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  1. Added dropbox links for the first save + the frozen players folder for FMRTE. 7. Savegames for download *Fixed FrozenPlayers download link, the forum doesn't like URL spaces.
  2. 3 friendlies are enough to max Team Cohesion with the Ingame editor, down from 4. Edited the instructions. *Reverted to 4, better safe than sorry.
  3. V4 editor data uploaded. Changes in "4. Pregame Editor/General stuff": Identical Supporter profile for all teams: 20-20-20-20-10-1. Removed Reserve teams. Removed affiliates. Removed Team League History. Stadium bans for maximum possible games. Facilities 20 each. V5 editor data uploaded. Changes in "4. Pregame Editor/General stuff": Removed reserve team from League rules.
  4. "1. Editor Data" added. Detailed information will be added later today probably. Added "2. Testing Plans". Added "3. General Info". Added "4. Pregame Editor". Added partial "5. Start Savegame".
  5. (Note - First post will be heavily edited) DOWNLOAD LINKS AT THE BOTTOM. Updates in my last post in the thread. Hey guys I have built a tactical testing system comprised of 5 leagues from 3 starting databases, based on MrL league, it's almost done, have to add a few finishing touches and I am ready. Because I have no intention to get a dedicated website for it or test public tactics (I am testing only top tactics and variations for my personal use), I will make it public here, together with exact details of what I have done, so if people want, they can edit or use the system any way they wish knowing what happened in there. The only things that remained from MrL testing league are the league rules, team names, facilities and stuff like that, because I deleted all players and made custom players, while also removing 99% of the staff. The leagues are open source from my point of view, you can do whatever you want with them, edit them, publish them as your own, of course following Sigames rules. You are free to say you created them on your own websites, sell them, make billions with them, I don't care. I just created a framework I will be able to quickly adapt each FM version since I play the game for 20 years or so, so I don't have to wait for other people testing tactics in setups that most of the times I think they fail to properly do that. Of course, MrL doesn't fit that, I always loved his results and testing system. Below you have available the editor data for all leagues (mixed league, 199CA league and 185CA league,). It will take a bit to make the template save games because it takes a lot of time to make one, tens of hours, not sure exactly how many. FMRTE and In-game editor required! I have removed all staff beside the Managers whom are now Assistant managers, so if you don't use freezing things will get messy. The In-game editor is also needed for Team Cohesion. 1. Editor Data 3 databases with 1 league each.* 01. JATTS - Mixed CA - 199-155 - editor data.vXX.fmf - 42 teams, 4 sets of 10 teams of 199, 185, 170 and 155 current ability with identical players**, all handmade. Testing teams: 1 team of 185ca and 1 team of 155ca. 02. JATTS - CA - 199 - editor data.vXX.fmf - 42 teams, 40 teams with 199 current ability with identical players** all handmade. Testing teams: 1 team of 185ca and 1 team of 155ca. 03. JATTS - CA - 185 - editor data.vXX.fmf - 42 teams, 40 teams with 185 current ability with identical players** all handmade. Testing teams: 1 team of 185ca and 1 team of 155ca. *More info on the leagues, like team reputation, will be available in an online Excel I will upload sometimes in the near future, at the very least in the next decade. **Identical players - Strikers have identical stats, central defenders have identical stats, etc. Strikers don't have identical stats with central defenders, or goalkeepers,etc. 2. Testing Plans I will use 5 leagues based on the 3 databases I created. Testing team = TT. 1. First, the sieving. One test in the mixed league. All tactics that meet a certain standard, yet to be decided since I haven't tested any tactic yet and I am still building the save games, will qualify for steps 2 to 5. 2. League with 199CA. The 185 TT will have the league average reputation while the 155 TT will have the bottom reputation. 3. League with 199CA. The 185 TT will have the league top reputation while the 155 TT will have the league average reputation. 4. League with 185CA. The 185 TT will have the league average reputation while the 155 TT will have the bottom reputation. 5. League with 185CA. The 185 TT will have the league top reputation while the 155 TT will have the league average reputation. All results will be automatically added into an excel file so it's easy to compare the results. 3. General Info 1. Tests use 2 teams per save, CA185 and CA155. 2. You NEED FMRTE and the official Ingame editor, not sure if the unsackable option persists if you don't have the Ingame editor. Ingame definitely needed for Team Cohesion. 3. ALL PLAYERS ARE MANUALLY EDITED, NO MORE REAL PLAYERS IN THE DATABASE. Their names are Dlr.wblr.1 TeamName, Dlr.wblr.2 TeamName, etc. 4. All teams have 39 players covering all positions. All positions are identical in all teams with the same current ability. 5. The teams use their former managers as assistants so all teams can be controlled to block transfers/make staff unsackable, etc. *** 6. I don't offer private tutoring. Ask your questions in this thread or on the Mrl Tactics discord, https://discordapp.com/invite/sWEm7b?utm_source=Discord Widget&utm_medium=Connect . 