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  1. Is he in the database? Can't seem to find him. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/8856812/harvey-elliott-fulham-premier-league-youngest-debutant-bournemouth-chelsea-barcelona/ I know it used to be an issue with including players under 17 in the game but I've seen numerous 15yr olds this version. Seems remiss that he isn't in the game.
  2. RB Leipzig. Great young squad. Failing that, Hamburg and Koln both have great young squads as well and they are in the second tier.
  3. Youve got about as much chance of it happening as it does IRL. Which I imagine would be very little to none.
  4. Can I just say, that I find it offensive and a huge leap to suggest that this player is an alcoholic. Clearly this young person needs guidance, but to suggest he's an 'alcoholic' because he has got drunk a few times and stayed out at a nightclub, is a bit of a leap. He does need advice. He clearly likes to have a good time. What's wrong with that? Drinking and having a good time isn't against the law. You should be happy that you have a character in your squad rather than suppress him. I'm not going to give you a lecture about Gazza. But this lad has obvious overchures. He needs nurturing rather than suppressing. Your attitude is all wrong with your post title. I'd sign him in a heartbeat, buy him a pint on the lash and then talk about how I can make him better.
  5. The other thing i find completely aberrant about all the mentoring business, is the fact that players stats can DECREASE to the mentors! What? Really?? Sounds a very bad deal to me. What's the point of a mentor if it's only going to impede on your skills as a person?
  6. The fact that you can't include youth players in your mentoring groups of first team players is just ludicrous.
  7. The 'worst' personality traits I've seen are 'light-hearted' & 'balanced' youngster wise. They both sound perfectly fine to me. I'm not even sure why we even need mentoring groups tbh. How about rebellious? Argumentative? Arrogant? Facetious? Withdrawn? That would suggest a need for mentoring to me. I appreciate that it would be tricky with real players, but it's certainly worth considering with regens. The mentoring groups thing is definitely in need of a tune up IMO.
  8. Pre the mentoring groups we had older players looking after younger ones, one to one. For obvious reasons. The 'keyworker' and role model system was absolutely fine and was perfectly reasonable. Now we are left with groups of senior players 'mentoring' each other with no way of incorporating the youngsters. Seems a bit daft. As a manager, I would be looking at having good professional older characters taking under their wing younger, impressionable teens. It's not tailor made anymore and just seems a bit of a lottery and an afterthought with the groups. Plus it hardly encourages team bonding if I have 4 or 5 groups of players lumped together. How can a model professional old goalkeeper mentor a young striker? Seems silly. Especially when people are saying their stats are influenced by their mentors. IMO. This area needs work for the next version. Im not criticising. Just my opinion.
  9. The one thing I am massively puzzled by, is why can't you incorporate your youth team into your mentoring groups?? Surely that's what it's designed for! What's the point of having youth players mentoring youth players and first teamers mentoring each other? Seems daft IMO... Especially since you can include your youth team in your 'Units' training.
  10. I've just been putting them together by position. Four groups. Goalies, Defenders, Midfielders and Strikers. I don't know if this is showing any results, but I don't have any very negative characters so it can't hurt...
  11. As much as I love and welcome this new training method and feature, I'm struggling to understand a few things about it. Noticeably, why can I only send 2 or 3 players on the course at a time and then a week later I can send a couple more? Then again. Why drip feed? 3 month course apparently. Doesn't make much sense. Especially considering it only costs £1.2k. Plus I'm getting my board turning down sending players on it. Surely a leadership course would benefit everyone? Young players definitely. I'm also noticing that after the 3 month course, that practically all of the players I sent on it are not gaining any benefit and think its a waist of time. Nice touch SI, but not thought out well...
  12. I got a similar loan offer from juventus for my first choice goalkeeper at Hamburg. It was very strange and out of the blue.
  13. Is it a downloaded tactic? I just can't seem to get it working!
  14. has something massively changed since signed up to the beta? my Leipzig team went 3 nil down in the first 30 minutes to a rubbish nondescript euro side and in the second match the minnows had 15 shots on goal! timo warner cant hit a hippos ass with a cello! inside forwards have now become ineffective. 4231 is now completely dead. the only players scoring are my MCs outside of the box if I'm lucky. IMO this has got to be the worst version of FM since 2009... this is not a fun game anymore. if I wanted to be frustrated, angry and unfulfilled, then I would have stayed at work...
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