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  1. Hi @MaddFM, thank you for posting this on our forums. That definitely isn't right! I've now logged this and it is under review. Cheers Ben
  2. Hi @Faisal, thank you for your examples. This is a bug we're aware of and is under review. Cheers Ben
  3. Hi @lewisguy, this is a bug that we currently have under review. Cheers Ben
  4. Hi @petepawn, thank you for bringing this to our attention. What method did you use to make the sub, was it quick sub or the full tactics menu? This information could help us track down the issue. Cheers Ben
  5. Hi @Vilmar, you're correct, it's referencing the form table.
  6. Hi @kandersson, thanks for bringing this to our attention! I've now logged it and it's under review. Cheers Ben
  7. Hi @Weston and @Mr_Demus, I've logged this bug and it's under review with our team. Cheers
  8. Hi @Lil' G, thank you for reporting these examples of wrongly given offsides. I've logged them and they are now under review.
  9. Hi @JulesD, thanks for reporting this issue. I have now logged it and it's under review.
  10. Hi @Mark Heath, please provide a pkm for this match.
  11. Hi @Liquid Cool, the only way I was able to reproduce this was by rapidly spam changing the speed of the match. Since I assume this isn't how you're watching a match, I'm sorry to say we can't reproduce this. Cheers Ben
  12. Hi @derTuchel, thanks for reporting this with a pkm. I've now logged this issue and it is under review.
  13. hi @CafcJimB, we can't do anything without pkm examples. Please provide them with time stamps using the instructions below, so that our coders can see what's going wrong.
  14. Hi @geo91, I've been actively using the highlight centre this year and I've never experienced what I saw in your video. Please could you attach the pkm of this match so I can see if it's specific to your match?
  15. Hi @Conor O'Hare, really sorry we've taken so long to get back to you. I've read through your post and I appreciate the detail and effort put in to it. From what I can see, the issues you've reported are things that we are already aware of (e.g. poor chip attempts, 1-on-1 finishing, longshots), however I'll definitely be adding your examples to the list. As Neil has said above, we are particularly busy at the moment, so again I'm sorry that it's taken this long for a response. Keep up the good work Ben
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