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    Been playing CM/FM since the very start and I have had every game version.

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    Live in Pontypridd


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    Football manager, Xbox and 5 aside Football

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    Manchester United

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    Dynamo Bucharest

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  1. No it did not Sazojohno, Lambert is Ipswich manager.
  2. Also showing in mine. Maybe only shows if you have done the name fix things?
  3. Jonfun1980

    [Turkey] (Official) League Specific Issues

    So it’s suppose to be like that? 1 scout at Buraspor?
  4. Jonfun1980

    [Turkey] (Official) League Specific Issues

    With any team I select to manage in Turkey it looks like you are only allowed one scout?
  5. So is it safe to start a main save now? I like Journeyman saves, so the problems in Denmark and Turkey messed up my current save. Got the next two days off, so I would love to start my main save.
  6. Ain’t this in the update now it’s gone to 19.1?
  7. Jonfun1980

    FMT19 avaliable!

    Can you load in extra players with choices like full version
  8. Jonfun1980

    Your Beta Save for FM19

    Ibiza in beta and carry on. If it don’t work out start again on release
  9. Jonfun1980

    Cheapest place to buy FM19

    Did you get the Touch version code to?
  10. Not enjoyed 17 or 18. Had every version since the start of CM. I hope 19 gets me back into the game I used to love.