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  1. Hi, This thread is for Stadia save game issues. For Steam issues please visit https://community.sigames.com/forum/738-crashes-technical-issues/. Cheers, Ben
  2. Hi, Yes, this thread is specifically for Google Stadia. If you believe you're having a similar issue on steam please report it here https://community.sigames.com/forum/738-crashes-technical-issues/. Cheers, Ben
  3. Hey everyone, We understand the frustration from those of you affected by this issue and as stated previously it's something we're very much investigating. Rather than reply to each individual post stating that we were still looking into it, our aim was to wait until we could provide more detailed information regarding the issue, including timescales related to our next update. Despite our best efforts we're still not in a position to give a definitive date on when this will be addressed, but we can confirm that by working with Google we've been able to identify the underlying cause which means we're now in a better position to provide a resolution. As soon as we’re able to make this available we will of course do so. In the meantime, as stated on the previous page we would recommend when saving, doing so via the 'Save As' option as a new file then deleting any older unneeded files. Whilst we understand this workaround isn't ideal, it should stop any save game files from becoming corrupted. Cheers, Ben
  4. Hi, Thanks for the information. Yes, from posts on this thread it does seem that the issue is more prevalent when overwriting the same save multiple times. For anyone else reading this, I would suggest keeping multiple save files like Leyodemus says. Cheers, Ben
  5. Hi @Pezamaria, The Segundo Volante role is only available when playing DMCR/DMCL. The role isn't available for DM. Cheers, Ben
  6. Hi, We are still working with Google to find a solution. Nothing to update thus far. But be sure that when there is, I'll post it in here. Cheers, Ben
  7. Hi, Without revealing too much, each save slot on the Stadia platform has a size limit. We implemented a system in which saves can split over slots if they exceed the limit. Save size is something we have experimented with and internal investigations are ongoing. However, whilst trying to reproduce this issue I've experienced it very early on in saves when they'd still be a small size. Cheers, Ben
  8. Hi, It's an issue we're still working with Google to address and any time frame stated here for a potential update is incorrect. When we have any further information or an update is released it'll be announced via these forums. Cheers, Ben
  9. Thanks, I've got them. I'll try to reproduce internally.
  10. Hi, I would very much like to test with that save. Please follow the instructions here to upload your save. Cheers, Ben
  11. Hi @BakerBoy88, The ability to save training schedules was removed from FM on Stadia due to limitations. We made the decision to remove the Schedules page as it's redundant without being able to save custom schedules. Cheers, Ben
  12. Hi, In terms of updates the most I can say is that both us and Google are investigating this issue. Due to the seemingly random occurrence/timing of this bug, it has proven to be hard to find examples with high reproduction and catch rates. This in turn means it's very difficult to pinpoint the cause. Cheers, Ben
  13. Hi everyone, All issues regarding save games are now being tracked in the linked thread. Cheers, Ben
  14. Hi, I can't/won't suggest doing this. We are dealing with this issue on our end and speaking to the relevant people. Cheers, Ben
  15. Hi, We have had no contact from Google in the past 2 weeks. I have given them all the information I can regarding this bug, so I can only hope they're making progress. Cheers, Ben
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