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  1. Was nice to see, him in the stands watching his boy do good!
  2. He wasn't happy with that for some reason was he?! Bit odd. Like someone said, they do that on the BBC and they all love it.
  3. Love how he managed to be scornful of Southgate injuring himself accidently, doing something normal, running. He hates everyone and everything. Bet he's gutted with himself he actually smiled when Wright said "why's he in the woods?"
  4. having trouble with background pics this year! on a mac, does this file go in my graphics folder under documents, or the graphics folder inside the folder of the skin I'm using? thanks in advance
  5. do i place the images in the skins graphics folder or my documents/regular one? at the moment its in the regular folder. thanks for replying
  6. Hey! First off, awesome skin, looks great. Just wondered, is there still an option somewhere to tick a box 'allow display of custom background pictures'. can't find it? I've downloaded the stadium pack in this thread, put them into my graphics folder, but nothing appears. I'm on mac btw
  7. any idea how to get this working for a mac?
  8. how big is the 7.0 file once extracted? need to clear space!
  9. bought him for my Fulham side, sitting alongside Parker. Do you play him in the roaming playmaker role?
  10. just going throughout his thread alone makes me realise why i don't go to anywhere but otf. people so entitled on here! surely its simple, if you don't like it don't buy it?! same as every other game/product in the world.
  11. being dumb i think, but if i preorder from green man gaming, do i need to specify its the mac version i want? theres no option to do so, so i assume it will just download as appropriate on steam?
  12. sweet, ill stick with the confidence too. 3-1 I'm going for
  13. ahhh just loved Euro 96! i was 10, so was fully in love with football if you know what i mean. playing every day, at school and after, collecting the stickers etc. when we played i always wanted to be Seedorf for some reason
  14. getting up at 3am for this! (living in Malaysia) come on England! feeling confident- not sure thats a good thing
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