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  1. Ben Allingham

    Black ball in winter

    Hi everyone, this is a bug we're aware of and is now being reviewed. Thank you for posting.
  2. Ben Allingham

    Odd VAR incident - free-kick becomes a corner

    Hi @CFuller, this was also reported here. Just wanted to let you know that I've checked the pkm and logged this issue! Thanks for posting!
  3. Ben Allingham

    VAR issue

    Hi @Tom8983, great spot! I've now logged this and it's under review.
  4. Ben Allingham

    Players don't listen

    Closing this thread due to constant aggressive posting. @CFuller is completely right when he says most of the issues raised are not bugs and more likely subjective issues caused by tactics. Also, in future please post unrelated issues in new threads, instead of filling one thread with many different 'bugs'.
  5. Ben Allingham

    No option to discipline player for sending off?

    Yep, I think that's right. You can't discipline a player that is on loan.
  6. Ben Allingham

    ME 1922 - Free kick issue

    Moving this and your other thread to the public beta forums
  7. Ben Allingham

    Bug or worst decision ever?

    I've taken a look at this. Bad offside decisions are something we're aware of and are being reviewed by our dev team.
  8. Ben Allingham

    Totally Strange GK

    Hi @haffaz77, thank you for reporting this issue! I've now logged this issue and it's under review.
  9. Ben Allingham

    Wing-Back bug?

    Hi @Toonrock, thanks for reporting this issue. I've watched your pkm and it seems like Lulic is trying to cover for Luiz Felipe who has decided to go up and press all the way to the opposition keeper. I've logged this issue. Cheers Ben
  10. Ben Allingham

    AI goalkeepers receiving many yellow cards

    Hi @Tidge, could you please provide a pkm for the match where he was booked in the 0th minute? That certainly seems very strange!
  11. Ben Allingham

    Deflected goals and Goalkeeper positioning

    Whilst it may be frustrating to concede at the near post, professional goalkeepers have come out to say this is a myth. Here's an Instagram post from BVB keeper Roman Burki quoting Kasper Schmeichel.
  12. Ben Allingham

    Players don't listen

    Hi @Marko147, sorry that you're not enjoying your current experience in matches. Could you help us by providing some PKMs to show examples of players disregarding passing instructions? Cheers Ben
  13. Ben Allingham

    Prefences Changing Mid Game

    Hi @badger100, we've managed to reproduce this in house. Thanks for reporting!
  14. Hi @carlos_fierro, thank you for providing the PKM. I've looked at the issue regarding the keeper and it's something we're already aware of and is being reviewed. Also, I checked the own goals and both of them are legitimate own goals. If you'd like to play on a newer ME with a potential fix for this issue, I suggest signing up for the public beta. Alternatively you can wait for the next patch. Cheers
  15. Ben Allingham

    Bug or worst decision ever?

    Hi @kozmik, this seems strange. Could you please provide a pkm so we can assess this issue?