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  1. I never managed Coventry before so this should be fun! We were given the task of finishing mid-table and I think we will be capable. For starters, this squad believes in me a lot more than Sheff Wed did from the get go. Probably because my reputation is equal to League one level clubs but that's okay, I can see myself setting up a dynasty at Coventry. Lets hope I've finally found a permanent home.
  2. The offers dropped off and it seems unlikely we will land back in the Championship. I received many offers from clubs but I didn't think we were a good match until... I am taking a HUGE pay cut but luckily I'm a smart investor so we aren't doomed. so I pack up my family and make the 2 hour trip to our new home
  3. My phone is ringing This is a job I'd actually love to take. Preston have dropped into League one recently but they have really good facilities surprisingly. Predicted to finish 4th, they now find themselves in 17th at the start of October.
  4. Really? I haven't seen anything about that. This is seriously the first time it ever happened to me though so who knows. I would have hoped...
  5. Potential Landing Spots? So from 1860 Munich and below are places I think I could potentially get hired. I have no desire to go back to Wales unless it was TNS, I've already conquered that country. I will be applying to 1860, Plymouth and Newcastle Jets. - That's a no for me.
  6. BREAKING NEWS Madness. This has never happened to me in all the years I've played this game haha Apparently Mr. Brent didn't think I had enough support from the players so out I go. That's okay, we will be back stronger than ever... right after we panic about our future and where our next meal is going to come from - - - -
  7. End of 2031/32 Season In the end we actually had a pretty decent season finishing only 6 points off playoffs! I have nothing against Villa but beating them the final day was particularly enjoyable. 15 wins out of 26 isn't so bad at all also we had 6 losses and 5 draws. We finished the season very strongly. Our front three performed amazingly and had great chemistry. Our club captain and academy player, Don Burns, led the attack and won the golden boot with 23 goals. As you can see I handed Adam Howell his debut about 2 weeks after he signed his first contract and needless to say he has already claimed the starting spot. Future England number 1 for sure. Board is backing me with some cash but not sure where this is money is coming from... We are in debt and don't really have money to spend at all. We were also again linked with a consortium takeover but nothing as of yet has happened. Thats all the info I have for now, I'll be back once we progress further into the summer.
  8. Mr. optimistic! haha Nah that is true, my future doesn't feel very secure at the club. If I get sacked then so be it. Everyone knows only children play fortnite! Well when you put it that way... gonna start doing it more now, thanks hootie
  9. Financial Troubles It's become clear that money is an issue at the club (see wage budget/how much we're spending). I am unable to resign any of my staff members. A decent amount of them I don't even want to renew but the few I do want to keep at the club, I can't. Don't get me wrong, I have been enjoying myself in Sheffield the months I've been here. But financial burdens and me just don't really go together. I'm sure supporters will say "show your loyalty and be grateful we hired you! don't quit on us!" I hear that and I can relate, I'd want the same. But looking at it from my point of view... You have to be a little concerned. What happens when the day comes I stroll into the bank to deposit my check and the bank informs me the check has bounced? Then what? Would you expect any average working class man to 'show loyalty' to his employers? I'd certainly hope not. And the same goes for me. Obviously this hasn't happened... but it could! And it scares me. If the finances at the club don't improve it may force my hand. After all, I am a family man, and who's going to support my wives shopaholic and self destructive tendencies? My sons fortnite and micro transaction obsession? ME! And I can't support all that at a club who doesn't pay their employees... Just a thought.
  10. Content with Life Our league form hasn't been good enough for me. We sit 14th right now. But our form in the FA Cup has been fantastic. Southampton are in the premier league and we were heavy underdogs in that match. The scoreline is slightly deceiving because we were winning 5-2 but switched off the final ten minutes and let them score two easy goals. We got Liverpool in the 6th round. Yikes For the league we still have 11 fixtures left to play and anything can happen in those 11 games. I think we will be more than good enough to stay mid table but I'm aiming higher. Since joining I've been introduced to these 2 youth players and I've already brought Cusworth into the first team to train and has actually been making sub appearances. Apart from looking extremely bored and exhausted, his future could be bright. And Adam Howell I just brought into the U18's from the academy and he looks incredible for his age! I noticed he isn't listed as a wonderkid though so I'm keeping expectations in check...
  11. This is all good advice, thanks for that! The new training has sorta scared me off, I haven't messed with that at all and just leave it to my assistant.
  12. Not a Bad Way to Introduce Yourself I brought over the same philosophy I used at TNS and so far so good.
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