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  1. Have uploaded both for you. Both these crash dumps i managed to get to happen when doing the above. Enter club vision from the left hand menu. Whilst in that screen, i think the tab is called 'performance' and from there i chose transfer activity. Immediate error message. I have watched a few creators on youtube get crashes too when they have their monthly review, again to do with club vision FM 2020 v20.0.1.1303377 (2019.11.01 04.57.54).dmp FM 2020 v20.0.1.1303377 (2019.11.01 15.46.05).dmp
  2. Game has been running ok but when choosing to view the "transfer activity" tab from the dropdown menu in club vision, i had a crash dump. Cant upload as did not save the game at the beginning Seems to crash when you get a monthly review with your grade. Click one of the tabs (club vision etc) in the news item and it crashes
  3. no i meant they are on the way, i have read the 6 pages and its been mainly good but we all know they soon come out the woodwork and criticise
  4. 6 pages in the inevitable complaining about injuries, too many long shot goals, too many missed pens, or crosses are on the way!! (not from me, the beta is great)
  5. well at the latest itll be out a week tuesday. So I would guess (emphasise the word guess) maybe by next weekend
  6. I have always thought the game is showcased in lower graphic settings, too. Sure that is the case
  7. I start a 'real' long term save on release day, so November 19. The beta i use to start a casual save and just see whats what and get a feel for the game.
  8. I dont use 3D but if i do, as long as it plays a nice game of football for me to watch, i could not care less about hot dog vans, stand size, corner stands, advertising and all that. a little off topic but reminds me of pes20 when it came out, gameplay absolutely brilliant but people actually complaining about the shirts not quite being skin tight enough.
  9. I dont think workthespace is that good at the game tbh. Its all downloaded tactics and signing the same players all the time who they know turn out good. I agree with the last bit too
  10. Loki Doki, bigherbthenerd and Lollujo for me on youtube are the best by a considerable distance (IMO) in terms of how they present the videos, how they play the game; and dont try to act like 'know it alls' like other youtubers do., Jenkaldo is alright, too. Watch the ones where the guys play the game like you and I, level headed, and don't try to act as if they know every single thing there is and are better than the rest. Those ones are the worst. That is why i dont watch foxinthebox and work the space. again though, all personal preference. The best of all IMO again, who i could watch all day no problem, is Teach on twitch. I think he is returning to streaming when FM20 comes out. That guys' content is so good. He explains everything he is doing and why, interacts with his viewers all the time and if he loses a load of games on the spin, he wont blame the ME or slate the game, he will just continue to tweak his tactics until they work. He is another where its simply like watching your mate play the game.
  11. Just a bit. It's what put me off watching his videos, grated on me big time with his throw away one liners every few seconds. Which were not at all funny, i just found them tiresome and boring so won't watch his stuff He is ok on the game, but i just can't stand his attempts at comedy.
  12. In game, i dont think i have ever seen a team get a transfer ban, nor have i been handed one myself with my team. Wondering if its possible at all?
  13. id say you are near enough spot on IMO. Makes a lot of sense to release FM20 the same time as stadia, seeing as stadia was also one of the big announcements this year
  14. 19th november means a bonfire night beta release (at the latest)
  15. beta is a minimum of 2 weeks before release , so yeh it will be no later than the 25th if its the 8th
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