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  1. database size and obviously the ability of your CPU. How fast is it to begin with etc. I only have the cut out faces installed and dont notice any slowdown at all. I have had logos in the past and still didnt notice any difference... But in the preferences, setting your graphics quality higher than your PC/laptop is capable of, would cause lag/frame issues on screens where there is moving graphics for instance; Match engine, the little video clips of how a player role works, and that kind of stuff. You "may" notice a little lag when entering the press conferences, meetings, etc too, due to background graphics, but im not 100% sure of that one. If It was me and i simply wanted to be able to load more leagues and players, and still have a quick game, id be looking at upgrading my CPU. Thats what does all the processing work. To improve the processing, you'd have to improve whats driving it. Or simply run a small db with 1 league for example
  2. yes, wouldnt the winter update be 22.3? Without wanting to start a speculation thread, wasnt it March last year?
  3. You want to process through days quicker? All down to CPU really. RAM just gives your PC more headroom to handle multiple tasks at once, really. It does not make FM go through days quicker. So if you have multiple programs open, going from tab to tab will seem smoother and snappier, and you'll see less "hang/lag" between screens Also if upgrading RAM, make sure your mobo will accept the amount of GB/RAM you are putting into it, and will accept the RAM speed (mhz) Otherwise if you buy RAM at a speed which is above your mobo limit, it'll clock down. ie. If your mobo will take 3200mhz max, and you buy 3600mhz, itll run at 3200mhz. Short story is, find out max speed of RAM your mobo takes, and go from say, 8gb to 16. 16 is plenty, tbh. Setups with like 64gb, is just overkill and not necessary, really. IMO of course. But if you simply want to go through days quicker, and load more leagues etc you'd need a better CPU aswell. I7-9700K i have, with 16GB DDR4 (not sure of ram speed on this machine tbh) and it whizzes through days with ease. 80 odd leagues loaded, custom DB of 300k players or so.
  4. Differences? One version is good and i enjoy playing - full fat FM One version i wouldnt touch with a bargepole, FMT. Too "watered" down. I am so used to the full fat game i cannot stand how much is missing. And even though you have the option to not use it.... please sack off the instant result button. It just does not belong in any sort of management sim. I will never install the touch version, ever.
  5. In my opinion, of course, i cannot stand FM Touch. I am so used to full fat FM i cannot fathom playing it without the bells and whistles. And the "instant result" button is one thing in management sims i think needs to go in the bin. However, in answer to your question and back on track lol, nah wouldnt have thought difficulty changes at all
  6. Every nation, majority of leagues on a custom DB with a load of extra players loaded in. I know on FM20 I got to about year 2035 ish with this setup and it still processed days and fixtures like a breeze I have another game setup saved which I think is 89 leagues, too
  7. Seems we have some knowledgeable people regarding software development among us, so let me ask this I remember one year the FM beta having a sluggish UI in areas, and they then optimised it to get rid of the "lag". What exactly do SI for example do to "optimise" a UI. Is it just delete some code?
  8. Waiting for this beta is making me nuts, i keep saying "what?" thinking my mrs is calling me... shes been out since half 5 ffs
  9. nah, i suspect theyve had permissions off steam and epic, and maybe one or 2 things left before button is hit
  10. Tbf i dont remember him making many apps off top of my head. Mal donaghy was with us around same time
  11. Oh yeh, another fave of his. Although he did have a soft spot for Petar Borota. Absolute loon of a GK
  12. Thats him. Most Chelsea supporters born in the 50s 60s choose Chopper as their fave Cb, but that right there is my old mans fave by a distance. Runs an electrical wholesalers now
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