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  1. Tbh, I've been playing championship manager/football manager since the 1990s. And I can quite catagacoricaly say this has been the worst and must frustaing version since FM09. The ME is aweful, the training has taken a frustrating, complicated backwards step, and the transfers are just painstakingly bad. I've been playing online with friends since fm2005 and I can honestly say this has been one of the least enjoyable versions I've every experienced.
  2. Omg! You can't opt out of the beta once you're in! The game became corrupted! Just tried...
  3. I was under the Impression that the powers that be were going to look at the layout of the attributes screen for players? The blank space to the left under the players picture still doesn't look right IMO. They really need to move the height, weight, etc. Back instead of squashing it under the physical column. It still doesn't look right.
  4. I personally think the alarming decline of players when they hit the dreaded 30 in the game, is the main reason why a majority of fm players are obsessed with signing wonderkids. People are basically flogging anyone over 27 as they know they will rapidly deteriorate and lose value. It's been a problem for a while now.
  5. Good to hear! I'm playing a mate online later and the tactics is working a treat.
  6. Here are a list of ME fixes on the public beta: Various Match Engine (version 1926) tweaks including (but not limited to): - Fixed bug with keeper reach on some high shots  - Improved keeper reactions to free kick and penalty shots  - Fixed bug where team line up with offside line at long throws  - Fixed rare instances of keepers picking up backpasses or not reacting to them - Fixed keeper controlling ball then never moving to pick it up or kick it - Removed a restriction on striker and creative attackers offering out ball  - Removed forward runs under the bonnettactical instruction from most striker roles - Fixed incorrect offside example  - Fixed VAR not giving free kick - Fixed VAR issue where a foul isn't being ignored due to the goal being scored - Adjusted attacking player marking whenpreventing GK distribution at goal kicks - Adjusted marking of players coming short for throw-ins  - Fixed instances of central midfielders bunchingclose to ball - Made players cross slightly earlier when possible - Slight encouragement to pass ball forwardmore when optimal 
  7. Using Beowulf4231. It was a bit slow to start with but I love it now. I am signed up to the public beta and there seem to have been a substantial ME update. Knap, do you have any recommendations or tweaks or will the tactics still be effective?
  8. It's first team squad. Some I'm allowed to give additional focus, others I'm not. As for determination it seems to deteriorate with a lot of the squad no matter what. Red arrow pointing down.
  9. Why is the 'Additional Focus' greyed out and not selectable on some players? And why is 'Determination' deteriorating on a few players?
  10. trying to sign Wallace the Brazilian defender from Lazio and in the information section it is not showing 'Italy' as a nation he has played in where he can accumulate days until he gains nationality. it is showing 'Portugal' and 'France' but no 'Italy' which is a bit strange...
  11. Really? Long season yet 3 players are demanding games and transfers. Hardly into my game. The player demands are far too unreasonable this version. To the point where it's not enjoyable. You can't even reason with them...
  12. Now Mentoring, that should be easy....oh no. Ass Man again for that one.
  13. Even the overview screen is overwhelming. Session 1 & 2 with extra session. Of what??? Oh yeah defending engagement. What does that even mean??? Transitions-press...oh sod it!
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