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  1. Aye, it's been a good 4 days. Tbh, I picked out a fair few stinkers in 3 of the 4 days but somehow it all came together in the first 2 races yesterday so all in all I didnt really deserve to come in the top 3. Anyways, it has finally got me posting on this forum after years of lurking and I'll make sure I let you know how the free bet goes!!
  2. Day 4 1:30 - Rolling Star (2pts win) 2:05 - Ifandbutwhynot (1pt ew) 2:40 - Utopie Des Bordes (1pt ew) 3:20 - Silviniaco Conti (2pt win) 4:00 - Cottage Oak (1pt ew) 4:40 - Gevrey Chambertin (2pt win) 5:15 - Rody (1pt ew)
  3. Haha, didnt get a sniff all day yesterday (including a fair bit of hard earned cash), then the one day I pluck a few horses out quickly they come in. I guess that's horse racing for you!!
  4. Day 3 1:30 - Benefficient (1pt ew) 2:05 - Hollywell (1pt ew) 2:40 - Champion Court (2pt win) 3:20 - Bog Warrior (2pt win) 4:00 - Showgazer (1pt ew) 4.40 - Prince of Pirates (1pt ew) 5:15 - Uncle Junior (2pt win)
  5. Day Two 1.30 - Godsmejudge (2pts win) 2.05 - Taquin Du Seuil (2pts win) 2.40 - Unioniste (2pts win) 3.20 - Mail De Bievre (1pt ew) 4.00 - Ericht (1pt ew) 4.40 - Bordoni (1pt ew) 5.15 - Sgt Reckless (1pt ew)
  6. Day 1 1.30 - Jezki (2pt win) 2.05 - Simonsig (2pt win) 2.40 - White Star Line (1pt ew) 3.20 - Hurricane Fly (2pt win) 4.00 - Outlaw Pete (2pt win) 4.40 - Alasi (1pt ew) 5.15 - Colour Squadron (2pt win)
  7. What can i say, I believe in quality over quantity and those 5 posts where all belters!!!
  8. The Garage Flower

    RIP Teletext

    Remember watching football scores coming through, would sit there for 90 minutes waiting for it to update with any new scorers - obviously in the days before sky sports news
  9. The Garage Flower

    How good was Gazza really?

    Gazza was a top player but some people are going way over the top in their praise of him. He seems to have become a better player now cos he's a total **** up! No way was he the best player in the world in the early nineties, not even in the same league as Baggio - now he was a world class player!