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  1. I need this tested, but I think the number of nationalities malus kicks in when you have 13 or 14 nationalities in the first team. Not sure if 13 or 14. Also, I am under the impression that you have to pass the first of a month so this value is computed again. I will test it further at the end of the month if I do not forget.
  2. Problem solved, the negative "nationalities" item disappeared by itself, although I don't understand why because it's still mid season, transfers are closed and I haven't moved players between teams. I am still curious when does "We have many nationalities represented across the club" LRA malus appears tho, never seen it before. Good is a problem for me, I always have Very Good or Excellent because I am a heavy micromanager who takes cares of absolutely everything. To answer questions, players are always sent on intensive language courses when signing up for me or if they fail the course. Coaches, scouts too. Players are always welcomed by captain or other players. I have no unhappy players 99% from time, my manager always has best mental skills, the other can develop, but man management, discipline, etc., all are 20, so it's easy to deal with everything, even if they are bought just to tutor and play no game during a season while they expect something else. If such players get unhappy, it's insta loan list, and after they return from several months on loan I can again take advantage of them for at least 12 months if not more. But the questions are irrelevant, the yellow malus was about number of nationalities, not about how do they fell. No problemo, end of seasons I will sell one Mexican, Welsh, Argentinian and Montenegrean since they have no fellow nationality players. Any my polish wonderkid striker, since he has no Polish mates :P This is my usual Dynamics screen, no matter if I play small or big, beside the Recent form, which isn't always WWWWWWWW. The key is micromanagement. http://prntscr.com/l8bul9 PS: My initial question was when "We have many nationalities represented across the club" LRA malus kicks in, not when Good kicks in.
  3. Spot on But it makes scouting so easy, because if there is a fixed limit of nationalities before this triggers, I will be able to focus my scouts only on several countries. I already do that, but this will further ease my job.
  4. So, I am in my 8th season with Liverpool in Football Manager 2018, purchased around 5 players mostly different nationalities, in the summer to tutor my youngsters, they won't be getting any play time. After 10 months, checking the Dynamics screen, I see that the Locker Room Atmosphere is only Good, which is a blasphemy... The only problem is "We have many nationalities represented across the club", everything else is great. http://prntscr.com/l8a561 When does this problem jump in? Does anybody know how many different nationalities do you have to have to trigger this? Do they count second and youth team players too? Also, being a British club, does Wales count as a different nationality? Because if so Woodburn is so out of the team, although he is a local Liverpool player. Thank you
  5. Sorry about Everton, I had the impression they won it in the 50s EDIT! And you could be right, we could have challenges instead of achievements.
  6. Hm, the downside can be mitigated with grouping teams. a. Win this with Real, Barcelona, Mu or Juventus. b. Do this with one of a group of sleeping giants, like Liverpool, who hasn't won the PL for many years, or Milan. c. Then a group with teams that won titles a very very long time ago, like Everton. d. A group of teams that were very good at some point in the last 20 years, like Parma, Deportivo, Betis. e. Many other types of groups, teams that rolled high 40 years ago, etc. You can group teams by period, by when they last won a title or cup, etc. Etc. This way you won't be forced to play your nemesis and make it win titles. But I will pair these kind of achievements with in game news and party news. Supporters dancing on the streets in total jubilation for Liverpool winning the titles after 20 years, newspapers going wild for Everton winning the title after 230 years, Parma supporters delirious for getting a title, etc. A small chain of ingame events that show how great is for the players and fans and media. The game lacks a bit in this regard, you get the title with Everton after a life time yet things are not bookmarked properly by the game mechanics. The thing is that after many years of FM ( I have maybe 20 years? Since CM? Hell knows ), these extra achievements would spice up the things a big. And they won't hurt for new players either. You want to have an achievement as Liverpool taking the title after 1989 or when they did it last. LAST EDIT Also, it will give an extra small boost to players to buy the game, since achievements are tied to Steam. Had to edit again :P A must be, teams that won international titles when football was less money dependent. Steaua Bucharest and Crvena Zvezda Belgrad or what's the name in Europe, etc., I don't know much about Americas, Africa and Asia..
  7. Hey guys I also play Europa Universalis 4, a game which has, beside general achievements, tons of country specific achievements. I'd love to have this kind of Steam achievements in FM too, it will give more incentives to play beside enjoying this amazing game I play now for 20 years maybe? Achievements could be tied only to clubs with a good period sometimes in the history of football, not necessary champions. Milan, Barca, Real, Juve, Parma, Everton, Nottingham Forest, Deportivo, etc., etc., clubs that had some great periods in their life. Examples: Win the title with Everton. Mega party and event in FM news, club finally retains the title after 10000 years. Nottingham Forest - Enjoy PL supremacy for 5 consecutive years while winning at least 1 CL. Relegate with FC Barcelona Etc.
  8. The reason I see him perform him so well is the tactic and his partners, I give him absolutely no merit to this :P He will never play more games than any other defender, even when I will bring up next season one or two u 18 defenders.
