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  1. Breezing through the nations so far. I imagine South Africa might be your first real challenge...
  2. A big step up. At this rate you'll be leaving Helsingborg sooner rather than later...
  3. So apparently there is indeed a fairly large Polish community in Peterborough IRL. Who knew...
  4. Don't take this the wrong way, but it's actually kind of comforting to see someone (else) get relegated once in a while...
  5. I just noticed this, and maybe I overlooked something in the text, but why are there only 23 teams in League 1?
  6. I checked and they are indeed in the DB. But I know what you mean. And it is the northernmost town in Denmark. It's our equivalent of John O'Groats. Except during the summer when all the celebrities from Copenhagen go there on holiday...
  7. I always enjoy seeing foreigners dabble in "my" league, no matter what team they end up going with. Bonus info: It's actually a bit weird that Skagen aren't in the database to begin with. In 1987, as a tier 5 team, they knocked Brøndby out of the cup on penalties. Mind you, this was the same year that Brøndby played really well in Europe and reached the quarterfinal of the Champions Cup. People in Skagen are still talking about that game, but I guess the Danish FM researchers today are too young to remember...
  8. For some reason I only just discovered this thread and read through it all today. Loving it. As a Dane I would love to see you make it to Denmark eventually. And take SønderjyskE into Europe, should you get the chance... just saying...
  9. All those rules made my head hurt. But seriously, great start.
  10. Very well done this season. I don't think Serie A is that far in the future for you...
  11. I was just about to ask you about this. Great idea. I might just try and do something similar in Denmark...
  12. Looking good so far. Some pretty big clubs at the bottom there...
  13. Absolutely. I tend to experience the same in youth saves. The more points you can rake in early to avoid a relegation battle in the spring, the better.
  14. Great start to League 1! Maybe your stay there will be of the shorter variety...
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