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  1. If its not up 7pm tonigjt im giving up for another day
  2. Hoping it comes today or tomorow really exited for this fm
  3. natyd

    Bêta fm 19

    It will remain locked until the beta is released on friday fingers crossed its earlier tho
  4. As soon as i see this thread his name instantly come to mind used to score bagfulls for me Actually stunned at how long ago that was
  5. @Luke Rumble not currently but if it occurs again i will make sure to upload
  6. not sure if should post in the bugs forum it not but every now and then when i attempt to continue game from inbox the game does not process i have left it for 10 15 minutes before and nothing but as soon as i go to another screen and continue it works fine any1 else have this issue is it a bug or is it my pc
  7. @HUNT3Rshould be sorted now
  8. so im stuck on my lyon save i managed to finish 2nd in my 1st season playing a 4-2-3-1 but having sold fekir i have chosen to go with the 4-1-2-3 this season and am struggling to put away chances the team manages to create a fair amount but not a lot of clear cut chances any ideas where i am going wrong this is my current set up https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1451286223 i have no player instructions set as yet would that make a difference https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1451308110 this is the last game i played the stats and result show where i am struggling
  9. Im currently managing lyon and memphis depay is on fire, lukily fekir is the 1 getting all the attention, but what i want to ask is, with depay having a 35 million buy back clause in place with man utd, does that remain should i offer him a new contract or is it a seperate deal with the club, which is unaffected by the players contract
  10. natyd

    Long shots

    hypocrisy yet again these forums have gone to pot calling a person a fanny for no reason is out of order and the fact you say there is nothing in it shows that you play favourites
  11. natyd

    Long shots

    No1 i dont find being called a fanny a laugh No2 when i have previousley called people names the thread has been shut and i have been given warnings No3 hypocrisy
  12. natyd

    Long shots

    A simple reply would have sufficed no need for the name calling
  13. natyd

    Long shots

    yh i have both my cms set to more risky passes the issue may just be age and confidence to be fair as after 2 wins on the bounce were now playing some great footy even beating monaco 2-0 stil might strengthen with 1 more established cm just to shore us up in the big games where experience will b vital
  14. natyd

    Long shots

    Yh im in the 1st season at lyon and not having made any signings, The majority of my midfield is made up of younger players, i have set work ball into box and gone back to a previous tactic 4-1-2-3 this seems to be limiting the amount of long shots but not as much as i would like, guess im going to have to go the mourinho way and buy 2 or 3 older established players to help out