7. The base league is MrL league, the name of the teams, managers, etc. I deleted all players then handmade custom players. All custom made players have 200 reputation. 8. Teams have different reputations, ranging from 9600 to 6480, with an 80 step between. 9. I sacked all staff beside the board and the manager whom I turned into assistant manager, so we can add human managers to each team to prevent AI manager sacking and keep consistent results on all tests. ***This will work properly only in FM 20.3 since we need a CPU fix that will be online only then. 4. Pregame Editor This contains detailed information, so it's easily replicated in future FM versions. General Stuff Mark 8 template players for each position I used, GK, DC/DM, DLR/WBLR, DM/M, M/AM, ML/MR, AMR/AML, S/AM. Remove the rest of the players from the league. Search players using Division filter then remove them all. Edit each player, more details in the Player Information. Duplicate the template players to have 3 GK, 6 DC/DM, 4 DLR/WBLR, 6 DM/M, 6 M/AM, 4 ML/MR, 4 AMR/AML, 6 S/AM. Duplicate the first 39 players to all teams and edit their Team, Second Name and Full name accordingly. All teams now have 39 players to cover all positions on all possible tactics. All players contracts until 2100. Removed from the game all staff, leaving only the managers and the board for all teams. Make managers AMs. Change contract and positional ratings. All remaining staff contracts until 2100. Players and staff language - All Italian. Be sure to make the Default language also Italian. Transfer ban - Search clubs by division, CTRL+A, Edit, Finances/General - all until 2100. Finances - The same as above - raised all finances to 100m so the clubs are stable since we now use 42 human managers with 40 teams on indefinite holiday. Change teams reputation from 9600 to 6480, decreasing with 80 between each team. Excel offers more details. Added reputation to team name. I.e. Liverpool-9600 Morale 20 for all teams. Identical Supporter profile. 20-20-20-20-10-1 Removed Reserve teams. Removed affiliates. Removed Team League History. Stadium bans for maximum possible games. Facilities 20 each. Removed reserve team from League rules. Pregame Players - all players, doesn't matter what CA, have these attributes. All players are 27 years old. All players have the same wage. Removed player partnerships. Removed team relationships. Removed responsibilities. Removed all international game stuff. Zero PPIs for all 42 teams. Withdrawn from international games, not sure if it affects anything. All have the same agent. Named None Person Data/Attributes to 20 or 1, Controversy is 1, all others are 20. Job Preferences to 0. Player Data/General - Reputation 200 all, height to 1.80, weight to 75 for field players. No more height advantage, it's tactics we test. GK exceptions - 1.90m 85kg - Pace - Acceleration 10 - Stamina - 10 20 Left/Right foot, no more mistakes because of the foot. It's tactics we test. Mental Attributes/Aggression 10, Consistency 20, Determination 20, Dirtiness 1, Flair 1, Important Matches 20. No improvisations, we test tactics not the capacity of players to do sexy stuff. Physical Attributes/Injury Proneness 1 and Natural Fitness to 20. Jumping Reach 10. No more jumping reach, we test tactics. Technical Attributes/Versatility to 20. Default Language to Italian. Leadership 1 to all - According to the manual, players with high leadership will influence the other players on the field. We test tactics, not leadership. Teamwork 20 - According to accordingly, players with high teamwork are more likely to follow team instructions, while the ones with lower teamwork will do what they like more instead. Movement 20 for all - don't know what it does tho, this was a personal choice based on my cats' choice. I asked them and they said I should use 20. Concentration+Composure 20 - Let's make them focus on the tactics and not lose any composure. Penalties and corners set to 1 - These can be easily maximized in the savegames with FMRTE if we decide to test set pieces too. I don't plan to test set pieces tho, their influence is marginal unless it's an exploit like the older versions long throws. Long throws 1 - disable exploits. Again, this can be mass edited with FMRTE in a savegame, if you want to test other things. 5. Start Savegame Start the savegame the earliest date possible, since you need to play the friendlies before saving the template tactic tester, because you want maximum Team Cohesion. DO NOT MOVE FORWARD ON THE CALENDAR UNTIL TOLD SO. I. First add the two testing teams human managers, CA185 and CA155, and do a. to i. for each. a. Remove all players from the transfer list. b. Change field players status to Fringe. c. Change GK status to Backup. d. Quick pick team. DON'T PICK TACTICS BEFORE. e. Change all Staff Responsibilites to YOU. You don't DELEGATE, you TAKE OVER everything. f. Remove friendlies from staff. g. Make manager unsackable with the IngameEditor. h. Arrange 4 friendlies, once a week. Each free Saturday, 4 friendlies, not more, start with the last Saturday before the seasons starts, go 1 week back for each game. This is to improve Team Cohesion for all teams, so they have identical Team Cohesion when the test starts. i. Change all training to Match Preparation for first week. II. Add human managers for the other