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  1. no worries thought it was strange dosent really hurt my game tho i like the idea of putting chelesa out early
  2. surely 2 teams from the same country cannot be draw in the same cl group never seen it happen irl so confused as to why it has happened in my game
  3. so in year 2021 im the current cl champs and have just been handed a draw with zenit paok and chelsea its my understanding two clubs from the same nation cannot meet in the groups is this or a bug or is it due to there being 5 epl teams in the cl as liverppool won the euro cup last season
  4. natyd

    Club trained rules.

    so just to clarify if i sign a 17 yr old and loan him until he can play in my 1st team say at age 21 would he classed as trained at club or just trained in nation
  5. currentley trying to sign 3-4 youngsters from brazil but the clubs are all coming back to me with a 40% of profit on next transfer clause which i cannot remove only take down to 30% my question is how long do i have to wait to make a new bid before the clause is no longer there ive tried to re bid after a month or so but the same terms remain id rather pay 4 5 million more upfront then be stuck with the sell on clauses
  6. to be fair i have to agree with this the players barca city etc sign after multiple seasons is not up to stranded and makes the game too easy as a human player i think brexit has an influence on this in the prem as Ive seen many average English players going for silly sums of money just to fill the home grown quotas
  7. oh believe me that's just the tip of the iceberg but you're not worth it
  8. i think youre the troll buddy
  9. and the mug pipes up yet again
  10. im over it kept pogba brought in fabinho and my team has gone from strenght to strenght but this mug xaw keeps piping up
  11. just got better things to do than reply to a mug like u
  12. salah is the only one you could make an argument for but he was not producing the form he is now so 35 is applicable now imagine a club bidding 35 for salah now it would be a joke which is exactly my issue with the pogba bids im receiving do you not understand this
  13. And im still waiting for an example you obviousley cant offer 1 up so i suggest you be quiet you mug