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  1. So his JPA, JPP and other attributes don't matter, I should look just into his style of play and preferred formation? Usually I let one of my coaches (depends from preferred formation) do overall training and just add or remove some details
  2. My assman have ideal for me preferred formation and style of play but he is very low in JPA, JPP and tactical knowledge. Should he lead general training or mentioned attributes are important for trainings too? *sorry for bad English)
  3. What problems can I have in my tactic, if my Advanced Forward have the "Comes Deep To Get Ball" trait? (Will he sometime play like DLF or it's OK for player to have "!" in role description with wrong player trait for this role?)
  4. Accidentaly bump. Does low condition affects speed and other attributes or just injury risk?
  5. Thanks! Is it the same version like in Steam Workshop?
  6. And again, IRL Nathan Ferguson from WBA can play RB and LB but not in CB. On LB even more games that RB. But in game he just RB and (why?) CB, but zero in LB. Is it a bug? (especially after Winter Update)
  7. Hello! Why Jake Livermore from WBA have so low Leadership? Just 9. But IMO he should be one of the best in team (13+ Leadership may be?) I cant attach screenshot from game right now, but it's same like from picture. He was the captain for this team all season (https://www.transfermarkt.com/jake-livermore/leistungsdaten/spieler/61832) And players with coaches said that he is leader of this team. (https://www.wba.co.uk/news/2019/september2/we-have-a-leader---dowling/) But in my game he is not good choice for being a captain. An
  8. Guys, is this the last version of ME or we can wait for some ME updates? Someone knows?
  9. Viktor Wanyama from Tottenham to Montreal https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/2020/march/wanyama-to-montreal-impact-agreed/
  10. It seems that people here have two different updates: one with "Special Set Plays Goals" edition and the other is "Wanna-some-open-play-buddy?" Will try to check soon what edition I got
  11. Thanks. Can we have some official tips from devs or moderators?
  12. If I start a New save in Eredivisie, but my manager knows only Russian and English language( and I don't wanna add Dutch) will I have any trouble with team conversations etc.? Or managers language does not matter at all?
  13. Bump this. Tanganga now plays in senior team (MOTM twice). Cirkin and Bowden are close to senior team (especially Cirkin). So may be second look on their abilities? And second point: Does Bergwijn (now in Tottenham) are getting an update for team play and dribbling?
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