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  1. Hi @villa30 The latest Winter Update build (20.3) is being submitted to Google Stadia and so we need to wait for that process to go through before it becomes live. We apologise for the inconvenience this causes and are doing our utmost to make this as quick and smooth as possible. This update will also include all the fixes from 20.2.4. Cheers, Ben
  2. Hi Danny, The most I can say is that we're still talking to Google about a method of solving save issues. As mentioned in another thread, ideally we'd be able to access your save through file sharing to diagnose the problem. But that isn't possible on Stadia which creates obstacles. Cheers, Ben
  3. Hi everyone, This issue has been reproduced internally and is now being investigated by our development team. Cheers, Ben
  4. Hi @RHF, We've got an ongoing conversation with Google regarding this issue. So far we've discovered that the whole TV industry has this concept of over-scan where they zoom in all images slightly by default by a very precise interval, to avoid showing the absolute edge. This is why the option to disable over-scan has fixed this issue for others. There have also been reports of people suggesting that the CEC setting on their TV was interfering with the ability to disable over-scan. I'll be sure to let you know if we find anything else. But given that most users were able to fix the issue by disabling over-scan, I fear this might be the only solution. Cheers, Ben
  5. Hi everyone, I'd just like to provide an update on the issues regarding save games. Whereas on other platforms such as Steam, we would ask the user to provide their save game and then perform internal tests and debugging to determine the cause for a bug, for Stadia we cannot do that. The Stadia platform currently doesn't offer the user the ability to download save games and that makes community support a bit tricky for us. We've been communicating with Google about a solution to this but so far nothing concrete has been established. Rest assured that I am also spending a lot of my time each day trying to reproduce the issues that have been experienced, but have had no luck. I completely understand the frustration surrounding this and truth be told it's frustrating me too. Cheers, Ben
  6. Hi, This sounds like a gameplay issue and not Stadia specific. However, due to the fact Stadia doesn't let users download save games, it's unlikely we'll be able to diagnose the issue here. Cheers, Ben
  7. Hi @Jonnyg, This is a known bug on both Steam and Stadia and is being investigated. Cheers, Ben
  8. Cheers @Accy. We're investigating this and liaising with Google to see what we can do.
  9. Hi @Forza#8903, Having just seen your post in the Stadia announcement thread, it seems like the sound is working just fine for you. Sound only occurs during matches or when using the sound test in preferences. If you still aren't hearing sound when in matches, please let me know. Cheers, Ben
  10. Hi, currently Stadia is only available to those who pre-ordered or have bought the premiere edition. Later this year (date not announced yet), Stadia will become available to everyone with the only payment being for the games you want to play. And yes, online gaming is available on Stadia.
  11. Hi @villa30, You can add a picture by clicking "choose files" at the bottom of the text box or by dragging and dropping the picture in to the box. Cheers, Ben
  12. Hi @Accy, would you be able to let me know your database set up and what in game date you were at when the problem started? Cheers, Ben
  13. Hi @mseel82, I can't reproduce this issue. Can you provide exact steps to reproduce please? Cheers, Ben
  14. The screen size issue is being investigated internally. Cheers, Ben
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