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  1. The fact that you have a young regen player in your team and he has some great attributes to be a brilliant DC but he's 5'8"... Bad AI!
  2. Send on intensive language course costing £500 a week. Really? Have they not heard of rosetta stone app? £500 quid a week! So if you have 10 players... I am prepared to teach 5 players a week for £500 English.
  3. There was a quote recently, cant remember where I saw it, that a premier league footballer who was earning £2.7k a week had come to the end of his contract. A League One team had come in for him and offered him £700 a week and him and his agent said it was due to the Corona virus that that was the best offer. £700 a week! What a pittance! I think I could just about live off that...
  4. I appreciate that, but I sincerely think players expectations need to be restructured when it comes to which teams they are prepared to sign for. For too many versions of FM now, we have seen decent, older players retire too early because they refuse to drop down a division or two and take a lower wage. Its about time we see a big change in this considering the current climate.
  5. Due to Corona virus and how it has impacted on the game financially, are we likely to see clubs cut their cloths accordingly and offer less wages? With the news that nearly 800 professional players are out of contract this summer, will we see players in-game being prepared to take lower wages and drop down a division or two rather than retire early like they do currently? Definitely food for thought for SI.
  6. The 'Determination' attribute deteriorating at an alarming rate in players for some inexplicable reason.
  7. Older staff accepting 4 or 5 year contracts then promptly retiring at the end of the first season.
  8. Transfer values of players. It would be great if a players face value actually reflected the real value of what the club wants for him as fee, rather than it being a complete lottery of guess the price.
  9. Regens faces. Surely in todays age of beautiful, state-of-the-art graphics, we can expect something that vaguely looks like a human being??
  10. If Carlsberg made forum responses... I don't think ive ever seen a more comprehensive forum response! Well done 👍 👏 ✔
  11. Why Technical Directors and Loan Managers are overpaid, pretty much useless, and added to the game like an afterthought.
  12. When you sign a decent young Swiss DC and in its media description it says, "Could be the next Philippe Senderos".
  13. When you regularly see your team have 20+ shots on goal compared to the oppositions under 5 and you end up losing 0-1 more times than is statistically possible! ...so, going against your better judgement, you end up downloading a tactic that exploits the ME because you're sick of losing...
  14. Senior players not able to mentor younger players because they are not in the same squad.
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