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  1. Drum roll. The results are in. Miles has divulged another ground-breaking news... Bored of, "better eyebrows on regens" news. We need & deserve something better. Match engine & better AI transfers would be preferable.
  2. Thank you my friend. If we can't vent our frustrations on a forum, then what else can we do? No need to fall out. Just would have liked a match engine 'work in progress' video by now. Ill still buy it because I'm an addict.
  3. I'm not on Twitter. I just Google it to check if there's any news on fm20. Couldn't give a flying fig what cornflakes he eats. I pre-order because I'm an fm junky. Have been since the old Amiga days. I was going off historical times for betas and game releases. It's been the same for years so I see no reason it will differ. And I'm chilled out. Had a pint & 2 cans of beer already.
  4. 2 weeks to the beta and no videos of the match engine and no mention of training or transfers. Not to mention no release date. Wow. Make no wonder people get angry and fill these threads with vitriol. If we are expected to pay the best part of forty quid to pre-order a product then I think we deserve more than 'better staff interaction' & a couple of extra achievements (That quite frankly, nobody gives a toss about). Sick of checking out Miles' thread & hearing about his charity booze ups & votes on minor cosmetic changes to the game. Give us some proper news!
  5. I've been playing FM19 for a while now so I can say this categorically. Too many goals scored from longshots, not enough goals scored by strikers unless you download a tactic that manipulates the ME. Trying to sell players is just a complete lottery. Sometimes yes, most times no. Boring predictably matches!
  6. It's now 3 weeks before the release of the game, yet we have had no mention of the crucial issues that dog these threads. No mention of Match Engine or AI concerning transfers. It's an issue SI. We've had some snippets of screen shots and some random mention of a few added extras that, let's face it, are rule changes rather than features. The headline stuff is hardly ground breaking. I've preordered. Because I'm an fm junky. But to snare the casual or newbie, the hype and media has been rubbish. We have Miles chucking us a picked clean bone of info and making us work for it on Twitter. It's really no suprise that there is so much negativity on these threads pregame release, because of the lack of information. I think if we are expected to fork out the best part of thirty quid, we deserve more than better coloured faces on our management profile as a new feature.
  7. Tbh, I would be more happier if the would give us a beta release date and full release date instead of all these mediocre features! Some of us need to sort out holidays and child care!
  8. What's his fitness rating? Plus stamina & work rate? Maybe set his training to low rather than normal and set it to work on these attributes.
  9. Totally agree with you. It really annoys me that during a match I'll shout some sort of encouragement and players 'look switched off'. Especially subs who you would think would be trying their best to impress.
  10. Lyon are my early favourite. Lots of good young French prospects. Either that or try get Bradford City back up the leagues where they belong.
  11. Yeah that's what I feared. Oh well. Serves me right for not being careful. Are you the same Bigpole from sortitoutsi? If so, I've just cut a picture out for you! Omar Boulamhayan. Ha ha.
  12. Is there any way I can edit a competitions rules on a saved game? I am 2 seasons in and I have invested a lot in foreign players but the competition rules state that I need 7 players that are trained in that nation so I am struggling. I have purchased the ingame editor via steam but I can't see the option to do that. Is there any way around it?
  13. Crikey that's good! Never used these. Are they any good?
  14. You should get access to the beta no matter where you buy from. It all has to go through Steam. The company we all have to register to & download through no matter where you purchase the game from.
  15. Tbf it's worth being a premium member of sortitoutsi. It supplies the best facepacks, kits & logos. Period. The tenner you pay per year is peanuts to get the fastest downloads straight from the website rather than use a 3rd party website with lots of pop ups that other sites use. And no I don't work for them. Ha ha.
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