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  1. The main problem is that if you modify the average ratings of the full ME, you have to put the average ratings of the quick ME at the same level, and this is not happening, QME gives relevant higher ratings! Im not going to show one more time the comparatives between ratings of FME vs QME, because It has been posted lots of times, and I know that you have seen it already.
  2. It's great to read that after this patch not ALL corners will be taken as clear cut chances. I will play the game one more time if the patch does that.
  3. How difficult is simply to fix that a corner is not a key pass? There is no need to study new balances of statistics of the ME, or to test lots of new parameters that could change if you do a change in the ME. It is just fix that a corner is not a key pass, but it has been said few months ago and it remains happening. It's incredible.
  4. Can somebody tell me if corners are stablished as key passes yet? This made that set pieces players have almost the best ratings in all teams.
  5. Yes, people just saw the fullbacks ratings as a problem some months ago. At 25 December I opened a thread showing that all positions were affected, and at 4 January I showed that the main issue is related with strikers and wingers: At this point I don't believe that SI is going to fix anything, so I think that I won't play this year anymore, because this issue is game breaking for me and it has been showed to the devs lots of times in the last months.
  6. "The law states that a player is in an offside position if any of their body parts, except the hands and arms, are in the opponents' half of the pitch, and closer to the opponents' goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent (the last opponent is usually, but not necessarily, the goalkeeper)"
  7. Up, I see this thread marked with save game required and 21.1.3, but I uploaded the savegame some weeks ago and in the 21.2.2 version this issue persist. Help please! @Ben Kenney
  8. Someone of SI staff could say if attackers low ratings are under review currently after the update please?
  9. Thanks for your answer. One question, the low ratings that strikers and wingers are getting, in comparison between QME and FME (defenders are OK after the update) are currently under review? I give you the comparative I made.
  10. Sincerely I didnt know, I saw that SI published the new update fixing the player ratings problem, and they told that they would improve other things like key tackles etc, but i didnt read that player ratings continue being a issue.If so, im glad of it.
  11. It would make sense if full detail and no full detail leagues gets the same ratings, but it is no the case
  12. Ok, I see people again doubting if there is still a problem or not, as if this was not an objective and verifiable thing, so I will show the simple test: 4 top leagues (Italy, Germany, Spain, England) The same save, simulated by two way, all at full detail and all at no full detail. I only show players that have played >20 matches to get representative results. GK: No full detail full detail Okey, acceptable Center defenders: no full detail full detail: Acceptable Fullbacks: no full detail: full detail: Acceptable Defensive midfielders: no full detail: full detail Acceptable Central midfielders no full detail full detail Acceptable Attacking midfielders no full detail full detail We can see more differences here, not huge but a bit different Wingers no full detail full detail Not fixed, huge differences, more that 0.20 difference as average as minimun Strikers no full detail full detail Not fixed, huge differences, more that 0.20 difference as average as minimun Conclusion: Yes, there is a improvement, but strikers and wingers continue getting lower ratings compared to no full detail leagues
  13. The 4 top leagues at full detail, all players controlled by AI, no human interferences: Martial 32 goals 6 assists 7.14 Sandro 27 goals 7.00 Morales 23 goals 6.94 Caputo 23 goals 6.85 etc Seriously someone can tell that it is not broken compared to no full detail leagues, and compared with every FM of the last years??? Attackers are not fixed!
  14. Are you speaking about your specific players of your specific tactic that can be well adjusted to the ME mechanics and give good ratings, or are you speaking about all the players of the 4 top leagues (ALL AI PLAYERS) as me? Because there is a huge difference in the concept
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