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  1. Basicly whole Barcelona squad. They are playing so garbage in the recent times. Well except maybe Ter Stegen and Messi.
  2. Didnt watch a lot, but from what i've seen is practically the same as fm 19 with tiny little tweaks. Meh disappointing, not gonna buy it.
  3. Graphics are fine, but I would very much prefer if they improved animations instead.
  4. I like the new features, but was hoping for match engine animation improvements. But hey at least we got graphic improvements.
  5. I agree with you! A game must be challenging for every club. I don`t understand people that are saying "well of course you find it too easy, you are playing as a x which is a top team". Even in real life managers who manage top teams won`t find it easy to win everything. And that`s how it should be in FM too. Of course it should be a little bit easier winning games if you manage a top side, but not super easy that you can then just win everything.
  6. I love the new ball physics. There is way more curve which was missing in previous FM editions.
  7. Speak for yourself :P Im really struggling in FM 18, so i hope FM 19 will be easier.
  8. I also wish that when someone receives a yellow, the time is not slowed like in FM18 but it continues normally. That`s really annoying and slows the match quite a lot.
  9. They did say 500 new animations. Even tho it still looks similar.
  10. I don`t think they got rid of the team shape. In the 6th picture you can see at the bottom TEAM FLUIDITY: FLUID. Isn`t that team shape?
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