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  1. @Neil Brock yes mate im on that. I am continuing a save i was on pre-19.3 and it doesn't seem to have improved at all. Unless i need to start a new save ?
  2. @Neil Brock are you able to give me some info on this? I haven't had a response since January 7th. I sent a save over, the tactics screen lag was noticed and logged to fix, but nothing to say if it was.
  3. @Jack Deal can you perhaps shed any light on this? Hi hope you dont mind me asking, but can you confirm if this issue is now fixed for the next 'big' update. If it is, any chance you can shed some light on what caused it Thanks
  4. Hi @Christopher Lewis Did you get any feedback on this issue from jack? Thanks
  5. I have a post in the UI section of bugs forum re. tactics screen. It definitely has a lag when you try to enter the panel, between clicking it and the screen loading is easily 2-3 seconds. Sent a save over and the SI staff member said it was definitely noticeable and had been passed onto someone to look at
  6. I dont think it ever will be optimised for high end machines either because we all have such varying setups... or am i on the wrong lines? FM is more CPU intense anyway so i have always played it using my desktops onboard graphics, since my GPU packed in, Runs fine, but medium settings on ME is pushing it lol Anything above that, or even on that setting, press conferences and tunnel interviews are not very responsive when choosing your answer.
  7. Hmmm i wonder.... :P Absolutely great pieces of hardware there, however, believe it or not, probably overkill for FM and you wouldnt get the full benefit of it. But you knew that already, lol Think i read somewhere that a low ish end card (obviously not bargain basement end) would run FM match engine on medium at least. I long for the day FM uses all cores though regularly
  8. Merry xmas to you guys at SI, too. I knew i wasn't imagining things! Weird because some custom skins seem far more snappy than the official one so may just be an optimisation issue, I dont know. I look forward to seeing what you can do
  9. Thanks i look forward to your feedback. Sometimes it is quick-ish, sometimes a hang. I have watched content creators playing the game, and theirs is much much more snappy, but the only difference is they have gpu, i use onboard. Hence my 2nd post
  10. Just out of curiosity @Christopher Lewis, i am wondering if it is because i am running the game using my onboard graphics, as my GPU broke down ages ago. Tactics screen is a little more graphical so to speak than before, so possible....
  11. Hi @Christopher Lewis all done. File name is chelseasince86tactics.fm Thanks.
  12. Posted a while back about a slight 'hang' between clicking tactics in the left hand panel, and the screen itself appearing. Tried FM19 touch and the issue is non existent. everything is snappy on that version. Is there any way I can get my save over to SI in order for them to test the 'lag' themselves. Thanks
  13. UI in general seems quicker on 19.2, apart from entering the tactics screen and picking my starting 11. That doesnt seem optimised
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