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  1. So its not the opposition then? Okay. Just down to the game trying to be far too clever. All the things you have quoted, a majority of players leave that to their backroom staff because they don't want to get bogged down with the 'boring' stuff. After all, whats the point of employing a technical sports analyst director scientist if we have to micromanage every minor detail?
  2. Its a bit of a bug bear of mine this. I'm all for cleverer AI in game, but sometimes it can be the source of major frustration when suddenly the in game opposition completely shuts down your previously effective tactic and kills your game. Lets face it. IRL, every team knows how Liverpool and Manchester City play, but it still doesn't stop them from losing 6-1. And its simply because they play pressing, attacking football with better players. You try applying the same simple principles in FM and you end up scratching your head and desperately searching the 'tactics' forums. I just think the game is trying far too hard to be more clever and failing miserably as the ME gets more frustrating with each passing year.
  3. Hands up those that are daily checking these forums for a hotfix to sort this issue? I sincerely hope we don't have to wait until the end of February update...
  4. Many a time I have woke up after playing fm drunk the night before and checked my team and thought, "why the f**k have I signed him???"
  5. Lautaro Valenti of Lanus is listed in game as being 5' 8" tall (1.72m). He is 6' 2" IRL! (1.88m). A big difference and crucial as he is a DC. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lautaro_Valenti
  6. Unless you want to play a daft formation with silly instructions then don't expect owt. Narrow **** here, attacking goalies there, inverted defenders, wide full back midfielders with back pass rule... It's soul destroying.
  7. It literally doesn't matter what tactic you play or what players you sign at the minute. You may get some short-term success and some decent results. But, the game is still dice weighted in favour of the AI.
  8. Absolutely. The balls over the top of my defence is an absolute joke. I've played as RB Leipzig with arguably the best 2 DC wonderkids Can the opposition get past them easily? What do you think? Does it matter if I load up one of Knaps 47821 tactics? No.
  9. The fact that this thread has gone on soo long with numerous pages and people keep opening similar threads goes to prove that this is a huge issue. IMO the game is broken. We don't want to win every match 8 nil, but to have to search in the tactics section for a working 4231 tactic when I'm managing a top club with top players, is just stupid. Why am I worried every time a rubbish team attacks me with a clear cut chances and I totally know that 9 times out of 10 my striker won't score when he gets one? I don't want a killer tactic. I just want some realistic results.
  10. I feel like SI have tried to irradicate killer tactics so they have made the opposition a bit too strong so they create far too many chances and convert too many. It's causing a huge issue as it isn't taking into consideration better starting line-ups and squads. Player for player, I've been better than most in my division, but if I'm creating 20 chances a game, they are 10 to 15. They are also converting nearly 70% of there's which is just ridiculous. Something needs to change because it's not realistic or fun.
  11. They were definitely there before but all you can see now are reputation and balance when you try to view teams in the league you select. Very frustrating!
  12. Christopher jackson the Liberian international striker on a free transfer has the wrong birthday. According to wiki and transfermarkt, he was born in 1996 NOT 1991 as you have him listed in game. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/christopher-jackson/profil/spieler/514401 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Jackson_(footballer)
  13. Football is a simple game. It's 22 people chasing after a ball & trying to stick it in a net. If I have 11 better than them, then why am I following a thread where I need to try & download an exploit to beat them? Fm20 sucks.
  14. From what I can see, the ME is still broken. It doesn't matter what random formation or tweaks you play, the opposition team will attempt to match you with goal chances and probably convert a higher ratio of clear cut chance goals. It doesn't matter if you play a strike force of 5 Messi and a defence of 4 Van Dijk, playing in a random formation of 2, 3, 4, whatever. It won't change. If you have 20 chances, the opposition will have 15. It's bad at the minute. Whatever happened to buying and playing great 11 players in a bog standard tactic and just winning? I hate looking for killer tactics because I can't get my players to perform even though they are better than the opposition in every position. All of this rubbish will be FUBAR after a patch.
  15. He has come into his own more this year & I would agree. He was deemed an up & coming talent at the beginning of the season so his stats were probably there or there abouts at the start. But, he's definitely come along leaps & bounds since then so his attributes probably should have an upgrade and probably will. But unfortunately this thread/area isn't the place to bring it up in. Manchester United forum my friend. I dare say the Manchester United researcher is probably aware of that. I'd like to think...
  16. Crikey I thought this was just me! Checked mine and the opposition have scored 63% of them against me!
  17. Whole heartedly agree with you there. Worst year ever for 4231 which is extremely frustrating.
  18. Yeah I've been persevering with 4231 and the opposition still seem to be creating a lot of chances and getting in past my defence. I've lowered the DL slightly in the hope of remedying it. Worked in the next match but too early to tell. 4231 still needs tweaking though.
  19. Is it my eyes or has my profile picture become a few shades darker since the update? I've either gone under the sunbed for 20 minutes or I've suddenly forgotten about my West Indian heritage...
  20. I personally don't employ a DofF, Tech director & Loan manager when I play as they are generally on much larger wages and the latter two are currently regens at the start of a new game. I like to be in control of my signings, wages, staff and loans as I still find that some of the AIs decisions are a bit off for my liking and can potentially upset my save (as you have found out). I can see why others would use them and the feature improving over the years though.
  21. Yeah I've tried this tactic. It's not pretty. Been getting a pounding every game. Definitely needs tweaking. Why can't there be a decent 4231 tactic? I don't want silly formations with with daft midfield roles. Just a straight 4231. Is it too much to ask?
  22. Thanks. Hopefully that will sort it. Very frustrating. Especially when the stats I didn't touch started to go down! Like I said, I didn't want him super human, I have just always thought his attributes were on the stingy side.
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