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  1. Anyone who has played or simulated a few hours can tell me if the number of goals (especially strikers goals) is still low or if it has been fixed?
  2. It was a post of a SI member saying that only DLF and F9 have been improved, and the rest of the roles have to wait to FM20, but that post is hidden now. It was in "ME1922 central striker movement" of beta bugs forum.
  3. After having bought FM19 since the beta version, do I have to wait until November 2019 to buy a new FM20 (with more bugs in the initial versions) with the ME issue fixed seriously? I will test the March(?) update, but i think that SI has lost an habitual customer.
  4. I've pre-purchased it for several years and I'm pretty sure it's the last time I do it. While I wait for an update of the ME, I have not played for almost two months. Next time I will wait to read the feedback from other users before buying an FM.
  5. First of all, I agree with almost everything and I appreciate all the analysis work of the ME that you do. But I think that in this case the problem is the defensive position of 19 and 20 of City. I think if i was a fullback from west ham and i see all that free space, i would go there. I think that players 19 and 20 of city are the ones who should worry about covering players 3 and 24 of west ham, beacause their team does not have the ball.
  6. I do not understand the usefulness of a dynamic PA. Precisely the PA serves as a limit to prevent any player who makes a good season from becoming a top player. Dani Güiza scored 27 goals in the Spanish league a few years ago, however he did not improve and he never did a good season again, so his CA and his PA did not increase because he scored 27 goals. If Vardy was a regen, he would be a player who, with a low CA and a high PA, takes a few years to evolve and reach his PA.
  7. Luis Suárez does not have dual Italian citizenship in FM. This usually causes in my saves that one of Vidal / Arthur / Malcolm is not registered.
  8. With ME 1916 its still happening. Simulating a few seasons you can see that is very difficul to find any striker of a top league scoring at least 29-30 or more goals in their national league, and it should be common (Salah, Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Luis Suarez, Kane etc. All of them have scored this amount of goal at last seasons.). I dont know if the issue is the efficiency of strikers or if is the mechanics of the ME, but this should be something to fix.
  9. Strikers dont score enough goals. Maybe yes in a specific role of one tactic that fits the functioning of ME , but not in general cases. Just have to see the comparison of goals of the strikers before and after 2018 simulating a few years.
  10. In a simulated game to 2028, it can be verified that in general the statistics after 2018 (FM simulation) are lower than those before 2018 (real)
  11. This article of the AS newspaper, explains the distribution of the millions of euros that vary according to the position. It depends on the positions in the table of the last 5 seasons, but in summary, a team can win a maximum of € 52.98M, and at least € 0.78M. I repeat that this refers only to the part of the distribution of money that varies according to the position, regardless of the distribution set for each club. https://as.com/futbol/2018/05/11/primera/1526039530_157464.html
  12. I do not know where to post this, as it is a suggestion. I think FM should introduce instalments at optional future fee of loans, as it would make the game much more realistic. For example, Sevilla FC has André Silva on loan, with a purchase option of 35 million euros. Sevilla FC can pay during 4 seasons with instalments. If in real life Seville had to pay in a single instalment, the transfer would be practically impossible. https://www.mundodeportivo.com/futbol/sevilla/20181010/452288605835/el-sevilla-podra-pagar-a-andre-silva-a-plazos.html
  13. Minimun free release clauses (Million €): Tomas Vaclik: Fm19=23.5 Real=40 https://sevilla.abc.es/deportes/orgullodenervion/noticias/fichajes-sevilla-fc/vackik-los-fichajes-sevillistas-clausula-alta-149761-1531224715.html Éver Banega: Fm19=64 Real=20 https://sevilla.abc.es/deportes/orgullodenervion/noticias/fichajes-sevilla-fc/148877-148877-1530119570.html Quincy Promes: Fm19=33.5 Real=150 https://www.mundodeportivo.com/futbol/sevilla/20180909/451721711205/sevilla-blinda-promes-clausula.html Joris Gnagnon: Fm19=22.5 Real=It´s not known officialy, but it´s around 70. Definitely not 22.5 because the total amount of the transfer was around 15M€. https://www.nacidosparadominareuropa.com/2018/07/24/joris-gnagnon-ya-esta-en-sevilla-para-pasar-pruebas-medicas-y-firmar-su-contrato/ André Silva (Option to buy): Fm19=38 Real=35 The total amount is 3M€ for the loan, and 35M€ for the transfer (35+3=38), but the 3M€ million are already taken into account in the cost of the loan, so definitely, the real option to buy is 35M€. https://www.estadiodeportivo.com/sevilla/2018/10/03/pago-opcion-compra-andre-silva/186370.html Marc Bartra: Fm19=36 Real=60 https://www.sevillainfo.es/noticias-de-deportes/real-betis/la-clausula-bartra-casi-doble-la-mas-alta-habia-la-plantilla-del-real-betis/ Aissa Mandi: Fm19=7.5 Real=30 https://as.com/futbol/2018/09/06/primera/1536220478_927664.html
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