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  1. Gunzo Skin

    Thanks! I thought so. I saw the Donation link, but when I tried to donate, google translator failed on some of the steps, and there is no "english" option.
  2. Gunzo Skin

    You can download 1.x version at the website linked on Gunzo's blog, but for the latest "free" version (1.3 now) you need some reputation points at such website, I think it's 1000 points. But the most complete one, the 2.x version, is not available, not in his blog nor in the website where he post his work to download.
  3. Gunzo Skin

    Hi! Do anybody know how to get the latest Gunzo Skin (2.5 now)? I love some of the panels. Do I need to donate? Where? I tried various links on his website, but couldn't understand how or where to get it. I know his 1.x version is available at another web, but not his 2.x work, which looks amazing. If anybody knows, please let me know here or by PM. Thanks!
  4. My humble skin (WIP)

    It looks amazing, man!
  5. Regen Faces Frame or Background

    Those look very nice! Which panels should I touch? Thanks!
  6. Regen Faces Frame or Background

    Oh, bummer. Thanks anyways...
  7. Hi! I want to know if it is possible to give regens players a default background or frame. I don't like the cut out faces. Thanks!
  8. Great work! Thanks for the update! This is, hands down, the best skin for this version yet.
  9. I love this skin. Thanks for your work, man!
  10. [fm17] "the thing" (Release)

    Hi, Nom! I really enjoyed this database in FM17. Are you planning on releasing a version for FM18? Thanks!
  11. Error Code 1

    I have this problem now. I just re-installed FM 15 on my old laptop with Ubuntu, and I can't access "Downloads" on the game or the Steam Page. I keep getting "Code: 1" error. How can I fix this? Thanks.
  12. FM15 In-Game Editor missing

    Hi, I have the same problem. I'm using FM 15 now in my old laptop with Ubuntu.
  13. Great, Dallan!
  14. [fm17] "the thing" (Release)

    Amazing, mate. Nice Work! Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward the final version. Thanks a lot.
  15. Hi! To all Beta users, can we see past meetings history between two teams we don't manage, like in FM15?