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  1. Older staff accepting 4 or 5 year contracts then promptly retiring at the end of the first season.
  2. Transfer values of players. It would be great if a players face value actually reflected the real value of what the club wants for him as fee, rather than it being a complete lottery of guess the price.
  3. Regens faces. Surely in todays age of beautiful, state-of-the-art graphics, we can expect something that vaguely looks like a human being??
  4. If Carlsberg made forum responses... I don't think ive ever seen a more comprehensive forum response! Well done 👍 👏 ✔
  5. Why Technical Directors and Loan Managers are overpaid, pretty much useless, and added to the game like an afterthought.
  6. When you sign a decent young Swiss DC and in its media description it says, "Could be the next Philippe Senderos".
  7. When you regularly see your team have 20+ shots on goal compared to the oppositions under 5 and you end up losing 0-1 more times than is statistically possible! ...so, going against your better judgement, you end up downloading a tactic that exploits the ME because you're sick of losing...
  8. Senior players not able to mentor younger players because they are not in the same squad.
  9. Players being classed as 'leaders' when they only have a 5 out of 20 for 'Leadership'
  10. AI teams demanding silly money for their players yet offering you peanuts for yours.
  11. Goalkeepers barely scraping a 7 out of 10 for match performances even if they have a worldy.
  12. When you see regen staff at the beginning of the game with incredible stats even though they have zero experience compared to real people.
  13. On my leipzig save, all the players think timo werner is a great leader in the dressing room yet his 'leadership' score is 6. Its nonsensical. A score of 6 out 20 would suggest to me that he is more of an introvert.
  14. I much preferred the old system where you could designate a specific older player irrespective of what squad he was in to look after a younger one. It just felt more personal rather than lumping a group of senior players together. And I dare say, would have better results. Surely the grouping together of older players would promote cliques and division in your squad IRL? Just my opinion.
  15. I agree with all that, it just seems daft that only U23s and U18s can mentor players in their own squad. To have an U18 be mentored by a senior player, they have to be promoted to the first team.
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