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  1. Unsure how much it matters but I believe the keeper will have a very attacking mentality is this particular set up which could be costly playing a higher line or with a keeper who has sub par reactions. Are your inverted wingers scoring many goals?
  2. Yes this tactic creator compared to fm18 does appear to be limited. The individual mentality is a lot more ambiguous, instead of knowing the exact number for a players mentality they just use the positive, attacking labels. No idea if some roles are considered more positive or less positive than others, if you know what I mean. I don’t have ocd but not knowing 100% the players mentality annoys me lol. After playing with the tactic slightly and attempting to create something like the 4-2-4 version Ajax used in 1969 Europa final you posted, I noticed the inside forwards are too extreme with ‘very attacking’ so I am going to try and play with the over lap instructions on and see how that looks. Other than that I found it to be playing very nicely. Thankfully my squad are A lot more talented than I gave them credit for. At some point I am going to post my 4-2-4 total football tactic and see what you think. Thanks for your insight!
  3. Great thread and it would be a real shame to lose you if this was your last thread. I was curious how this tactic would look in FM20 so I tried to make it as close to what you have as possible for fun. Here's what I have. Possession instructions: Out of possession instructions: You didn't have any team instructions that fit into 'in transition' instructions so that was left alone. As I assumed it isn't possible to create a carbon copy of the tactic. I opted for 'much shorter' rather than 'slightly shorter' passing because you have selected the shortest passing instruction possible. I also opted for 'more urgent' rather than 'extremely urgent' because again you didn't select the most extreme closing down instruction. I could achieve a very fluid team shape although as you stated this seems pointless in the new game. The next issue I ran into was this: All players in this specific setup have an individual mentality of 'positive' except for the inside forwards (very attacking). So I looked to see the mentality for the other roles for the wingers. Inverted wingers advanced playmaker and wingers on support play with 'positive' mentality although it is an entirely different role and I'm unsure how it would affect the overall tactic. I attempted to add the overlap instruction to lower the inside forward mentatlity, but it only lowered to 'attacking'. Advanced playmaker is an obvious no because i can't have them get further forward and we only want one playmaker on the pitch. I suppose winger and inverted winger could work if I use players with the right PPM's. pos va va pos pos pos pos pos pos pos I haven't tried using the tactic just yet and although I'm managing man utd I don't think my team is strong enough to play total football just yet. But I'd be interested in trying to recreate this.
  4. Any particular reason the rdf training thread was deleted? Must have missed this
  5. If he was my player I would probably start training him to be a complete wing back given he has relatively strong defensive attributes and I would like to put them to use. Put his defensive attributes with his strong mental and technical attributes and you could have a very complete player in the future. I wouldn't like to use him as a winger until his speed improves.
  6. Recently won the championship with Preston and was excited for our first year in the Premiership... nope. No idea what is going on here, but this was my second long-term save where I encountered bizarre bugs. Definitely need help trying to make sense of this please. I uploaded the save "All around the world.fm" is the name
  7. Hey Fenech always a fan of this database! I was curious how I would go about finding who the earliest players were in the database? Mainly the ones from the 1800's when the FA was created or even before.
  8. I don't know much about the formation itself apart from it was 'created' by Herbert Chapman when he managed Arsenal a few years back. As I mentioned Cleon started a thread about how he was implementing this formation in his save however since he deleted his website all the images are unable to be viewed. I got two screenshots from the first page of how others were trying it though. @AndySummers @lam Very risky systems that implement two DM's to act as sweepers essentially and drop into the back line when out of possession. This is cleons thread from last year: He gives a far better description of the formation than I could lol
  9. Technically the OP formation is upside down but very interesting none the less. The game has begun to get slightly stale to me as of late but I would be interested in trying to create something similar to this. I remember Cleon had a successful WM formation on FM19.
  10. Everyone has different opinions on the game and theres nothing wrong with you enjoying it. Personally I feel like the ME needs to be improved but I don't agree with many people saying its completely broken or unplayable. I feel it's too easy and too easy to make a working tactic that will get you results on the fly. There are styles of play that I would like to play but are currently not achievable in this ME but it's understandable. A lot of people forget this is just a game at the end of the day and it's never going to be like real life. People need to have realistic expectations. But my biggest gripe with the game is the fact that I get bored a lot more now than ever before. Honestly I don't think it's the games fault though. The game does a great job at replicating football in the real world and I think that is the problem that a lot of people have with the game. The sport has changed A LOT the past 5 years with the introduction of VAR, social media playing a significant role in the game, agents getting in players ears to complain about contracts, stupid trasnfer fees, brexit, etc. FM is different because the sport itself has changed and I think a lot of the people who don't like the game anymore dislike it because they don't like the direction the sport is heading. Nostalgia plays a huge role with a lot of people who complain about the game. In the future I really would like to see a much more customizable player role. Or even the option to not use a player role at all just use team instructions to give your players a guideline to how you want them to play. Sometimes I feel as though player roles can restrict a player and never let them truly have the freedom I wish. For example, we all know how Messi plays in real life. He doesn't really have a definitive player role as they are in FM. So if you could just put him in your desired position and let him play his natural game, but within the team instructions you set, I would love that. This will probably never happen but I can only dream lol
  11. Is it just me or does the lighting on newgen faces look improved? Also just stumbled upon this: Not sure if there were female newgens in the game previously but they look pretty good. Heres some other misc faces I've seen so far. Japanese players actually look Japanese now which is nice. And heres a side by side of the same player before and after the patch. (Newest patch on the left) Looks MUCH better! Really good work! Hopefully this continues to improve in the future.
  12. No only the available in game editor.
  13. Yes i will upload both. The save before this happened is called "hale end football academy" and save game after it happened is "gonner football". I also noticed that my graphic issue is no longer present on the first save which tells me that something funky is going on with 'gonner football'. For reference this was the thread i opened about my graphics problem i was having. If you can possibly see what changed with that too i would appreciate it.
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