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  1. I love the new ball physics. There is way more curve which was missing in previous FM editions.
  2. Nope, it was removed in FM 18, I also want this option to come back.
  3. Speak for yourself :P Im really struggling in FM 18, so i hope FM 19 will be easier.
  4. I also wish that when someone receives a yellow, the time is not slowed like in FM18 but it continues normally. That`s really annoying and slows the match quite a lot.
  5. Agreed. If they removed team shape it would have been perfect.
  6. They did say 500 new animations. Even tho it still looks similar.
  7. I don`t think they got rid of the team shape. In the 6th picture you can see at the bottom TEAM FLUIDITY: FLUID. Isn`t that team shape?
  8. Yeah very similar. Really disappointed.
  9. I really want match engine to be massively improved. Not just the graphics, but animations. I want great dribblers to look like great dribblers, I want players with great first touch to look like they have good first touch, I want more realistic collisions and ball shielding etc. If match engine is not massively improved in FM 19, I don`t think I will buy it.
  10. zigaliro

    I`m giving up

    Yeah but no, I decided that I`m quitting this game. Tried really hard but just can`t get in to it, we constantly doing poor. I thought I finally created decent tacting by beating Tottenham 3-0 but nah, same crappy performances in next matches. That`s it, not playing anymore.
  11. zigaliro

    I`m giving up

    Yeah... I actually decided to switch to 4-1-2-3 formation. Control and fluid GK(d) WB(s) CD CD WB(a) DM(d) CM(a) AP(s) W(s) DLF(s) IF(s) We are playing better with this tactics, creating more chances which is good. However there are still problems. Still a lot of long shots and bad shots. Low pass completion and low possession in a lot of matches(I dont know if i should care about this). And I just had a match against Chelsea and we were super bad. Like seriously, only 3 shots and all of them were long shots and low pass completion and low possession. We created 0 chances and we lost 2-0. Anyway we are sitting in the 12th place in the league which is not good :/ What should I change? I`m getting closer and closer to deleting this game!!
  12. zigaliro

    I`m giving up

    Okay I made couple of changes based on the suggestions. SV(s) to DLP(s) left WB to FB(s) left IF to W(a) AF to CF(a) T to AP(s) Removed play out of defense I played 5 matches so far, 3 draws and 2 wins, but basicly same old story. Still not a lot of quality chances, finishing is still absolutely terrible and our pass percentage is usually not that great. Only 70%-80%. We are currently sitting in 12th place. What else should I change? i`m lost.