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  1. I really want match engine to be massively improved. Not just the graphics, but animations. I want great dribblers to look like great dribblers, I want players with great first touch to look like they have good first touch, I want more realistic collisions and ball shielding etc. If match engine is not massively improved in FM 19, I don`t think I will buy it.
  2. zigaliro

    I`m giving up

    Yeah but no, I decided that I`m quitting this game. Tried really hard but just can`t get in to it, we constantly doing poor. I thought I finally created decent tacting by beating Tottenham 3-0 but nah, same crappy performances in next matches. That`s it, not playing anymore.
  3. zigaliro


    Yes I think there is not enough curve in this ME. I think for next FM it definitely should be improved.
  4. So they still haven`t fixed this? Great...
  5. zigaliro

    I`m giving up

    Yeah... I actually decided to switch to 4-1-2-3 formation. Control and fluid GK(d) WB(s) CD CD WB(a) DM(d) CM(a) AP(s) W(s) DLF(s) IF(s) We are playing better with this tactics, creating more chances which is good. However there are still problems. Still a lot of long shots and bad shots. Low pass completion and low possession in a lot of matches(I dont know if i should care about this). And I just had a match against Chelsea and we were super bad. Like seriously, only 3 shots and all of them were long shots and low pass completion and low possession. We created 0 chances and we lost 2-0. Anyway we are sitting in the 12th place in the league which is not good :/ What should I change? I`m getting closer and closer to deleting this game!!
  6. zigaliro

    I`m giving up

    Okay I made couple of changes based on the suggestions. SV(s) to DLP(s) left WB to FB(s) left IF to W(a) AF to CF(a) T to AP(s) Removed play out of defense I played 5 matches so far, 3 draws and 2 wins, but basicly same old story. Still not a lot of quality chances, finishing is still absolutely terrible and our pass percentage is usually not that great. Only 70%-80%. We are currently sitting in 12th place. What else should I change? i`m lost.
  7. Shooting accuracy is just terrible with a lot of shots. Many shots go very wide, a lot of times near the corner flag, which is completely unrealistic. Shooting should be improved for FM 19.
  8. I`m not enjoying this game anymore. I tried 100 different saves and my team always does super bad. I deleted the game many times but I`m always coming back in hope of finally creating a working tactics, but again I fail horribly. I read TONS of guides, but nothing is helping, creating tactics in this game is very confusing and doesn`t make sense some times. I don`t think I will buy FM 19 if it doesn`t become more beginner friendly and easier. I now decided to try to create a decent tactic with Arsenal. I picked 4-2-3-1 DM formation with just Play out of defense instruction with Standard mentality and Flexible team shape. Roles and duties: What am I doing wrong? In the friendlies we did pretty good, we also won Community shield against Chelsea, but when the league started it just went downhill. Barely any good chances, terrible finishing, terrible passing, terrible decision making, and a lot of unecessary long shots. I mean I only played 4 league matches but it was enough to see that we are playing really bad.
  9. For possession tactics, what team shape would be better? Structured or Fluid?
  10. zigaliro

    I gave up

    Yeah I also feel that way. No matter what tactics I create, my team does terrible. I was so mad I deleted the game, but then later I came back for one last try and I did again horribly so I deleted the game again. I think I will give the game one last try before deleting it for good.
  11. zigaliro

    Easy Game FM 2018

    I wish it was easy, but Im REALLY struggling everytime I play, so I stopped playing this game. So its definitely not easy, its really hard.
  12. Spent 97 hours trying to finally have a decent save, but everytime my team does terribly, no matter what tactics i create, they always do terrible, so I`m sick of this game, I DELETED it. I hope FM 19 will be easier to create tactics, or Im not buying this game anymore. And yes I did spent hours reading and watching guides but nothing helps.
  13. What about Play narrower? Is it a good instrucion for possession tactics? I heard it can increases possession because players are closer to each other for easier passing.
  14. zigaliro

    I love FM

    Wish I could enjoy it, but im not enjoying it anymore since I cant create a working tactic :/ Its getting harder and harder Im really thinking about deleting the game.