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  1. They are seperate. If you should want to place the files into the base folder (YACS) make sure to never copy & replace the skin_config.xml.
  2. Like that header / sidebar and inspired me to try around a little.
  3. Download updated to 0.9.3 Plenty of fixes and changes. Also added a "Darker" version.
  4. Open the background selector and then click on either the backgrounds or dynamic column the If you want it permanent: Find: "skins\YACS Transparency\panels\yacs\client_object\yacs backgrounds.xml" On Line 11 delete: hidn="false" Find "YACS\panels\yacs\club\yacs last 11.xml" Find on Line 13: "yacs/widget/yacs icon last 11" Replace with: "tactics/tactics icon opposition predicted team" If you have extracted the skin into the right folder just select "YACS Transparency" as a skin
  5. Got other skins in the skins folder? Its possible for one skin to influence a other. Could try to delete other / move other skins. Also, you did clear cache? Might be somehow related to the ids i guess. You can try to change the ids to something else. cos4, cos5, cos6, cos7, cos8 just change them to something else like nid1 .. nid5.
  6. Find: "YACS > panels > client_object > client object browser.xml" Find Line 277 (ish) "<widget class="icon_button" id="INST" ..." Delete the lines down to line 301 (ish) "</widget>" The lines my differ by version. If you use Transparent skin, do it in that skin folder instead. Reload etc. Sorry, there seems to be alot wrong in that screenshot. Please make sure you use the latest version, downloaded from here, and do not merge / paste & replace the skin into older version.
  7. Pretty sure i fixed that. Is the skin 0.7.0 ? Is it not merged with previous versions? You can also check the file yourself: "YACS > panels > player > player overview panel.xml" At the bottom theres a few lines with " class="client_object_viewer_selector_panel" " they should look like : "<container class="client_object_viewer_selector_panel" id="cos5" file="yacs/player/small/yacs selector" save_session_state="true" navigation_container="true">" If they look different the file is outdated. A lighter version this year is actually very likely. But cant quite say when yet. Flags been answered i think. Easiest is to go to "YACS > properties" and delete the file "league stage properties.xml" Restart FM if it is running. Skin and game on latest version? Didnt merge the skin with older versions etc.? I cant reproduce it. If everythings up to date etc. you could delete "YACS > panels > game > intro panel.xml" . Reload etc.
  8. Not a skin issue. You have to untick "hightlight important panels", continue your game and save. Reduced the gloss a little lately, if yo uwant it gone completely. "YACS > panels > yacs > player > details > yacsini.xml" delete line 75 "<widget class="picture...." Locate: "YACS > panels > match" Create: "match team stats popup.xml" Paste this into the file you created: This should do what you want. You might want to play around with the "width" values in the view yourself.
  9. I will see what i can do about the facts. For smaller clubs you could change the panel to show results ( top right arrow ). Should look fine with most resolutions. As for the prospect etc. For me personally the prospect is the most important guy. Changing it isnt done too easily. If you want the DF11 Faces to fit better, there are different options for the player profile ( Top right arrow ) to 1.) You can change the colour of that easily. Open "YACS > setting > fm-widgets settings.xml" search for : "<colour name="inbox_content_background" value="yacs light box"/>" Change value to something you like ( value="rgb(0,0,0)" etc. ) to 2.) Without a Name Fix file that also changes the six letter name this does indeed look odd. I dont know if there is a Name Fix that also changes them, i just made one myself for most european clubs. to 3.) I will take a look if i can make it look a little more different The easiest would be to download the font you like, rename this fonts to the names of the *.tff in the "YACS > fonts" folder. The most used is the "Regular", "Medium" and "Bold" not quite sure the others i use at all actually. If the font doesnt have a "Medium" etc. doesnt matter, it can all be the same font with different names too.
  10. Updated to version 0.6.0 Plenty of fixes and adjustments. Download: YACS 2020 - 0.6.0 Please delete any old version of YACS if you want to update the skin. Merging versions can / will bug the skin.
  11. This isnt a bug with the skin. Please try to redownload and reextract ( delete any old version of YACS ) and use 7-zip.
  12. Updated to version 0.5.0 Plenty of adjustments and smaller changes around the skin and a few smaller fixes. Download: YACS 2020 - 0.5.0 Please delete any old version of YACS if you want to update the skin. Merging versions can / will bug the skin. Also a new Extra, might update this and add a few more panels in the future: Extra: Field Player Pictures - Updated: 30.11.2019 Adds Player Pictures to tactics and a few other panels.
  13. Possible, not quite sure when i deleted the file, the part that colours this text there is in "widgets > scouting top bar widget". It shouldnt be present in the new version, if it is, its not a new version or a merged version.
  14. This happens if you do not delete the old YACS version. I do delete parts, rename parts etc. if the old version is still present and you just replace with a new one over it - bugs will happen.
  15. Updated Skin to version 0.4.0 Lots of smaller and bigger fixes and adjustments. Titlebar should be more pleasant to look at for teams like Zebres or Spurs. Download: YACS 2020
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