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  1. Premier League wage rise regulations. What are they?
  2. Wish we had some new features in this announcement.
  3. Watch youtube videos and twitch streams might help you also.
  4. This is what I have wanted. The game engine similar to New Star Soccer.
  5. What formation is everyone playing?
  6. I think I might give the Grasshoppers a go. Looking for a save to keep me going. This could be it?
  7. What about for android
  8. No problems with beta, during the processing I clicked out of the game to check the forums and my game got stuck on process screen. Save game wont load.
  9. database option is still 1601 is that correct?
  10. I just use this, also worked with the beta
  11. why what do you need to edit?
  12. Miles would probably just get all the Watford team.
  13. I am sure its come out earlier some years. I am hoping it does.