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  1. Had a few goals off crosses (who doesnt?) but they're not the OP back post like last version, they're nice headers or side footed finishes, or what appears to be sidefoot anyway. Nice
  2. info provided

    Thanks, clears things up!
  3. info provided

    I see. Many thanks
  4. Done, attached a picture too. Dont have a save just before unfortunately..
  5. info provided

    Picture outlines issue. I am 9-2 for title, but news item claims I am also 200-1
  6. 9-2 odds for league, but when i get the news item about premier league favourites it says "Having priced your team at 200-1 the bookmakers obviously believe that you are one of a number of teams who shouldnt be worrying about relegation" "
  7. To be honest, I just placed adverts for the roles and took whoever's stats were better
  8. Default green one i like. Football manager dark isnt too bad Football manager light seems a bit "wow" again
  9. Impressed. Be interesting to see how this plays out in game
  10. I've a feeling he does it on almost every save he does, but is more open about it now.
  11. I was in a stream once of another YT'er and there were a fair few in there claiming he cheated too. Saves before big matches and reloads if he loses. That kinda thing, but then plays it off as he won it first attempt. He is probably the only Yt'er however that I can watch and enjoy.
  12. I saw it a while ago. I think, if memory serves right, the gist of it was that he was editing his players stats in the editor, to make them overly good in order he'd win the leagues he was in. He was making a part time striker for Stamford, ridiculously lethal in front of goal etc, made his GK superhuman. Just ridiculous and silly things which spoil the entire thing