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  1. I see. I have had no problems with this years anyway
  2. I thought Winter Update tended to include ME changes, Look forward to trying it
  3. Slowness when navigating the Inbox Screen.

    I'd like to point out David, that since going to 17.2.1 recently, I started a brand new career and everything is snappy again. Going to 'Competitions -> Season preview' no longer has that hang. Scout reports are instant. Will keep an eye on it the later into the save i go... but for now.... fingers X'd
  4. News Feed Lag

    cheers look forward to the next updatd
  5. Slowness when navigating the Inbox Screen.

    I have a thread already but just wanted to say it definitely seems to be scout reports, but in general the inbox seems sluggish - also clicking the competition tab on left hand side can occasionally 'hang'. By scout reports im referring to next opposition ones, and affiliate clubs Very strange
  6. News Feed Lag

    @James Buchanan any update on this please? Hope you can notice it internally.
  7. do that yourself in editor for Kane. i have, i lowered his ability by 2 or 3 as i agree he is ridiculous
  8. "Find Replacement First" Clause

    i have had this clause scupper a deal forgotten who for. but when i signed nathan redmond off southampton they insisted on the clause and signed someone within a few days
  9. News Feed Lag

    It seems to be scout reports and post match analysis for many people. I only have it mainly with scout reports, but not player ones... only next opposition
  10. News Feed Lag

    Hi James just entered the thread to shed some light on where I notice it most in the inbox. I would say it is more evident also with Affiliate Scouting Reports
  11. News Feed Lag

    The general lag is fixed for me since 17.2 so pleased with that. I am not noticing any significant lag when viewing certain news items in inbox; but I will admit it does feel like it is missing a bit of "smoothness" if that makes sense. I have also noticed when choosing the "season preview" from the drop down menu, has a little delay before loading. Nothing game breaking though, only a split second or so
  12. Loving the new patch... however only issue I have found and its no biggy really, is on tactics screen; I can't drag a player from squad list to the subs list on the far right. It doesn't work.
  13. mine didnt. restarted it and it worked.
  14. Squad lag fixed... but not completely.

    No worries. I gathered it may be a pain to find as it's worse when managing some clubs compared to others. Just await the update now
  15. Squad lag fixed... but not completely.

    I don't agree with it being the amount of players because the lag was not there on the beta. it run flawlessly. Hopefully an update is out this week to fix it as I haven't touched the game properly since full release as the lag annoys me