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  1. Hi everyone, The latest patch has been made live on Stadia as of this morning. If you load up the game now you should be on 20.1.4. Cheers, Ben
  2. Mouse and keyboard will only work if you're playing on the chrome browser. Playing on the Chromecast or mobile requires a controller.
  3. Mod support is something that Google will have to implement themselves. They've publicly said it's something they're working on. But there's no ETA yet.
  4. Hi, Could you please upload a screenshot of this issue? As well as this can I please have your screen resolution and aspect ratio? Cheers, Ben
  5. Hi, At launch the Stadia platform only supports 1080p and 4k (have linked a Reddit post from the Stadia AMA).
  6. Hey everyone, Thought I'd post something here for a bit of clarification on the tactics situation. You can have custom tactics in FM20 Stadia. You can alter and mess about with the tactics as much as you want and these will be saved inside your save game. However, you can't export and import tactics between save games. This applies to other items such as set pieces, player instructions, team selections etc. Cheers, Ben
  7. Hi, We're working on getting that update soon for Stadia. Cheers, Ben
  8. Hey mate, Cheers for the review. The IGE issue is something we're aware of and a fix will be coming soon. Cheers, Ben.
  9. You can apply custom search filters, you just can't save and load them between saves.
  10. Yes, network games are in FM20 Stadia. Currently, Stadia users can only play with other Stadia users.
  11. Hi, The DB he's trying to load in that video has 380,000 players in it, which is bound to run a bit slow even on the high spec Stadia servers. For context, doing an advanced set up with every league in the game loaded only has a player count of 167,530. So I can only imagine what sort of custom DB set up he's using. Hope this can clear up some confusion. Cheers, Ben
  12. Hi mate, Replied to your post in the announcement thread, but I thought I'd reply here too for coverage. Unfortunately the ability to save items such as the ones you mention (plus more) had to be removed from Stadia. Cheers, Ben
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