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  1. Voidu are doing a 20% off if you use the code VOIDUFM20. That makes it around £27. Also sortitoutsi are selling it for £29 if you are a premium member.
  2. I really like the new features. Progress and more realism has to be applauded. However, I personally would like to see the training tweaked. I found last year's changes confusing and frustrating and for the first time in years I had to reluctantly leave it to my Ass Man. I would also happily welcome a return to being able to train individual attributes such as heading, crossing, dribbling, etc. As that was sorely missed. The individual mentoring for youth players was another aspect that I would welcome back.
  3. Yes! An announcement 5 weeks before the beta! Oh... no plastic packaging. What next introducing brexit and gay people into a football management game!...oh I see. Next publicity and milking off public feeling rather than sorting out the match engine, vegan female players!
  4. 6 weeks until beta and still no announcements about features or screenshots...
  5. 2 months to release date and still no word on features or screenshots... Very strange. Most game producers would have said something by now. All we know is the game is called FM20 and it's coming in November. I probably could have predicted that 10 years ago!
  6. I've just perused my U18 squad and complimented a few about their training and attitude. Yet I'm faced with the 'meh' reaction of I appreciate you noticing & it's nice to hear you say that. I'm sorry, but if a first team manager of a top club takes the time out to compliment you let alone speak to you then surely the young player should be overwhelmed? A whatever reaction absolutely angers me.
  7. For those of us who manage clubs without funds and need new players through the door, let me point you out to arguable the very best young DR in the game, welcome Frederik Norrestrand. This his him after 3 months of measured exposure to my Barnsley team in the first season. His contract is due to run out within 6 months at the start of a new save so you can pick him up for nothing. However, I decided to pay a small fee to sign the 16 year old Dane straight away as I was short at right back. He absolutely plays well at a higher level also as I signed him for RB Leipzig and AC Milan loaned him 3 seasons in and he was a first team regular there. Developed by the Brondy youth system, this lad will absolutely be pushing for first team football with a couple of seasons. At 16 years and for free, there is absolutely no risk whatsoever!
  8. I'm absolutely gutted to see both clubs go under after bad financial management, but it's an absolute disgrace that 2 or 3 weeks wages from under performing Alexis Sanchez at a neighbouring club could probably save them both... What a joke. Trafford United & Moss Side City.
  9. I'm a Bradford City fan. I'd love it to happen, but all I'll say is, WTF!!? It happened in my first season whilst I'm managing Barnsley.
  10. Is this the Messi scenario thing? Let me explain in layman's terms. Even when you are doing great your players & staff will suddenly start having the red arrows down syndrome. This is to stop everyone becoming a Ronaldo, Fergie, Messi, etc. Very frustrating and absolutely *****.
  11. The managers personalities responses need a complete overhaul tbh. Because I'm not any of the fixed four outcomes on any day. I'm assertively passionate & cautiously calm about that...
  12. How about an option to have a choice to load up a clubs legendary squad to manage against the modern day teams? Imagine Leicester with their premier league winning side, Arsenals invicibles, Manchester United with their youngsters, Liverpool with their early 80s team, etc. If you could choose a 'legends' team to manage in the modern premier league, that would be class!
  13. Regarding this, ive had my scouting team asking for individual fees of around £3.4k to scout a player abroad when they are outside of the scouting area. That's fine, but it's happening for every player I ask to be scouted when they are from the same country and club! Ha ha. Needs sorting!
  14. How about an option to just one click scout your shortlist? If I could just hand my head scout a shortlist and say, "okay pal, scout these". Would be handy rather than trying to highlight a list and then being told it exceeds 50 so you can't...
  15. Ok before we all groan about this, we all know that this area needs improving but I think we need more ways managers can improve on the way you can respond to journalists. We have the locked in, 'calm', 'passionate', 'Asserive' , etc. But how about 'Sarcastic', 'Jovial' or even 'tongue-in-cheek'?
  16. So. I have an 18 year old keeper. Good stats and doing well. I've started him in a few games and he's looking great. My coaches rate him sort of. Hes been playing brilliantly in my last few games and I've employed the best goalie coaches. But his red arrows start going down. No matter what I do! I get what you're saying with the Messi scenario thing, but it's absolutely soul destroying for me as the virtual manager and for him as the player. What's the point of the arrows then???
  17. Ha ha! Waddle style! Bubble perms like Kevin Keegan & Graeme Souness.
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