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  1. zigaliro

    I love FM

    Wish I could enjoy it, but im not enjoying it anymore since I cant create a working tactic :/ Its getting harder and harder Im really thinking about deleting the game.
  2. Why are players constantly shooting from long distance for no reason? I hate that. People will say its because they have no support but I always see players around him that he could easily pass to yet he decides to shot from long distance and of course he misses by a mile because shooting is terrible in FM. I mean come on, they usually shot the ball closer to the corner flag than to the goal. I seriously believe they should work on shooting and decisions for when to shot for the next FM.
  3. Hello, Im managing Liverpool and in the pre-season we did well. We won all games and draw 1. Then the season started. First two games we won then the third game was against Manchester United. And to be honest, I wasn`t expecting such a horrible result. We lost 7-1! We were absolutely terrible. My worst player had a rating of 4.3. So I`m asking if you could check what`s wrong with my tactic. This is my tactic: Simple with only 1 team instruction. I usually play with Control tempo, the only time I played with Counter mentality was against Manchester United.
  4. I agree, the long shots in this game are really bad. Even some close range shots go literally to corner flag.
  5. zigaliro

    wing backs

    I noticed that too but I think in FM 17.
  6. If I have my left back on attack duty, what duty should my left inside forward be? Attack or support duty? What would be more effective? Would left side be too attacking if both of them were on attack duty?
  7. zigaliro

    One on One finishing

    Yup same issue. In last match, my players had 5 1v1s with the keeper, and they missed all of them.
  8. zigaliro

    Still trying to decide...

    I still havent experienced a SINGLE crash in Football Manager 2018.
  9. zigaliro

    View keeps changing

    I have problems with views too. Usually the last column always is way to the right for some reason and not close to other columns so i need to slide right to see the last column. Its annoying
  10. I agree with you. Even if players have alot of support around him, they will sometimes still take idiotic long shots.
  11. zigaliro

    AI managers are too weak ?

    Damn, I see everyone is saying it`s too easy. Am I the only one that is struggling ALOT? I already tried couple of saves with Barcelona, Sevilla and Milan and trying to create decent tactics but still no success after tons of tries in 60 hours of gametime.
  12. zigaliro

    3d kits are not working

    Its working now in the match. But in the club's info, its still showing the default kits. Is there a way i could fix that as well?
  13. zigaliro

    Crossing Out Of Play

    Yeah I can... third this. Alot of crosses are very poor in FM 18.