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  1. Does having Counter ti ticked affect a possession based tactic? Is it a good idea generally to have counter press ti ticked when using possession based tactic?
  2. Ignore the green circles, focus on attributes. So change one of your BBM to a more defensive role, a DLP is always a good option as he sits deep and recycles the ball. With the amount of players you have on attack duty I would switch your mentality to positive, and I would also switch your IF and Wingers mentality. IF on attack & W on support, that way your IF is acting as a second striker & an extra player for your AP to look for.
  3. Anyone? I don't know why, but my last save i had England, Scotland, Spain & Germany all playable on large database, and i am sure it showed 4 stars PC performance. But went to start a new save at the weekend with the same and it was down to 2 & half stars.
  4. Does loading players based in nation affect the star level of estimated game speed, as opposed to just adding active leagues? Say for example i add Scotland and England leagues as playable and it has 5 stars, but then i add players based in nation via custom set up and it goes to 2 stars, does it actually affect game speed? Might be a daft question but i saw a video made by Fox in the box explaining this but didnt know if true.
  5. Might be a daft question, but as a fan of the simple classic 4-4-2 I was wondering if it can be a successful tactic to use in FM19, especially playing as a team outside of the top 6 of the premier league, Cardiff, Burnley, Southampton etc, as opposed to Man U, Chelsea etc. I have been reluctant to give it a try to be honest due to the midfield heavy tactics other teams tend to use. But there must be a way using TI and PI to be able to build a successful 4-4-2. So what are the key ingredients? Any tips or tricks? By the way, I’m Barnsley in my current save, 6 years into it, in the premier league and currently competing for the europa league. I was using a 433 dm wide. But I’ve hit a stumbling block and want to mix it up a bit.
  6. But leaving pressing as "highly urgent" would have what effect exactly?
  7. What would happen if i turned off counter press, but left my pressing intensity at highly urgent? Am i right in thinking its just a shape thing? Players only press in their positions rather than pressing all over the pitch?
  8. Is it essential to play a lone striker as a pressing forward in a high pressing tactic?
  9. I would tie him down to a new contract ASAP, it was Sunderland who made the offer in my save. A poultry 1.6 with add ons. He has high potential and would **** ball the Championship. I had to replace him with a lad from Bristol Rovers.
  10. Be wary when you enter January, Mr Conway went ahead and accepted a £1.6 million bid from Sunderland for Pinnock.
  11. Things going well I'm having the same problem regarding the central midfield department, particularly defensively. Although Bird isn't doing too badly. Also having trouble in the right back area, Cavare is good, but keep needing to rotate him and Williams who isn't the best really. Plenty of work to be done come January.
  12. Yeah i rotate Moore and Woodrow in that target man role. My instructions are a "light" gegenpress if that makes sense.
  13. Found a bit of consistency with my 4-4-2 tactic, Adeboyejo is on fire!
  14. Obviously since last years edition the scouting has been massively overhauled. However i must admit i preferred the old way of scouting, sending a scout to a specific nation, particularly a nation he has 100% knowledge of and he would have a list of players within days. Now it seems to take a while for scouts to get a list of players, its one at a time every few days. So with that in mind, how do you prefer to scout? Let your chief scout deal with things? Scout leagues? nations? specific player attribute criteria? Or cheat and use the genie scout lol?
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