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    football manager,Running San Marino Stars FC.

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  1. Not enjoyed 17 or 18. Had every version since the start of CM. I hope 19 gets me back into the game I used to love.
  2. Not me, I have no interest in managing Cardiff City. They are the team that is closet to me in the database at the start.
  3. Never had issues ever before, yes I am using custom graphics etc, never been a issue before? Why is this happening now?
  4. Separate expansion game, I have no interest in it.
  5. Jonfun1980


    So is scouting more like fifa now? Say you need a striker for first team and a poacher etc? Then you can set up more for other positions you are looking for
  6. Jonfun1980


    Do I need to take more control over scouting to get reports on the players I want.
  7. Jonfun1980


    Yeah I need each day reports
  8. Jonfun1980


    That’s what I need report card only.. Just finding it hard to revamp a team at the start of a new save. Scouting long term will be better then, but I need a quick fix at the start of a save.
  9. Jonfun1980


    I just dont get scouting in fm18, on the old version I could get information on players the next day. This one it takes ages and it gives me players I am not even looking at. please help
  10. Just got a good deal with Sky to get a IPad 2018, does it run well on a Ipad? Just thinking it would be nice to get back into FM on the move. I find the mobile version to be a bit boring.
  11. Jonfun1980

    How Löw can you go?

    I never get good tycoon take overs like that in my games.
  12. Jonfun1980

    How Löw can you go?

    Thats weird and cool
  13. I am also having trouble finding a save to keep me interested.
  14. Jonfun1980

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    It's here, did not notice it only as a 256SSD drive, no HD drive FFS