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  1. Sortitoutsi have a fix for that
  2. there is a quick fix already out. Just google it. look on fm scout also.
  3. Can we share the graphics folder from the full fat version with the touch version? I don't really want to have to copy the graphics file over and have 2 of them to keep updated. Logo,s, Facepacks etc,
  4. I think this topic should be moved back up. I am looking through for a team to pick.
  5. FMT is there any way to share the graphics folder without copying?
  6. My game don't remember it. So I have to do it everytime
  7. So will we be able to run all the leagues at a quick pace now? With i7 16gb? #64bit
  8. glad I pre ordered now. 64 bit is the biggest improvement for me. Something I have always wanted.
  9. EA have the the 100% rights for La Liga now. So we might have fake Spanish team now also.
  10. I have not pre-ordered. I am disappointed in the lack of information on the new game. Why the big secret this year?
  11. Cheers, shame about the cup though
  12. Do Serbia ever move to the EU? So I can bring in more foreign players.
  13. Tempted to start a new game. Struggled to get into FM this year.