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  1. Anyone else notice the jerseys appear to be darker than usual? Or is that just me
  2. Yes maybe I should have clarified when I originally posted but I was speaking about smaller towns/cities because I am currently managing Farsley Celtic and they play in Pudsey. But interestingly enough we got promoted to the Premier League and used Huddersfield's stadium for a season until our new stadium was built and we averaged 23,777 people on the season. Not bad for a small club from Farsley/Pudsey area. Although I do completely agree with you about the strain a new stadium can have on local taxpayers. You see it in America constantly, owners building a new stadium for hundreds of millions and sometimes billions of dollars, which is never recouped. The baseball team Miami Marlins is a good example of that. They built a new stadium for a horribly run franchise that was completely paid for by tax dollars and only ever have a few thousand fans show up, but that is a whole different topic of discussion. It would be pretty interesting to see things like this in FM though.
  3. Maybe not necessarily just because of a successful club. But having a successful club could have economic benefits for the city and surrounding area which could then result in it being a more desirable area to live. I'm not saying it always happens but it definitely could happen.
  4. The question i'd like to ask SI though is if you are constantly winning trophies and become a successful club, can the cities attractiveness and population change? Could Wrexham ever be on a level playing field with a city like London or Manchester in the game?
  5. Can these attributes change over time? Let's say you are a non-league club who becomes a world powerhouse over the course of years? Would the supporters expectations rise?
  6. I'm not sure how most on here view it but I see it as a 'neutral' personality. There are positives for being a perfectionist but also negatives. Definitely better personalities.
  7. 27 from New York. Been playing since I found Worldwide manager 2009 online and have been a loyal supporter since. I was always aware of the game and saw it in the shops when I visited my family in Tipperary but never bought it because it wouldn't have worked on my American computer. I'm not sure if that was even the first one available for American consumers but I'm definitely glad I found it when I did!
  8. Improving the newgen faces were at the top of my wishlist for FM19 and based on these screenshots, I'm pleased. If they managed to stop them from changing skin color every day then 19 will probably be my favorite installment of recent years.
  9. Worked perfectly thank you very much @michaeltmurrayuk
  10. So I made a new logo for Blackpool FC and tried implementing it into the game. The big and medium sized .png pictures work and look fine but when I added the small one its not at all clear and really blurry as you can see in the picture I uploaded. In photoshop I made a 25x18 and simply dropped my logo in but I must be messing something up. Any ideas?
  11. Mind explaining what some of the columns represent? (wall, pch, eoa, sf, mt, gb, np, np/gb, etc.) I feel like I know my players very well but am interested what your spreadsheet has to say.
  12. I was having problems with my 4-4-1-1, I couldn't get the striker and Cam to link up properly which effected the tactic. I mean we did win the league my first season so it wasn't that bad but I want to see better link up play between those two like how Kenny and Rush used to play, it's great to watch their old matches. With the 4-4-2 I have the Kenny role on the right for now it is basically flipped from how Liverpool used to play because, mistake me if I'm incorrect, but Sounness used to play deeper and was usually the left cm. But for me my deeper cm is positioned on the right. With the players I have it just works better that way. Yeah I holidayed to that year! I enjoy playing with all newgens where I dont know any of the players and I know my game is different from everyone else's. Rather then starting at the same point everyone else does and knowing all the best youth players etc. Glad you enjoyed it!
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