teams, alphabetically. Do 1.a. to 1.i. for step 2, too, before adding the next team. III. Start FMRTE and load the savegame a. Change assistant manager stats for CA185 and CA155 ONLY to Legend. Freeze them and save them. DON'T FORGET TO SAVE FMRTE modifications. Now CLUB BY CLUB b. Search Clubs by division Test League. You have to do it team by team. c. Max morale and condition for each team one at a time - done with a tool, so there is no human error. d. Freeze staff for each team one at a time - each club separately - done with a tool, so there is no human error. e. Max tactical familiarity - done with a tool, so there is no human error. After friendlies are played, before saving the final test-ready save, 1 day before the start of the season, this step is repeated one more time in case the AM added/changed tactics. IV. Freeze players - easy from Search clubs in the division, select all clubs, right click, Freeze All. a. Change training for all teams to Match Preparation for the entire preseason month that's left. - You might need to move forward one day so next month is unlocked. Now we can move date. V. Play the friendlies for ALL 42 teams so we can raise and have identical Team Cohesion for all 42 teams. a. Before each game, with Ingame editor raise Team Cohesion. b. If you have patience, somewhere in the next decade I will have time to provide a savegame so I save you the work. Also, bear in mind that you have to do 3 THREE savegames, each for each CA plan, then duplicate two of them and change reputation for testing teams. Only a week's worth of work, nothing more. c. Set as vicecaptains all central defenders, for quicker match setups. Else you will be asked which captain to pick when rotating. You can DRAG AND DROP them all. d. Change entire team at halftime. e. After each game, the players that were out of the game squad are moved in the first eleven, and the replaced players get out of game squad. Quick Pick/Set guidelines At most 15 minutes/Don't pick, only set guideliness/Quick Pick, then Pick without Restriction Unpicked positions. In the process do the same for all teams when asked for various things, like Team bonuses, etc. VI. After the last friendly is played, send 40 AI teams on continuous holiday. VII. Advanced the game until 1 day before season start. VIII. Max tactical familiarity for all 42 teams again. I do it with a tool so I don't skip stuff. IX. MAYBE Remove tactic corner/throw ins/free kick setups. ?????? Only when testing set pieces differences. 6. General Stuff a. How to clear FMRTE player lists. (C:\BraCa Soft\FMRTE\Frozen Players) 7. Savegames for download I. save.official.mixed.199ca.155ca.fm a. The size of the savefiles is too big for direct uploading them to the forum, so I chose Dropbox. b. 40 AI teams already on holiday, you only have to change tactics for CA185 and CA155, maximize tactical familiarity and go on holiday until the end of the season. c. ALL 42 teams have Excellent Team Cohesion. d. Save download link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/9oqfwmhqi0x0nkb/save.official.mixed.199ca.155ca.fm?dl=0 e. Frozen Players.rar - Download and copy and unrar into Program Files\FMRTE 20\ so you don't have to freeze everything manually. f. Frozen players download link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/uh8aie8p7vchqxh/FrozenPlayers.rar?dl=0 g. Official In-game Editor and FMRTE BOTH needed. The save is stripped from too many things to work without them. A few more steps left for later. If you think preparing a tactic testing database is quick and easy, think again. Cheers 01. JATTS - Mixed CA - 199-155 - editor data.v5.fmf 02. JATTS - CA - 199 - editor data.v5.fmf 03. JATTS - CA - 185 - editor data.v5.fmf
  6. I loaded all possible Spanish leagues, I think Segunda B is the name of the third league? I will test things this week hopefully, if I have the time. And the B team didn't arrange friendlies in both second and third division.
  7. Hey guys You have a bugs template that most of the people, including me, ignore. Shame on us You could auto populate new Bugs section threads with an empty Bugs template message so people can easily see and edit the required information. This is a forum suggestion. Cheers
  8. If the fix is released on the beta let me know please. Thanks again, and have fun.
  9. So no need for testing on default league? I am almost done =)) Thank you very much, I love you all
  10. @Kyle Brown und @Jimmy Wong , I uploaded godzilu.DxDiag.txt. The performance is slow, while usually a thread on holiday is processed under 1 hour and it uses 15-100% from the processor with a probable average of 50%, when using this setup it takes +4 hours and never uses more than 20%, probably an average of 17% of the CPU. And yes, I will do that test too Jimmy, but later today because right now I supposedly have to work Quick question, what league do you want me to do that? EPL?
  11. Hey guys Don't know where to add this bug, if it's a bug, so I will post it here. I have a league running on holiday with human managers for every team in the league, the thing is that it never uses more than 20% of the CPU. If I use only 2-3 human managers it's ok, it uses the full CPU. All managers are setup to holiday, 39 of them indefinitely, while 3 are set to return on 24 June 2020. Anything you can do or I can do? Thanks PS: I uploaded the save file godzilu-42human-managers.fm
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