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  1. I suppose the Intensity meter is important and reflects how much energy is spent during a game. So it's just a matter of finding a balance between your normal tactic, and something where you sit deep, pass the ball around and waste time. You need to pass the ball to waste time, I don't think there is another option, since if you don't retain possession you will be forced to run after the opposing players and defend.
  2. One thing the waster tactic does is that it freezes ratings, so I think my players will have much less chances to get individual prizes. I don't get the occasional very big ratings anymore, it seems people don't like time wasters
  3. Why is it bad to use it if you are 2 goals up? I noticed that intensity drops quite a bit if I chose maximum time wasting, which is my goal for the Waster tactic. Keep the win and use as little energy as possible.
  4. Friggin missed the Time Wasting option mate! Thanks! I will waste time the moment I lead enough. I will review my tactic next week because I am punishing myself with no FM cause I lagged a bit the work projects.
  5. Well, my answer to his issue is that my defensive tactic definitely is not made for winning games It's for defending results while consuming as little energy as possible after going up at least 2 goals, or just preparing for an important game. I am pretty sure I'd be mauled if I'd used it as a little team against super teams starting from 0-0 because I am defending quite deep. Also, I am barely attacking ( how the heck do you score if you don't attack :P ), and instruct my players to harass the opposition while passing the ball as much as possible. EDIT PS: To me it's a bit obvious that you can't really win a lot of games if you don't attack lol. Even the ratings freeze after I change to the waster tactics.
  6. Thanks. I took the tactic I use, made it very defensive, lowered a lot the block, keeping it compact, changed to full backs and defensive wingers, some minor tweaks, and it works fine, even if I change it after 30 minutes I don't concede at all. At least in the 4 games I got to test it when I was already winning. In the last game the opposition had only 1 more shot in 60 minutes, but I also barely had any shot :P
  7. godzilu


    Thanks. It was obvious.
  8. Hey guys I have a quick question. Until now I never thought about this, but why not use a tactic that conserves a lot of energy when you are two three goals up, so you just defend? Does anyone have such a thing, or knows how to do it, practically, I know theoretically how to do it, but I'd like to see some opinions of some people that already did this. Thank you
  9. Hey guys Could someone tell me where can I find injuries? I don't want to mod them, I want to understand how they work, the intricacies of the injury network, etc. I don't find injuries excessive, but I do find a quality physio team, sports scientist team and top infrastructure having a too little effect on them, and I'd like to understand the bigger picture a bit more. Thanks
  10. Because I played the game both under this name and the previous CM, probably I surpassed 50k hours. Maybe I am exaggerating, but it's definitely the one and only game that kept on going over the ages. There used to be Sims and Total War franchise, but while Sims became too repetitive, Total War never kept the pace in very disappointing releases over the years. So it's Football Manager!!! Ooooh, ouch, meow, woof, the game is soooo expensive. Oh really???? What games do you guys play for hundreds of hours each year? What games do offer the same ROI years in years out? No other game.
  11. Current situation Now, we can schedule training intensity based on condition only, on the Training/Rest screen. Suggestion Add a combination of factors, including age and injury risk. Example For example, Daniel Alves, he is old, and although he has 92% condition: http://prntscr.com/piai16 he has a high injury risk so he should train half intensity, or maybe even 1/4 or not at all. Collateral This will also make having good physios at your club even more important, because injury risk assessment is made by them (right?), so you want them to get it spot on. Cheers Stefan
  12. Hello Quick suggestion, if possible pretty please. Add an icon to the squad panel when managing a Club telling you that this player is going to leave for an international game after the next game. Something in the INF column, like INT: http://prntscr.com/pi6m0u Reason - When managing big teams, if my players play tons of games per season, if my players are called for internationals and I have a less important game I tend to rest them as much as possible, especially the injury prone ones. If I am not missing anything, now it's pretty tedious to do that because you have to make a print screen of what players are called for international duties then go through the list and check players when you pick the team for the last game before international games. Thanks
  13. Hey guys This is a general suggestion, because I have no idea how youth nurturing works in FM 2020, but, I know what's definitely wrong in 2019. The biggest part of my FM games is building teams on the long term. It's one of the many possible playstyles, and it is definitely an important one. Issue.1 In FM 2019, with the requirements for building a player personality, if you play a game with only several leagues loaded ( I have a very good computer, but I don't load all leagues ), you will have less Perfectionists, Model Citizens, Professionals, etc. players that you can buy/transfer for free to create a decent team of influence for the young generation. Solution.1 There should be some automatic way that improves the game adult player loading and also the generation of youth intakes when you load only a few leagues, because else building teams for the future is radically different than when playing with all leagues loaded, which I doubt many people are able to do. I am not aware of FM 2020 mechanics so I can't really suggest any fix for this, but shouldn't be difficult. Issue.2 I understand that the previous tutoring model was too easy, although I really doubt too many people knew how to use it. But the 2019 model is exactly the opposite, and not necessarily natural. For example it's very debatable how young players can be affected by other young players of similar age in the youth team so radically to change their determination and mentality in brutal ways, while the same players moved to the first team and tutored by two team leaders with high determination and great personalities barely touch him during the same period of the time. The way it works now, if you have an young intake who is let's say perfectionist, with 20 in determination, professionalism and ambition, his personality will get destroyed by the influence of the other young players already in the team. Moving him to the first team again will get him destroyed. Solution.2 Again, I have no idea how 2020 works in this regard, but randomness is a thing that will destroy playing the game and trying to build teams from scratch on the long term. a. One solution would be marginal influence, if not zero influence from players of similar ages, or, if you want to keep this, a much bigger influence from established players. Ronaldo will be Ronaldo at any team. And any other 27+ years old established player. b. Second, not sure if I am right about this, but it seems that mentoring groups are less influencing than the overall team mental abilities, especially the leaders' ones. If I am right, than this should change to the opposite, where mentoring groups should have a much bigger influence on individuals in the groups, again, depending on age. c. Also, the most important part of this should be the age and status. The number of games a player had for the team should have much less influence, I'd even go to zero influence on mentoring. Again, Ronaldo will be Ronaldo wherever he goes, even if he gets to mentor someone whom is 20 years old and already has 50 games for the team Ronaldo goes to. Thank you
  14. Hey guys I got 2 guys registered for the B team as Barcelona whom I moved up to use as reserves and small games. I know there is a limit of 10 games played for the first team when you can't move the player back to the B team, but. Are these 10 games in any competition or Champions League doesn't count? Thanks
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