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  1. I am happy to upload my save game if I knew how to do it. Some advice please...
  2. I’m glad my original post has got a few people interested and I’m not alone in my disappointment. FM19 will be long remembered as the worst version and there is a lot to fix. Hopefully work is underway on FM20 which addresses a lot of issues, focusing on making the game a realistic and fun challenge, whilst getting rid of the silly stuff like Twitter and social media feeds.
  3. Update...my team that are mostly rated ‘good player for league one’ or less are currently top of the championship, unbeaten and only conceded 3 goals in 7 games. Also my scouts come back with players rated ‘good for league two’ but state they would be a ‘quality’ signing!!! Ahem...I’m in the championship....
  4. The tactic I use is 4141 DM Wide, Gegenpress, balanced mentality, very high defensive line with pacey defenders.
  5. Yes it’s a moan!! My examples are exactly that..examples! Examples of issues I have noticed and undoubtedly in other people’s games there would be other ‘issues’. I don’t think it should necessarily be in the bugs forum which is why I put it up for general discussion. I think FM is going backwards in realism which is a great shame as I have enjoyed football management games for many years. The yearly releases need to be more than tweaks and occasional additions to game play, the game needs to be completely rebuilt. It is looking dated graphically and the gameplay has become borderline lu
  6. What has gone wrong with FM? It is a game that has built a reputation based on realism and a genuine challenge but both those things are now missing. I have taken Torquay from Conference South to the Championship in 7 seasons, spending no money and playing same tactic every year. I have just started championship season and find myself 4th and completely outclassing teams that on paper are far better than me. My team is made up of players better suited to leagues one and two yet I am able to dominate....the AI of other teams is comical, for example I have a player sent off away to Middles
  7. I am a bit disappointed with the graphical quality of the stadiums. After the hype of them being improved, I expected a bit better. Also, about 98% of the fans are wearing replica shirts which just looks daft!! I know FM is more about gameplay than graphics but by now that is an area of the game that should have improved.
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