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  1. lukavski


    Amazing skin. The best, as always, Yacs... Thanks a lot!
  2. I'm having the same problem. It takes some time to open new regens' profiles.
  3. Hi! I don't know if this is due to regen face generator being incomplete, but almost all east-asian players (Japan, Korea, etc) have an occidental look.
  4. Hi! I have encounter this problem in many of my saves. Clubs, especially from non-playable leagues (view-only), are not hiring any manager. I know this depends on the team's reputation, but I have even seen Dortmund not hiring a manager for two years straight. It's weird and takes away some realism when you see clubs from League 1, La Liga or Premier League without a manager. One of the things I like to do when I play FM is to follow star players from my club or previous clubs. Seeing them become a succesful manager is always special. But with a lot of clubs from non-playable leagues (view-only) not hiring any manager, they just retire without ever taking a single job. This also affects continental cups, it's common to play against a club without a manager even in the Champions League or Copa Libertadores, this ruins the experience and peer's competition in game. How many reputation points does a club need to hire a manager? I hope there is a fix for this. Or at least is fixed when FM19 sees the light.
  5. FMT needs an Editor. It's all I want for this year version.
  6. The possibility to add competitions to the game is such a vital part of it, I can't believe there is still no editor for FMT, even a limited one for desktop client. I Hope this year is the one... I believe in SI.
  7. Editor... It's the most important feature that the game lacks and must remain at the top of the Wishlist. The possibility of adding tournaments is essential to the game's appeal. Without it, the game turns dull very quickly. At least give us the option to edit and add tournaments to the game. Thanks!
  8. lukavski

    Past Meetings Head to Head

    I'm also interested in knowing if this would work in FM18. Can someone verify it and copy the code? Thanks!
  9. lukavski

    My humble skin - Early Version Released!

    Amazing job so far, man!
  10. lukavski

    Gunzo Skin

    Thanks! I thought so. I saw the Donation link, but when I tried to donate, google translator failed on some of the steps, and there is no "english" option.
  11. lukavski

    Gunzo Skin

    You can download 1.x version at the website linked on Gunzo's blog, but for the latest "free" version (1.3 now) you need some reputation points at such website, I think it's 1000 points. But the most complete one, the 2.x version, is not available, not in his blog nor in the website where he post his work to download.
  12. lukavski

    Gunzo Skin

    Hi! Do anybody know how to get the latest Gunzo Skin (2.5 now)? I love some of the panels. Do I need to donate? Where? I tried various links on his website, but couldn't understand how or where to get it. I know his 1.x version is available at another web, but not his 2.x work, which looks amazing. If anybody knows, please let me know here or by PM. Thanks!
  13. lukavski

    My humble skin - Early Version Released!

    It looks amazing, man!