  9. One another thing :P Perfectionist players, bit more than profesional ones, have lower risk of injury, even if they are injury prone, due to there ultra professional nature. Another example of how average rating can deceive: http://prntscr.com/k7es0s Jordan Williams is by far the worst central defender in my team, he wouldn't play in most of the teams in the Premier League. I play him because he is home grown and on the medium term I will do my best to have most of players home grown, and half British. Yet he has the best average rating from all my defenders, even my wingbacks :)) Here are his stats: http://prntscr.com/k7eskb EDIT: He is also injury prone, which is a big no for my teams. His luck is that he is British/Welsh.
  10. Interesting approach, I never use the last 5 games average rating, I use potential ability and the positional stats I can see myself. My AM usually has the best potential ability attribute to help me with that. Bonucci is a perfectionist if I recall well, depends on your mental stats how will he react. I'd play him game in game out because he can tutor youngsters to be perfectionists, which is my preferred personality. Also, perfectionists drop stats even slower than profesional players, Luis Suarez and Ronaldo will bang in goals very close to 40 years old with proper training. If I were you I would take advantage of Bonucci full sails. EDIT: Perfectionist youngsters also fulfill their PA way faster than any kind of other personality. You can use Bonucci to create a team of perfectionist defenders on the medium term. And I'd purchase perfectionist tutors, or youngsters. 4 years into my Liverpool career I already have around 7 U-18 perfectionist players and 5 in the first team. The second gk sucks, I only bought him for his perfectionist character to grow my kids, and I play him 30% of the games because I don't want him disgruntled, they stop tutoring youngsters if they are. Ravaglia is the name. EDIT2: Not sure if the last 5 games average rating is good mate. For example take my GKs. The second GK, although he sucks, has better ratings than my first, because he always plays easier games. You'd have to compare games, home, away, weak or tough opponents, tired or fully fit, etc.
  11. RIght there with you Snorks, I also rotate similar to you, but I always have a marquee player that plays most of the games, usually a very fit one, one of the bests of the squad. I think tho it's time for FM to allow you to separate first team training by age, in 3 groups. Under 23 or under 25, 25-32, and 32+. Or even by other means, group them in injury prone players too.
  12. 1. My senior team always has at the very least 4-5 young players even if I play giants. For young first team players, many of them u-21 or even u-18, training is important because I develop positional attributes, so I need training. I like specialized players, not players that develop by playing all kinds of attributes I don't need. But training is important for almost fully developed players, or even full developed, because it corrects positional issues. A fully developed player can drop stats and increase other stats. Training is crucial, all over the season, so resting is not an option, bar the 1 day after the game. 2. I always rest 1 day after the match, bar the first 3 weeks of preseason when there is no rest day. 3. All players from all club teams train in position too, set on Average. This is removed in the preseason so they can focus on fitness then on team bonding. 4. Excluding the preseason, the general training intensity is set to "Medium" until middle season, it depends on who you play, then moves to "Low" when I have too many "High injury risk". I never train "Very Low" as Zlatanera says, it seems to me that you stop tweaking your positional stats. My individual schedules always grow up speedy players with technical attributes related to their position, "Very low" would kill that. 5. During the big international breaks I rest first 2 days after last game, and last 2 days before the first after international games so players that played with their national team get to rest. So this means 3 more resting days, since the day after a game is always a rest day during season. 6. I always have the best injury record in the league, no matter if I play a big or small team. For example, a super packed Liverpool schedule until December gave me only 2 tackled injuries, for 3 and 7 days, which is amazing, given the fact that one player, Salah, has a different schedule than the others and plays all games I need a result in. My curiosity is related to the Medical Centre and the injury risk, has anyone played a lot with "Very high injury risk", tweaking other training things, or adding more physios with good results? In my second Liverpool season first 6 months were like hell, always at "Very high injury risk" or what's the name and with a lot of injuries. It was my mistake, I trained too much in preseason, the longest possible preseason, and kept it to Very high injury risk too much, pushing players to train. Second half of the season had almost no injuries after I changed the Training Intensity to Low.
  13. But how do you rest players at big teams when you play 2 games a week? Sometimes that means that you don't train at all for months if you rest them. In England sometimes I play 3 games a week at the end of the season if I got too many replays.
  14. Hey guys When do you change your training load? I usually check the "Medical Centre" and when too many people are on "High injury risk" I drop down the training intensity one level, from Medium to Low for example. Do you use the "Medical Centre" or do you change training intensity when you have too many injuries? With my approach I have very little injuries, but sometimes I wonder if I train them too less. Cheers
  15. Hey guys All my players also have specific positional training beside the general training schedule. In preseason, when the focus should be on specifics, I have to either go through each and every player, and when I have a top team, I have the first team, second team and youth team all filled with many players, so it's annoying. I have to do this because of the training load. I'd like an option to DEACTIVATE ( the choices remain for each player ) the Position/Role training to default/Playing position ( "D (C) - Playing position" in our case ): http://prntscr.com/k5zpq0 ,instead of my choice, so I can focus in preseason on specifics. When the preseason is over, I should be able to REACTIVATE the position training for all players without having to go through 50-70 players one by one. Thank you EDIT: Also, this option could be used during parts of the season when the schedule is hectic and players need less training.
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