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  1. Pretty huge offer for probably my best player. Conflicted what to do That being said pretty much all my good players are being hunted.
  2. I’d only try to incorporate the attacking aspects of the spice boys and the fact most of their key players were raised miles away from the club lmao nothing else. And if the players wanna have a good time off the pitch I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t effect their performance levels. Bringing a player through the ranks like McManaman is my dream. Using a functioning 3-5-2 with wide midfielders is also a goal of mine but I simply do not have wide players suited for a system like that just yet. Realistically I’m probably going to have to develop players to play that position rather than buy because those types of players aren’t available in the current market. So it could be a few years before the 3-5-2 is used. It’s a risky set up but really fun to watch once you get it working I’ve used it last on fm14 and won everything with Arsenal.
  3. Scouting Network I have big dreams for Liverpool. I want to take them to the top and want to do it with young talented players close to the club. In order to do so it helps having the best recruitment and scouting team in the league. Arguably the world. So this is going to be put to use and I will be taking control of scouting assignments from here on out. Let's start by looking at my chief scout. Montgomery appears to be a very good scout with a vast knowledge of Europe and parts of the Middle East. Not sure if I'd make him my chief of scouting but he is definitely good. And here is a breakdown of the rest of my scout and recruitment team. Barry Hunter, who's been at the club since 2012, would be my obvious choice for chief scout but instead I'm going to deploy him locally to uncover hidden gems. As you can see we have mostly British scouts, which is good. Like I said I don't really want to rely on foreign players as much, I'd like to use local talent. That's not to say I won't sign a great foreign player if they become available. I'd just prefer to have full British team because it seems harder to achieve lol. And here is our world knowledge view. The areas I will focus on are the areas we have highest knowledge of for now. So that's UK & Ireland, Scandinavia, Central Europe, South America (East), North America and East Europe. I asked the board for more scouts and they complied so now I have spots for two more scouts to bring in. I'm not so focused on getting higher world knowledge because as I already said im not looking to recruit from the entire world. But I would like to improve my North America and East Europe knowledge. So I'll bring in one scout for each. A few days later... I got my North American scout but my offer for a polish scout fell through as he accepted a new deal at his current club so I will continue to search for an Eastern European scout. Until then I have Mark scouting western South America. These are my current scouting assignments I have set up. As you can see we are heavily scouting Uk & Ireland. I have the scouts with better JPP scouting for the youth players where as scouts with better JPA are looking for non youth. I also have set them to only bring me repots on players who have good determination and natural fitness ratings. I don't want to bring in anyone who has low determination or is injury prone as it's likely I would waste a lot of time trying to develop them and not see any results. The recruiting process may end with the scouts bringing me the players reports and me signing them, but the hard work only starts there. I need to ensure they will be getting the best possible training at the youth level. I have space to add to my U18 staff and I will do so. I want to train the youth players to play my style of football which is attacking and intense pressing. Having the best coaches is a necessity. Here's my youth coaches: And after adding two coaches... We now have the best youth coaches in England (not counting GK coaches but I am looking for another GK coach ) I will be reporting back once we identify young players and brought them in. Hopefully deals can be struck.
  4. End of Season We finished the season on a high! And with that, finished 8th in the league. In the end Southampton only needed to secure 75 points to win the league which is the lowest I remember it being for some time. Just a testament to how competitive this league really is in 2041. Overall I am pleased with how the season went for us. Compared to where we were, we are much better off and actually look like a decent team since I took over. The budget is pretty small for a club in rebuilding but I will have to find a way to make it work. My goal next season is qualify for Europe.
  5. One thing I forgot to mention is who Dortmund decided to hire to replace me... ...Not amused in the slightest. And the fact that Drake won't leave to join me and instead stay to work with our sworn rival bothers me. If he still refuses to join me during the summer I will take that as betrayal and never work with him again.
  6. You are right and that is most likely what's going to happen even though I didn't want it to lol. Our concentration levels weren't up for the task and we just didn't do our job in the end. So 8th looks the most likely finish for us with 2 games left... Yeah it's pretty bizarre and seems unrealistic how the managers go back and forth to top clubs but we always have to remember that we are playing through an entire year in the span of a week (depending on your speed sometimes longer or quicker) so it needs to be looked at in that context. Now a days managers seem to lose their job regularly but if one loses their job then that means another position opens for a top manager to take.
  7. With the season coming to the final phase, we are making a good run for European competition. Faced a tough match against Spurs in the FA Cup and it was too bad to go out like that given the nice run we made beating city and soton in the process. 5 games remaining and it definitely isn't the easiest schedule. Two derbies in a row and then city at home on the final day. Forest and watford aren't the toughest teams in terms of talent but being away is never easy in the Premier league. We have to stay focused and continue to work hard in order to achieve a top 6 finish. Overall, regardless of where we finish, I am pleased with how we played since I took over the club and we already exceeded the boards goals.
  8. Yeah I find it strange how Liverpool seem to always slip in my long term saves but a club like city doesn't.
  9. How have they been performing in your save? Thanks, it is a long term vision but something I definitely want to achieve.
  10. Impressive victory against a good city side. We dominated them in all areas of the game except set pieces which is where they scored their only goal. Glad to get some revenge against them!
  11. Ah that's a shame hopefully you were able to find some suitable replacements. If not then I guess the only thing left to do is join the rest of us on FM19 finally
  12. The goal was to avoid relegation which I knew we could do just by looking at the squad. At this point I’m not too concerned with my reputation as I plan to settle in Liverpool for a good while, possibly the remainder of my career on fm19. I have a goal of fielding an entire team full of academy players so a huge overhaul is necessary and will take time. Luckily they already have top facilities
  13. First trip back to my old club. Sorry Hull supporters...
  14. So since my first game against Everton we have been in pretty good form. We lost to a superior City and arsenal side away from home but it was pretty close. We have slowly moved up the table as a result. Only 6 points separate us from 6th place and 9 points away from 4th. We have great goal scorers on this team and based on that I will say anything is possible we can definitely get a European qualification spot. Currently been playing this variation of a 4-2-4 which is very exciting to watch if you enjoy attacking football. Not so much if you like solid defense though... Our defenders are the weakest group of players on my team so much improvement is needed there. However, for now I'm willing to forget about defense as long as we keep scoring and winning matches. Taking over a struggling club is hard enough mid way through the season.
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