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  1. The answer is yes, under Daniel Stendal this was pretty much our tactical set up. Obviously it didn't work as we were shipping in goals for fun. The new manager has changed approach, using a 4-4-2 narrow diamond formation, no wingers, 2 strikers and Cauley Woodrow playing at the tip of the diamond, which is unusual but its working so far. Maybe give something like that a try? We still press, but in certain areas and at certain times. Going forward we are very good, but defensively we give far too many goals away due to individual mistakes.
  2. Currently in my second season with Bolton, and with the huge player changes my strongest formation to play is clearly a 4-4-2. The question is how do you go about setting up a a strong 4-4-2 that is good in defence and competent going forward? As I understand it the 2 central midfielders are key to creating the perfect 4-4-2, they have to possess decent mentals and be super fit. However what roles would be best? Currently I have a DLP on defend duty alongside an CMs. Im not scoring many goals, but I’m not conceding much either, scraping a lot of draws. My front two partnership is DLFs and PFa. I have two wingers in support duties, including one IW. My defence is pretty basic 2 CDd and FBs. I suppose I would like to play on the break, but obviously against the smaller teams be good in possession with patient build up. Obviously there must be a number of ways to set up a 4-4-2, so I’m hoping we could use this thread as a discussion primarily about the 4-4-2, not just my tactic. I’m a huge fan of 4-4–2, it’s such a simple tactic, but as equally frustrating to set up when facing teams using modern day tactics if you will. Burnley are a perfect example of a team who have had great success these last few years.
  3. I started my annual Barnsley save during the Beta period, planned on it being a long term save but I had the same struggles as you James, just like real life the defence is woeful, no matter what I tried I couldn’t get a win. In the end I was chopping and changing things for the sake of it and couldn’t get a settled side or tactic. Started a new Bolton save after the update, but will watch this thread to see how you get on.
  4. This evening because Miles and the FM team are legends and never disappoint.
  5. Gotta be Barnsley for me, currently languishing in the bottom three in the Championship irl, just sacked our manager (head coach) and have the youngest squad in the league thanks to the way we operate, signing young players from the spreadsheet. Basically the Moneyball of football.
  6. Does having Counter ti ticked affect a possession based tactic? Is it a good idea generally to have counter press ti ticked when using possession based tactic?
  7. Ignore the green circles, focus on attributes. So change one of your BBM to a more defensive role, a DLP is always a good option as he sits deep and recycles the ball. With the amount of players you have on attack duty I would switch your mentality to positive, and I would also switch your IF and Wingers mentality. IF on attack & W on support, that way your IF is acting as a second striker & an extra player for your AP to look for.
  8. Anyone? I don't know why, but my last save i had England, Scotland, Spain & Germany all playable on large database, and i am sure it showed 4 stars PC performance. But went to start a new save at the weekend with the same and it was down to 2 & half stars.
  9. Does loading players based in nation affect the star level of estimated game speed, as opposed to just adding active leagues? Say for example i add Scotland and England leagues as playable and it has 5 stars, but then i add players based in nation via custom set up and it goes to 2 stars, does it actually affect game speed? Might be a daft question but i saw a video made by Fox in the box explaining this but didnt know if true.
  10. Might be a daft question, but as a fan of the simple classic 4-4-2 I was wondering if it can be a successful tactic to use in FM19, especially playing as a team outside of the top 6 of the premier league, Cardiff, Burnley, Southampton etc, as opposed to Man U, Chelsea etc. I have been reluctant to give it a try to be honest due to the midfield heavy tactics other teams tend to use. But there must be a way using TI and PI to be able to build a successful 4-4-2. So what are the key ingredients? Any tips or tricks? By the way, I’m Barnsley in my current save, 6 years into it, in the premier league and currently competing for the europa league. I was using a 433 dm wide. But I’ve hit a stumbling block and want to mix it up a bit.
  11. But leaving pressing as "highly urgent" would have what effect exactly?
  12. What would happen if i turned off counter press, but left my pressing intensity at highly urgent? Am i right in thinking its just a shape thing? Players only press in their positions rather than pressing all over the pitch?
  13. Is it essential to play a lone striker as a pressing forward in a high pressing tactic?
  14. I would tie him down to a new contract ASAP, it was Sunderland who made the offer in my save. A poultry 1.6 with add ons. He has high potential and would **** ball the Championship. I had to replace him with a lad from Bristol Rovers.
  15. Be wary when you enter January, Mr Conway went ahead and accepted a £1.6 million bid from Sunderland for Pinnock.
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