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  1. Its not even feedback. It's a command! Lol.
  2. I'm absolutely baffled by this reaction from my players during a game. I 'encourage' them at 1-0 with a shout. Frustrated reaction. I tell them to 'push up' after an opposition player gets sent off. Frustrated reaction. It's an absolute joke the shouts needs some work. Since when has a team become 'frustrated' when you shout 'encourage' as a manager from the touchline?? Daft.
  3. Why can I train a goalkeeper to take corners, freekicks, penalties and improve his technique, yet I can't train his positioning ,handling, etc. i.e. the useful stuff? There's not even any attributes to improve for the things I can concentrate on.... The goalkeeper training needs a serious overhaul.
  4. I've got a player (waldemar anton) and I'm in his development screen, I suggest a new trait to a coach. They disagree for whatever reason, and when I ask them to suggest trait the player should try, it automatically greys out my response with no come back whatsoever from the coach and they are also greyed out so I can't interact with them again. Very strange and frustrating.
  5. Timo Werner had a long spell of not scoring for me even after giving him loads of encouragement. In the end, out frustration after a particularly bad game, I fined him a weeks wages for poor performance. He accepted his fine then promptly scored a hat-trick the next game and a brace the game after!
  6. Flog everyone over 24 yrs old for a profit and replace them with younger models.
  7. I think you can still get the game makers as regens. I remember one year I had Ollie Kenney as a striker for arsenal and he was awesome.
  8. It's the ultimate site for modding your game with faces, logos and kits. Used it for years. It's completely safe. Not sure why you have to log in via steam though. I never have.
  9. Barcelona and Real Madrid players do it all the time IRL!
  10. Why on Earth did you get rid of the check box to automatically place the player on the transfer list when you offer him out?? Since its gone, I offer out players and then they automatically get fed up and demand to speak to me. Simply because I have forgotten that offering out a player doesn't automatically let me transfer list him! I also get the inbox comment that says suggests I should transfer list them to generate more interest! Bring back the box/prompt that comes up reminding and asking you if you want to transfer list them before offering them out to clubs! Please.
  11. 20 for fitness?? Really?? https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2014/sep/20/fulham-farewell-magath-felix-madcap say cheese!
  12. Apparently, you can concentrate on 'Decisions', 'Anticipation', 'Vision' & 'Composure' in training yet you can't focus on 'Dibbling', 'Crossing' or 'Heading'... Yep. I'm stumped.
  13. I've got scouts on £3k a week. What is the point of they can't provide me with an analysis report. Why should I have to request one?
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