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  1. It's not vanilla at all. I have removed all clubs, all players, all stadiums, all everything, and created artificial teams, artificial weather, artificial everything for the purpose of tactical testing. I.e. I removed everything that I could find that affects a match result beside tactics and managers so I can pinpoint tactic effectiveness and compare results in the same environment with different tactics. An example. In a vanilla game, the game result can be affected by many factors, like weather, referee, the travel distance. Each one individually barely affects a result, beside the tactical system and the managers, but because they are many, they can affect a result big time. What I did is I removed all those factors so I can isolate tactics so we can test tactics and see which is definitely the best tactic for a big team or for a small team, home or away, based on the manager skills and his tactics. EDIT: For example, now all the games are played in the same location, because FM allows me to overlap 10000 stadiums in the same location in 10000 dimensions , so travel time is equal for all teams. All weather are the same now, no rain, no too hot, no too cold, so results aren't affected by frozen pitches. Injuries are removed. Etc., etc., etc. EDIT2: And this test also proves one thing. The RNG factor is a myth, the RNG is in reality a cumulus of small and big factors that define a game.
  2. Hola Just Another Tactic Testing System (JATTS) is back with a totally overhauled version, the old thread was removed because it wasn't relevant anymore. I have created a custom database and savegame for testing from scratch, new clubs, new stadiums, new players, identical new everything. This is based on 20.4.1. I won't document the changes this time, this is done at a scale never done before by any tactic tester, not even close. Here you have the links: EDITOR DATA: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tJVwbfucwSdXhkqaAlOrPSCNy8CmqASO/view?usp=sharing SAVE GAME: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pNJFZWG_RdUv-O1o9SolmB26V5OgtG2m/view?usp=sharing EXCEL BASIC INFO: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_2lNkIOwhhn2DDtM3Xo9RVkNIJ_b-Iy4gaBpB4-mgt4/edit?usp=sharing Ingame editor is mandatory, and I also freeze player and staff attributes and conditions. I am not offering support because I have already spent more than 100 hours for this, probably several hundreds. Good luck, see you again in FM 2021, for whom I have several more ideas I will implement for an even better tactic testing system. Stefan PS: From the first tests with the same tactic to see consistency, the results are incredibly consistent, I mean both teams got the exact same points in the first tests, 198 the big team and 89 the second team. So that means that the RNG factor is not some RNG god, but your varied results in a normal game are affected by fatigue, injuries, what type of referee you get, weather, and tons of other small factors I managed to mitigate in my 100% custom database.
  3. Hey guys I forgot to add a few options that are not present in the ingame editor, but only in third party tools, so here is a list with more options to continue the first suggestion thread that was reviewed, https://community.sigames.com/topic/524549-fm20-ingame-editor-multiple-suggestions-for-mass-edit-and-others/ : 0. Edit data analyst facitilies. You can edit all facilities bar that. 1. Maximize match sharpness for club/league. In the previous thread I also suggested max condition, but match sharpness is something different, so I wanted to make it clear. 2. Mass 0 (zero) jadedness for a club/league. 3. Freeze personality, reputation, match sharpness, condition, jadedness and morale for all players in club/league. 4. Freeze staff reputation in club/league. 5. Freeze to max tactical familiarity and team cohesion in club/league. 6. Remove bans and freeze ban state in club/league. 7. Remove injuries and freeze injury state in club/league. All suggested options are present in third party tools, but to get them all we need to use 3 tools. Also, all above options refer to MASS edit, not player by player. Stay safe and have a nice summer. Thank you
  4. I know. I could automate it, but it still takes way too much.
  5. Hey guys As it is, I have to purchase both the ingame editor and a third party editor to do my thing when testing tactics. Therefore, I have several suggestions, pretty please, thank you. 1. Mass freeze player attributes in a club ( currently you can only do it one player at a time ). 2. Mass freeze player attributes in a league. 3. Freeze staff attributes. 4. Mass freeze staff attributes in a club. 5. Mass freeze staff attributes in a league. 6. Currently you cannot edit/sack/move to a club a chief doctor, so that would be neat. 7. Mass maximize morale for players in a club. 8. Mass maximize morale for players in a league. 9. Mass max tactical familiarity in a league for all clubs. 10. Mass maximize team cohesion in a league for all clubs. 11. Max condition for a team. 12. Max condition for a league. Thank you! I'd love to see all of these in the official in game editor, even if that means that you will double the price of the editor. Cheers
  6. Hey guys Is there a way to mass freeze players and staff in a league with the ingame editor? The purpose is for testing tactics. Thank you
  7. Hey guys Quick question. Does the AI use data analysts? If yes, what do they do? Thanks
  8. Hey guys Is it possible to edit referee stats in pre game editor? Thanks. SOLVED. Yes you can, person type, official. Cheers.
  9. Hey guys, how the heck do I hide the title row from this: https://prnt.sc/s2qsiu It messes up the table after I shrunk it. I want to use OCR recognition to translate the image to txt, but the top row is messed up because of the title row. All the other rows can be read to text with no errors, but the top row has issues. Thank you.
  10. panels/competition/competition team stats panel.xml for Competition Team Detailed Stats. It has a few limitations, but better than nothing. Cheers
  11. League table from Ctrl L is panels/competition/league stage.xml . Change row_height and stuff changes as you like more or less.
  12. Hey guys I want to resize fonts on the page accessed with Ctrl + L, the League Table and the subpanel Stats/Team Detailed. I just started searching for that, but meanwhile until I search, if anyone knows the file I need to edit, please let me know. Thank you and stay safe and healthy.
  13. I did it this way: 1. Downloaded https://www.fmscout.com/a-wannachup-fm20-instant-result-skin.html skin 2. Since I used a home made default dark skin, I compared my dark skin with his settings. 3. Added to my skin the lines and files missing, and it works fine. Good luck.
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