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  1. Hi @thiagoanjo, Thanks for sending this in. Are you saying that the players wait for pressure prior to making an attacking decision? Cheers, Josh
  2. Hi @fmjonek, Thanks for taking the time to send these in! We are aware of some pressing issues in the game and are always aiming to make this as accurate as possible. Your PKM's will be used as part of our investigation. To confirm, is your main annoyance when multiple players charge to win the ball back from a specific player? Cheers, Josh
  3. Hi @JulesD, Thanks for sending this in. This is something we are already aware of in the studio, we are aiming to make low crosses happen more when possible. We will use your PKM's as part of our investigation. Cheers, Josh
  4. Hi @Eckfahne, Thanks for sending this in. We will review this in the studio. Cheers, Josh
  5. Hi @Tiger666, Thanks for sending this in. The goal is correctly given to Kane, and the assist is also correctly given to Ruben Dias. Eriksen's assist is registered for Esposito's goal. Regarding the caption at the top of the screen, there does seem to be an issue here, but not one we can reproduce in the studio. Are you using a different skin? Cheers, Josh
  6. Hi @djr83, Thanks for sending this in, there does seem to be some sort of issue here and if we could get some more information from you that would be great... 1. When you made the triple substitution and the red card happened, did you get any option to confirm or cancel subs? 2. Did the Rob Bancroft substitution happen automatically as planned? 3. As only 1 sub happened, were you still able to make the 2 later subs? If you could get any of this info over, this would help up greatly with our investigation. Thanks, Josh
  7. Hi @8BuggieNights15, We're struggling to reproduce this issue here in the studio. Are you playing on a different skin? Also would it possible for you to attach your save please? Thanks, Josh
  8. Hi @likesiamesefish, We always try to make our game as realistic as possible. In world football, if there isn't any chance that a low cross is going to beat the first man, the cross might need to be whipped or lofted for example. I wouldn't expect a professional player to take all instructions literally if it's not the correct decision at the time in the game. Therefore for this to be a bug, which It very well might be... we need to ensure that the examples provided show scenario's where the player should cross low if instructed. Thanks, Josh
  9. Hi @bitzu_rock, So the scenarios we would look for would be for example: - If there is no defender in the way of a cross getting in the box. - If the striker is in front of his defender and would receive the ball to his feet. - Any other variation of cross that a ball on the floor would not be cut out by a defender. If you have any examples of the above, you can put the examples in here. Thanks, Josh
  10. Hi @bitzu_rock, By design, we hope that when we instruct players to cross low, they do so when the option is correct, if the cross is likely to get cut out, players should take it upon themselves to find another way of crossing. This thread is suggesting that this instruction isn't working, therefore we're asking for examples of when a player has the option to cross low, but doesn't. Thanks, Josh
  11. Hi @BLACKEAGLELONDON, I don't see any bug here. If you are going to post on the forums please ensure there is good detail in there so that we can accurately understand your issue. Thanks, Josh
  12. Hi @8BuggieNights15, Thanks for sending this in. Is it possible for you to a give a clear steps to reproduce, detailing the exact steps you take for the 3rd & 4th substitution. Annotated screenshots of the button you used to make the 4th screenshot would be great! Thanks, Josh
  13. Hi @Freakiie, Thanks for sending this in! We are currently aware of this issue in the studio and your examples will be used in our investigation. Cheers, Josh
  14. Hi @gonefading, Thanks for sending this in. This is something we're investigating at the moment, any more examples are welcomed. Cheers, Josh
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