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    Been playing CM/FM since the very start and I have had every game version.

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  1. You can do that already in the PC Touch version
  2. Being able to use all players on PC version of touch without the need for DDT files.
  3. If I purchase this does it only work for 100 searches? Then you got to buy it again? if not will it work for the entire save?
  4. Yeah I managed to do one, so got lots of players now. Going to hopefully get into this version now.
  5. Is there anyway to keep leagues or nations loaded into database? Like with the full version? Or Edt files etc?
  6. Major bug since update, this is a new save, fake players in squad if you click the down arrow and cycle through players. These players are not on squad list. This affects all teams.. I have not loaded the fake player option. All players in squads are real Paul Pogba etc. Look at the second picture, with the in game editor it's like the player does not exist, but he shows up if I cycle through players. Man Utd for example have at least 8 of these players. Update - When you pick a team to play as, they don't show up. I wonder if these players are the newgens that will appear? My team is fine, but it is still a problem for every other teams.
  7. So it’s suppose to be like that? 1 scout at Buraspor?
  8. With any team I select to manage in Turkey it looks like you are only allowed one scout?
  9. So is it safe to start a main save now? I like Journeyman saves, so the problems in Denmark and Turkey messed up my current save. Got the next two days off, so I would love to start my main save.
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