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  1. Hi @Weston, this is a bug we're aware of and is under review. Thanks for posting!
  2. Thanks for coming back with a save for this @wateronglass! I've now logged this and it's under review.
  3. HI @gressart, could you follow the steps in this post please and get back to me with the results.
  4. Please provide a pkm for this match.
  5. Hi @Weston, have you got a save game from before the season updated and the loan players had the partnership lines? This would be useful to have for our testing purposes.
  6. Hi @TheOriginalJimiVegas, could you please attach a pkm for this match. Instructions below
  7. Refs can make mistakes just like real life .
  8. Hi @Weston, I've watched your pkm. Penetra strikes the ball, but it takes a deflection off Nordtveit, so it's his goal. Cheers Ben
  9. Hi @mauro_zarate3, I appreciate you're frustrated that your team aren't playing the way you want them to. However, we can't do anything unless you provide examples of the issues you're seeing. Issues regarding the ME need PKM examples so we can assess the code to see what's going wrong/what improvements can be made. If you have examples of the problems then please log them in separate forum threads so we can deal with them accordingly. Thanks Ben
  10. Hi @tem, thanks for providing the save. I've now logged this issue and it is under review.
  11. Hi @killerkoala, thank you for posting this. We are aware of this issue and it is under review.
  12. Hi @tem, could you provide a save game so I can assess your tactics? Cheers
  13. Hi @ljh1244, please provide the pkm of the match where this occurred. PKMs can be easily attached to forum posts using the instructions below
  14. Hi @AntonRand, did you manage to get the pkm for the match as the error message says? If so, could you please provide it. Cheers Ben
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