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    football manager,Running San Marino Stars FC.

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  1. I am also having trouble finding a save to keep me interested.
  2. It's here, did not notice it only as a 256SSD drive, no HD drive FFS
  3. this one
  4. I am getting the HP Omen, it as 8GB ram, will it make a significant difference if I get 16GB ram upgrade. Will FM run quicker with more leagues etc.
  5. Also looking at this, the dell screen is supposed to be poor. I will look to upgrade to 16gb
  6. Been looking at this, do you think it will run loads of leagues quick? currently on a 17 inch laptop, dropping to 15 inch make much of a difference?
  7. Going from a 17inch to 15 inch. Is there any dramatic issues with that? Just looking at the Dell i7000. I am finding 17 inch just to big on my lap etc
  8. Have the option for both. Simple solution.
  9. My squad views don't work. annoying...
  10. No problem. I hate playing with fake names etc
  11. Si is part of Sega so I would say just as big as Konami
  12. You need to start a new save to fix Brazilian team names with it
  13. Sortitoutsi have a fix for that