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  1. FM18 suggestion box

    Well there is a feature request forum here. You can post the suggestions there.
  2. Yup i would like that.
  3. This ain't right!

    I don`t see anything wrong here. Your tactics probably aren`t good and that` why you have so many loses. Head over to the tactics forum and post your tactial setup and people will be able to help.
  4. You mean animations for different skill moves right? I'd like that to be added to the game too, but i think it will take a while before a FM with skill moves will arrive.
  5. Idea for FM 18

    This! I like this idea.
  6. Yes yes I did everything, its still crashing!!!
  7. Just during the matches. I don`t have MSI Afterburner enabled.
  8. Did all of this, was okay for couple of hours, now it crashed again -_- so it didn`t solve anything.
  9. I stopped playing Football Manager for 2 months, now I returned back, and the game is crashing at the random intervals. I can usually play for around 20 minutes, then It crashes. I don`t have any crash dumbs in the folder, so I can`t attach them. DxDiag.txt
  10. Issues with Penalties

    Oh, well then it`s too rare, SI needs to tweak it a little.
  11. Issues with Penalties

    are any of the missed penalties off target or are they just saved by the gk? I have never seen player shooting the penalty off target in FM hmm.
  12. you need to download a custom skin, this one looks like vitrex skin, you can download it on fmscout.
  13. Exacly... Spurs even won ucl in my save. they are very good.
  14. Yes, I would really like that, would be easier to make tactics.
  15. I`m winning 2-1 against Real Madrid, and then in the 86th minute, b******* happens. My goalkeeper throws the ball to my defender, and then defender makes a terrible slow pass (which i assume is a bug too -_-) to the goalkeeper, goalkeeper should then instantly run towards the ball to at least clear it, but he just goes backwards and then we concede a late equalizer. Thanks game -_- Real Madrid v FC Barcelona.pkm