t want my players to rush with a ball, so I decided I will play with a lower tempo. Slighty Higher defensive line - I want my defensive line to be high, to be able to press more. Closing down more(forgot to include it on the tactics screenshot) - I want my team to close down more, to get the ball back quicker in order to retain possession. Play out of defense - I don`t want my defenders hoofing the ball up to lose possession, but rather pass it short. Shorter passing - I want my team to play more shorter passes, so we don`t lose the ball that often by trying a more risky pass. Retain possession - To retain possession... Problems I notice: I`m very bad at analysing matches, but I can see some problems. 1. Lots of long shots. I notice that my players take too many long shots every match. I don`t understand why, they usually always have support around them to pass, yet they still just shot from the distance. Usually when this is happening, I add Work the ball into the box instruction, but it doesn`t really help. 2. Possession. Sometimes we are struggling to keep possession. Our avg possession in the league is 58%, which is good, but sometimes we are really struggling to keep it. In the last two matches, we only had around 50% possession!! I don`t know what to do in this kind of match. 3. We are usually struggling to score against against teams that are sitting very deep, that`s why the draws. I don`t know what to do when we can`t break their defense. It happens quite alot of times, but then we score one lucky goal, and after that we can score more goals due to opposition`s morale going down. So, before the second leg with PSG, I want to tweak my tactics so I will be able to beat them, I hope you can help me.
  14. What mentality would then be good for possession?
  15. I sold him for 2.7 mil only because i will buy him back next season(i hope).