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  1. I thought that the minute i seen the Heurelho Gomes picture, far too much green
  2. make sure in steam your download regions are exactly the same. and you both have "allow anyone to join" in online game preferences
  3. I have created a network game with a few mates from work and it's all loaded up. I have given them the server name and password and ticked 'allow anyone to join game' in online game preference's. My question is: as I created the network game...would they still be able to join the game and continue even if I'm not online? Like play on without me until I'm next online? Or would the server name only show up when they search for it if I'm actually on fm16 myself
  4. Wow I thought Kriss was in his 30s. Still, regardless, a young age to pass, RIP
  5. Seeing as sometimes FM can push the CPU to use 100%, I would absolutely put CPU as number 1 priority to run the game faster and with more leagues etc. As stated, having sufficient RAM will stop any bottlenecking; which results in slowdown and throttling of the CPU. I have 80 odd leagues loaded on large DB in 2022 and it has not slowed down at all processing fixtures and days, it flies through them. That is with an i7 3770k and 16gb ram. So use that as a rough guide
  6. This. 1. He doesn't own Everton, like Abramovich and Mansour own their clubs. and secondly the difference in wealth between him and Abramovich and Mansour is vast
  7. Damaged Cruciate ligaments, 9-10 months, followed by a news item day or 2 later that said player was considering retirement. He didnt retire i remember, but came back and picked up injury after injury. So much so every news article was "Axel Witsel has again suffered (insert injury) during training"
  8. Wouldn't the news item of some sort inform you that you are moving to Wembley until it is built?
  9. Stadium editor. No thanks. You are a football manager in the game, no manager in real life decides what the new stand will look like, or whether it should have retractable pitches etc.
  10. C - mix of both. Strikers I tend to have one who isn't quite as good as the main one, and same with keepers. Everywhere else I try to get 2 who are equal or very very close in terms of quality
  11. If a club appoints a manager who is employed, and said manager takes staff with him, there is a text error. ie. Manchester Utd have appointed Jose Mourinho as manager. Rui Faria, Silvino Louro and Christophe Lollichon will be moving to Manchester Utd from Manchester Utd with Mourinho. Or words to that effect. Not a major issue, but an easily fixed one i'd assume
  12. Every so often, not all the time, the game will become unresponsive and clicks on the mouse take a few seconds to register. For example, I can even press space on the keyboard to progress through my news items, but after pressing space itll be 2-3 seconds before the news item changes. Wait a few seconds more and then the game and mouse pointer become responsive again. Weird
  13. Getting a hanging for a second or 2 going to any screen from the "Training" section
  14. Quite possibly the most polished state any of the Beta's have ever been in. Enjoying it.
  15. Think only slight thing im noticing is a lot of "Strained stomach muscle" injuries