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  1. Thanks for the further feedback @Pasonen. We're going to take a close look in this in the studio, as ever were striving to improve the game so this feedback is vital to helping us achieve that. Cheers, Josh
  2. Hello @cezar.sl, Thanks for your post. We're currently reviewing this in studio. Thanks, Josh
  3. Hi @Jaydenoren, As @FrazT has explained, it usually is that it's worse than you can make out in the animations. Cheers, Josh
  4. Hi @MatiVa, Thanks for sending this in. We are currently looking into these issues and your feedback is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Josh
  5. Ok we'll get more eyes on this. It's important to note that with cautious mentalities set, the counter attacks won't happen as often as it would with a more attacking mentality. Cheers, Josh
  6. Hi @ramj1204, We haven't seen this at all in the studio this year. Can you confirm if you're doing anything unusual so we can try and reproduce this? Are you using a separate skin or anything random that we could use to try and replicate this? Thanks, Josh
  7. Hi @Pasonen, So that we can look clearly into this, are you saying that cautious mentalities do not launch counter attacks as efficiently as attacking mentalities? Cheers, Josh
  8. Hi @ferrarinseb, We are looking into this in good detail, to be clear, when teams are on low mentality, I wouldn't expect more risks to be taken. There are some examples that forward passes could be played, but if you want to be more direct, change your mentality. Cheers, Josh
  9. Hi @ucant, It would appear from your video that another player who is in an offside position was blocking the keepers view of the shot. Cheers, Josh
  10. Hi @palmamiguel92, Very difficult to react to a shot from this close with good efficiency, I agree it would look a tad better if he dived but this would only be an issue if this this happening regularly. Do you have anymore examples? Cheers, Josh
  11. Just to update you all, we are reviewing this closely in studio. Thanks, Josh
  12. Ok, If you attach your save game I'll take a look as there may be something there. There are many reason's this could happen without it being a bug so best if I take a look. Cheers for sending this in. Josh
  13. Hi @Maximus84, How well are your team doing? Are players playing well when in partnerships and still having no line appear? Thanks, Josh
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