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  1. Thanks for letting me know, this will be fixed in 2.0 Search prefernces for Landing Page it should be profile for player.
  2. There arent really any city pictures. Its just using the page / club background image assuming it is a picture of the city. The folder doesnt matter to much as long as it is in either "Football Manager 2020 > graphics" or "Skinname > graphics". If its inside a skin it will only work for that skin. As long as the config is correct and there is actually a picture for the club etc. it works fine. In your "Cities" folder inside of the config.xml should be a entry somewhat like : <record from="russia/1518c" to="graphics/pictures/club/1518/background"/>
  3. Thanks. I am aware of that, but ignored it since its only displayed once a save. Maybe will fix it. I dont see any difference. I guess it could slow down if you use a background image pack with high resolution images and they arent in cache yet, otherwise i dont think so. @kalokalitokalo @disaccharide The table is a little out of date, you can fix it with this: Open "YACS > panels > yacs > player > big > yacs traits and hidden stats.xml" Replace content with :
  4. This is kind of my personal skin now. I call it ACSBI. Not quite sure yet if i keep working on it, release it or whatever.
  5. You can find them in "yacs > properties > person properties.xml"
  6. @disaccharide @dandy_bandidos If you want to look it like this :
  7. I will take a look at the star ratings problem. The backgrounds, to keep your selected one, not without complications. If you want to show a different setup, or option permanently you would need to edit the backgrounds xml. In short, theres a bunch of containers, all hidden but one. You have to hide that one and show the container/s you want to show permanently. ( hidn="false" ) Thanks, will be fixed with next version. Just the ca / pa ? Not much of a problem. I will get back at you tomorrow on that.
  8. Updated download to Version 1.0.1 To download check the first post. For people who posted problems / bugs and i didnt answer - sorry. Currently i simply can't find any time. This will most likely also not change for a few more weeks. Please feel free to post bugs regardless, i will check them and fix them eventually.
  9. It takes a whole lot more to annoy me. While i dont see a use for it myself, its actually not that difficult to quickly change it, here you go: 1) Create a File in "YACS2020 > panels > yacs > club" and call it "yacs prospect.xml" 2) Create a File in "YACS2020 > panels > yacs > club" and call it "yacs personnel tab.xml" 3) Open "YACS2020 > panels > yacs > club > yacs prospect.xml" and paste: 4) Open File "YACS2020 > panels > yacs > yacs personnel tab.xml" and paste: 5) Clear Cache and Reload Skin Create folder that dont exist. T
  10. Place the content of "YACS_2020-No_Atrbt_Boxes.7z" into "YACS2020" inside "skins" and select "YACS2020 Transparency" as skin. Clear Cache and Reload Skin. Made some changes there in latest version. If you want to change the colours yourself: Open "YACS2020 Base > settings > fm-widgets settings.xml" Find "<!--scout report pro con colour-->" Delete or edit the value of the 6 lines below "<colour name="pro low" ... etc" If you use Transparency version you have to do it in that skin folder.
  11. No sorry. You can try and place this file "skins > flutskin > panels > game > game processing panel.xml" into "skins > yacs 2020 > panels > game" Might work, or not. Didnt write it on steam. For all changes the skin does to apply you have to restart FM with YACS selected once.
  12. The skin itself works fine, this is somehow related to the skin thats in the cache. I updated the download so this shouldnt matter anymore. If this should for some reason also not help you could try deleting any YACS skin you have, start FM (should use default skin), clear cache and then put YACS in and select it. Wow i never noticed that. Will see if i can change that, thanks.
  13. Thanks. Fixed the upload. Should work again. If you want to fix it without downloading again: Open "YACS Transparency > skin_config.xml" Line 6: <flags id="parent" value="YACS" /> Replace with: <flags id="parent" value="YACS Base" /> EDIT: Actually, this should not even be an issue. If you run into similar problem, please make sure you deleted the old skin. Clear Cache and that you followed the "Install.txt"
  14. Updated the download to 0.9.8 This version has also some small structure changes in the skin, please make sure to delete any old versions. The No Attribute Boxes extra has also been updated and removed a few bugs from it. The Field Pictures extra has also been updated.
  15. In latest versions i made a few changes around tactic screens. In match there are the roles / attributes visible. Not entirely sure if its in the last download version of the skin tho. I will update the download later today or tomorrow. Did you clear the cache? I will change the ids for the next version, maybe it helps. Nice find thanks. Will be fixed in next version later today or tomorrow.
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