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  1. Every nation, majority of leagues on a custom DB with a load of extra players loaded in. I know on FM20 I got to about year 2035 ish with this setup and it still processed days and fixtures like a breeze I have another game setup saved which I think is 89 leagues, too
  2. Seems we have some knowledgeable people regarding software development among us, so let me ask this I remember one year the FM beta having a sluggish UI in areas, and they then optimised it to get rid of the "lag". What exactly do SI for example do to "optimise" a UI. Is it just delete some code?
  3. Waiting for this beta is making me nuts, i keep saying "what?" thinking my mrs is calling me... shes been out since half 5 ffs
  4. nah, i suspect theyve had permissions off steam and epic, and maybe one or 2 things left before button is hit
  5. Tbf i dont remember him making many apps off top of my head. Mal donaghy was with us around same time
  6. Oh yeh, another fave of his. Although he did have a soft spot for Petar Borota. Absolute loon of a GK
  7. Thats him. Most Chelsea supporters born in the 50s 60s choose Chopper as their fave Cb, but that right there is my old mans fave by a distance. Runs an electrical wholesalers now
  8. Absolutely. We had another defender who played for you too. You signed him off us, i think. Tommy boyd
  9. Now id probably just give mcgrath the edge he was terrific, but, McGrath is a massive Chelsea fan so i can live with that. Like Paul Merson, its why i tolerate him on soccer sat
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