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  1. Who would have thought we'd ever have two Fort William careers at the same time?
  2. Seeing as you'll probably go through another 50 seasons or so before FM19, I definitely see a European adventure on the cards...
  3. I just removed a couple of redundant words from your sentence...
  4. Good luck. Love me a save that promises some exotic locations!
  5. I know it's a real surname, but am I the only one who thinks Greatorex sounds like a character from Asterix?
  6. To me that tends to happen automatically when I spend some time at a club in a country I don't have any relation to. I (loosely) follow teams IRL only because I once managed them on FM...
  7. In that case it has apparently been downgraded in your save: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Park
  8. I see that the previous World Cup also had a sensational winner. I guess these things just happen in FM...
  9. Almost guaranteed to be your highest finish ever. And not that far from the top 6, so looking good for next season as well!
  10. Wow. He's way out of your league (pun intended). It's a great feeling, managing a coup like that.
  11. Typical anticlimactic finals from Denmark. Oh well, at least we knocked out the Swedes...
  12. Do you have any kind of Swedish connection? Staff or affiliate? If not it does seem strange.
  13. Port Vale are right on your tail, so chances are you won't even concede the most goals this season!
  14. In my experience, getting out of the county leagues is usually a lot harder than staying up in the regional leagues (what with only the winners going up). So I fully expect you to live up to the bookmakers' expectations.
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