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  1. I'm playing Touch just to use this Skin, and I'm staying. Wonderful work.
  2. Wow. This looks like the ultimate World League. Great Job! Loving the idea.
  3. Just wow! Best work on a skin I have ever seen. Congrats, bluestillidie00. This is the ultimate skin for FM20. Thanks for your work, the game is much better now. Is there any way I can upgrade the light version?
  4. Thanks a lot!! Fixed it.
  5. Thanks, bluestillidie00 This is my title.fontxml <record> <string id="file_name" value="GT-America-Standard-Black.ttf"/> <real id="font_size_small" value="7" /> <real id="font_size_normal" value="8.5" /> <real id="font_size_large" value="10" /> <real id="font_size_xlarge" value="12" /> <real id="font_size_xxlarge" value="15" /> <integer id="fill_colour_red" value="0" /> <integer id="fill_colour_green" value="0" /> <integer id="fill_colour_blue" value="0" /> <integer id="fill_colour_alpha" value="255" /> <colour id="fill_colour" name="text"/> <string id="capitalisation" value="upper case" /> </record>
  6. And this is the "result" section on my overview panel <!-- results --> <container class="subsection_box" default_width="200"> <translation id="title" translation_id="319447" type="use" font="title" value="Results[COMMENT: title for the previous set of first team results on the club overview panel]" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" apply_to_children="true" /> <widget class="club_overview_team_results_panel" id="cotr"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="objt" /> <integer id="set_property" value="objt" /> </record> </widget> </container>
  7. This is my club overview results panel xml <panel> <attachment_group class="vertical_arrange" vertical_alignment="bottom,extend" vertical_offset="0" horizontal_inset="0" /> <container> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" apply_to_children="true" /> <widget class="label" alignment="centre" id="nofi"> <translation id="text" translation_id="319451" font="title" type="use" value="No recent fixtures played.[COMMENT: club overview team results panel; text indicating that because no fixtures have been played, there is no expected screen content]" /> </widget> <container id="fixt" class="horizontal_adaptive_container" inset="0" offset="0"> <record id="default_properties" file="match/result info panel" /> <container class="client_object_viewer_xml_panel" id="res0" minimum_width="95" default_width="-1" priority="5"/> <container class="client_object_viewer_xml_panel" id="res1" minimum_width="95" default_width="-1" priority="4"/> <container class="client_object_viewer_xml_panel" id="res2" minimum_width="95" default_width="-1" priority="3"/> <container class="client_object_viewer_xml_panel" id="res3" minimum_width="95" default_width="-1" priority="2"/> <container class="client_object_viewer_xml_panel" id="res4" minimum_width="95" default_width="-1" priority="1"/> </container> </container> </panel> And this is my match/result info panel: <panel> <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="middle" offset="0" gap="8"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" apply_to_children="true"/> <widget class="fixture_opponent_picture" id="oppi" scale_picture="true" height="80"> <boolean id="keep_aspect_ratio" value="true" /> <flags id="image_alignment" value="centre" /> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="fopP" /> <boolean id="dont_set_object" value="true"/> </record> </widget> <container> <attachment_group class="vertical_arrange_autosize" vertical_alignment="middle"/> <widget class="fixture_opponent_venue_text" id="fOpV" spec="text" font="title" size="small" alignment="centre" auto_size="vertical"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="fOpV" /> </record> </widget> <widget class="fixture_full_result_text" id="FxFR" font="title" spec="text" style="bold" alignment="centre" multiline="true" auto_size="vertical"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="FxFR" /> </record> </widget> </container> </panel>
  8. Hi, skinners! I can't find how to change this font colour. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  9. Is it possible to make background image like a circle instead of a square-like figure? Maybe they would look better. Thanks!
  10. Hi, skiniens! Can someone help me? I need directions. Which panels and lines control font and background in the News Panel. Thanks a lot!
  11. Hi, YACS. Loving your skin! Is it possible to replace tactics' "last 11" faces (first image) with "scout opposition report" dots (second image), so when I'm at any club overview panel I would see those dots in last 11 panel. Thanks!
  12. I couldn't find it either. Is it there? I'm asking about the feature where your assistant suggest changes in the match lineup.
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