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  1. YACS alternate Alternate version of YACS with a less colour dominant header. Download: Steam Workshop DDL included in Base Skin download. Updated the DDL to latest version 1.3 1.3 - Long list of smaller changes and fixes (deja vu?)
  2. Updated the DDL to latest version 1.2 1.2 - Long list of smaller changes and fixes
  3. Might add an extra download for this and all the pitches for it at some point. But no priority to me as i dont really want that myself. Not quite sure what you mean exactly. If you give me an example where and what you want there i might be able to help. Maybe next week i guess. If you want to see background image packs select the reset ( ) icon on the background selector.
  4. Of course you can? Maybe i wrote that wrong... Sirwills "Clinched" is not a personal skin from what i read up. And this isnt just parts. Asking for permission before redistributing others works should be pretty common sense. Not looking to discuss this further here. If i am wrong informed about sirwills "Clinched" let me know in PM.
  5. I second. Please remove any parts of my skin from "Clinched" skin. You have not asked for permission in any form; and to this extend i wouldnt give permission.
  6. The career milestones basically cover this. If you want to replace this with the club history in table form: Open > YACS > panels > human > human profile.xml Find Line 187 to 202 beginning with "<container minimum_width="300" default_width="300" priority="1">". Replace the container with the following: <container class="inner_box" minimum_width="300" default_width="300" priority="1"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" apply_to_children="true" inset="0" /> <widget class="player_history_achievements_panel" id="pac1" file="non_player/non player history"> <record id="object_property"> <list id="get_properties"> <record> <integer id="get_property" value="objt" /> <integer id="set_property" value="objt" /> </record> </list> </record> </widget> </container> Open: skins > YACS > panels > yacs > club > details > yacs details standard.xml Find Line 20 to 22. All beginning with "<animation ...". Delete all 3 lines. Same goes for the other club details versions. Just make sure to only delete the lines beginning with "<animation".
  7. Here is the alternate version again. But i will most likely just leave it in the skin. with the next update, anyway. That would happen if the game didnt produce enough news to display yet, for example if the save is relatively new. I did update the No Attribute Box file. To have all changes, you will need to copy&paste it into a fresh YACS skin where you didnt do so before. Also, if FM was running while you copy&pasted the files you have to restart FM for all of the changes to take effect.
  8. Yes, thats normal. If you want a specific one permanent, thats not really all that hard to do either but requires doing so in the files by hand. Both are, the 2nd one just highlights the home kit a little better.
  9. For colours go into settings and search for "website". Should be easy to see what to change there. If you want to add something from another skin, you will have to figure that out on your own. Cant give much support there. Yes, thats the reason. Heres two different solutions. This one just makes it a little bigger. This one is a different take on it. Replace all of the content and reload.
  10. Updated the DDL to latest version 1.1 v1.1 - Staff Overview, tweakes and fixes - Start Screen, tweaked a little - Human Profile, rewriten - Not yet replaced fonts, been replaced - News Panel, reworked slightly and fixed several bugs - Dynamic colour problems introduced with previous FM update should "all" be solved now - Many additional smaller and bigger changes and fixes For screenshots - see post #1
  11. Thats fixed in 1.1 version. Yes, found just seeing the main and secondary there better. If you want to still see the 3rd there its easily fixed. Open skins > YACS > panels > yacs > club > details > yacs kits.xml Find on line 20: <widget class="kit_picture" id="T_ak" kit_id="1" /> Add new line beneath: <widget class="kit_picture" id="T_tk" kit_id="2" /> Reload Skin and it will show the 3rd also.
  12. Updated the DDL to latest version 1.0 This doesnt mean i am done with the Skin. This just means i did the stuff i had in mind to do. 1.0 - Club Overview, rewriten and tweaked nearly any panel - Player Overview, tweaked several panels - Many, many panels have been tweaked and brought more inline - The endless quest of eleminating bugs continued. We may not be there just yet. - Several, plenty, many... maybe even uncountable amounts of smaller changes and fixes. For screenshots - see post #1
  13. If its a normal stadium picture pack it should work just fine if its somewhere within the graphics folder. Next update will have a fix for that.
  14. Hello, not quite the right forum i guess, but there doesnt seem to be a more fitting one. With the last update you changed the way a skin is tagged from "Skin" to "Skins". The steam workshop for FM19 however still only knows "Skin" as a tag and so updated or new Skins will not show up. ivan
  15. The new club overview will look something like this... or not. But it will have an option to display it like that from start.
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