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  1. I absolutely love the defenders of the game. It's admiral. But, Horror! The game is not perfect! Shock! It's got flaws & isn't perfect. Wow! Coming up with excuses to defend it doesn't get you kudos. The game is still flawed. Stop trying to defend it. Unless you want a Mod job...
  2. No it's not. What's wrong with clicking a button and telling a player he needs to improve his heading? Now I have to come up with a schedule. It's not even realistic. Its a joke. The training in general this version is just aweful. You need a degree in sports science to even get to grips with it. And don't get me started on the transfers! Selling players at the start of a new game has become daft. I'm a veteran player of fm/ championship manager but the training and transfers have just got way to complicated. I despair of a new player or a returning one because even I'm baffled by the unnecessary and messy training and the watered down transfers. It's killed my enjoyment.
  3. I just want to tell and train a player to improve his heading. Pure and simple. No frills. No schedules. No bull.
  4. I'm just about to start a new network game with friends and I was in the editor to make things on a level playing field. One thing I like to do is add a background sugar daddy. I wanted to add a new rich owner for our clubs that are in the database that haven't got a club anymore. Two I can think of are Randy Lerner and Suleyman Kermilovs. Does anyone know anymore? Thanks.
  5. I get that. But what was wrong with the old method? Click improve heading. No hassle. Now I've got to mess about with schedules and roles! You forever read interviews with young players about how they can improve their game, and a majority will say they need to improve their heading. As a manager i see a young DC with a terrible heading rating. I would just love to say, "yeah kid, you really need to work on your heading. Fullstop." Now I've got to come up with a schedule!
  6. You can easily send a young defender on a leadership course & language course yet you can't easily try and make him concentrate on improving his heading? Thats a joke!
  7. Start a new game with a new team & try sell older players? Nah. Not happening. Because the AI has been manipulated to not bother bidding. The transfer activity is beyond a joke, boring & watered down unnecessarily at the start of a new game. Try signing youngsters to improve your team? Forget that because the asking price is just silly and unrealistic. Couldn't give a toss about the match engine, improving the transfer activity would be better! Can't sell anyone. Sorry. Ranting again! Ha ha.
  8. Height & Weight. Seriously, this needs to be put back under the picture on the attributes screen. Absolutely still doing my head in where it's placed! There's a big blank space just to right of the DOB, Nationality, etc. Yet you've deemed it best to squeeze it on the end of the physical attributes column like an afterthought. Stop it with your micro patches and ffs sort this out!
  9. Yeah. I've just loaded up a brand new save as Liverpool. The first thing I did was click on arsenal, then petr cech (attributes screen) then clicked the upwards arrow on the title bar to view the next player and it comes up with a random player. This happens for the next 3 clicks then it will show maybe a couple of real squad players then revert back to made up ones with no history. The oldest I've seen was 21 years. Very strange. The made up players don't even appear on the squad screen and you can't search for them either.
  10. When I click on a player from a different team and then try scrolling through the squad using the arrows above their picture along the top bar, the game keeps generating random made up players with blacked out faces. Very weird... E.g. clicked on petr cech and the next player is a made up squad player with a random name.
  11. I've brought up this same issue many, many times my friend and always get shot down in flames by the people who refuse to hear a bad word said about the game...
  12. Okay, I get why SI keep providing them, but how about a MAJOR update?? Strikers not scoring in the box and a watered down transfer market at the start of a new game? Plus the attributes screen needs a major overhaul. Preferred foot, height, weight, etc. Over to the right not to mention the tiny photo and lots of blank space.. They Look like after thoughts rather than major attributes.
  13. Sincerely when are you going to place the preferred foot, personality, height, weight, morale,etc. Back on the left side of the attributes screen under the picture and octagon? Plus making the picture larger wouldn't go a miss! Lots of blank space...
  14. So it's not just me then! Ha ha. Check this thread out my friend. And they say it isn't an issue... https://community.sigames.com/topic/454618-very-low-transfer-bids-on-my-players/