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  1. That’s some lineup with PSG. I thought the front four were great but the central midfield pairing and defense is just as good lol. Curious about what you said earlier in regards to mbappe role. How different was his goal record after you switched from advanced forward to complete forward? And at what point did you decide to make the switch? 4-2-4 is my favorite formation and this year for whatever reason I am having difficulty getting a sole striker to score the majority of the goals.
  2. Another question, where would i find the color for my players name on this screen? It clashes with the background.
  3. Been using this skin and loving it but I have a question about how to change the colors of the tactic screen. How would i go about changing the color of the rectangles that have the position role selected? (currently its white) I would like to have it dark like the default FM skin if possible.
  4. Damn, it’s a shame because I truly believe this is the best fm ever made but since I play long term saves this “bug” is a major issue for me. I haven’t played since I discovered this was happening and I’m honestly not in any rush to play again I just pray SI can figure out a proper fix for this issue within the next few months.
  5. I was having an issue that nations I didn’t load when I started a new save didn’t generate any new gens at all. USA, Serbia, Croatia, Poland to name a few.
  6. Are we seeing major nations that weren’t loaded generating new gens? Has anyone tested that yet?
  7. Good job, you laid this out very well. This is a major issue for me and as such I have paused my save until there is a definitive fix for it. I have major nations generating zero newgens since the start of the save and since I always play my saves 10+ years, this is game breaking. Hopefully we get a fix soon.
  8. The player count dropped from 88k to 86k. I have 27 playable leagues loaded. Before I started the save, I loaded all international players from North america, south america, asia and africa. So the total player count when I started was actually higher than 88k but I can't remember an exact number. I only noticed this was happening after discovering the various threads.
  9. I holidayed one season in my current save to see what would happen and countries I didn’t load like Croatia, USA, Denmark, and Greece produced zero newgens. My total player count dropped by 2k also.
  10. I holidayed the 2026-2027 season after the update to see and nations like Croatia, Serbia, USA, Denmark, Greece, etc are still not bringing in youth players to any clubs at all and haven't since the start of the save game. These nations are not playable, but I figured they would generate some players. My total player count also dropped by 2k.
  11. I don't know if it is or isn't that's why im asking. Have heard nothing about this and never seen the staff roles grayed out like that before.
  12. In the year 2026 and just found Sarri was no longer a manager. This is a bug right? He has several staff roles that are grayed out.
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