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  1. EA have the the 100% rights for La Liga now. So we might have fake Spanish team now also.
  2. I have not pre-ordered. I am disappointed in the lack of information on the new game. Why the big secret this year?
  3. Cheers, shame about the cup though
  4. Do Serbia ever move to the EU? So I can bring in more foreign players.
  5. Tempted to start a new game. Struggled to get into FM this year.
  6. Might be tempted by Nice now. Bring the best out of Mario
  7. I have struggled this year to get into a save.
  8. How do you get through so many seasons? really impressive.
  9. Tough call. The challenge with Ajax would be the champions league
  10. Premier League wage rise regulations. What are they?
  11. Wish we had some new features in this announcement.
  12. Watch youtube videos and twitch streams might help you also.
  13. This is what I have wanted. The game engine similar to New Star Soccer.