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  1. Shortie

    Round of 16: Croatia vs Denmark

    Was nice to see, him in the stands watching his boy do good!
  2. Shortie

    Round of 16: Croatia vs Denmark

    He wasn't happy with that for some reason was he?! Bit odd. Like someone said, they do that on the BBC and they all love it.
  3. Love how he managed to be scornful of Southgate injuring himself accidently, doing something normal, running. He hates everyone and everything. Bet he's gutted with himself he actually smiled when Wright said "why's he in the woods?"
  4. Thank you and thanks to all who replied! To be honest I wasn't entirely being serious about it being the end, as obviously I haven't been to any other realms yet. Its more a case of, am I going through the story too quickly as well as please let there be loads more left as it's bloody brilliant.
  5. Shortie

    The TV Show Thread

    I had no idea what it was when my wife suggested it after hearing a radio interview about it with Benedict C. I assumed it was a rubbish period type drama 😂
  6. Shortie

    The TV Show Thread

    I believe so yes. Only 2 have aired so far. Really good. Cumberbatch great and Hugo Weaving superb also.
  7. So without spoilers.. just been to alfheim.. do I go to the black breath or keep exploring? Am I near the end?
  8. Shortie

    The TV Show Thread

    Patrick Melrose, anyone?
  9. Fantastic fight. Thought Linares did well for the most part to keep up with Loma and had some success. Lomachenko just gets better to watch every time.
  10. 'hungryness' His post fight interview 😂
  11. Did you even watch all of it? Not very far away by the end.
  12. Shortie

    Home (contents) insurance

    Did your policy rise afterwards? Always wondered what effect a claim for an item would have after.
  13. More than that, even if he won but not spectacularly.
  14. I know it smacks of bias ( Haye fan through his career) if he had fought Bellew both at cruiser in their peak, he'd have annihilated him imo. Shame he didn't retire right there in the ring. Sad to see a fighter unable to leave it behind. Look at Roy Jones Jr ☹️
  15. Disappointing. Really thought we'd see a decent Haye in there.