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  1. Don't expect a fix for this. Every FM version has been the same. A lot of players prefer short games, one or two years before starting a new one. Now, with the increase in FM addicts population, the world simulation has been further tested. This has arisen all the thread's questions. So, to simplify the matter I will try to write what to expect based on my own experience of the game. 1. All (non-custom) playable leagues will hire managers and will have a full line-up. But, if you load a very low level custom league, like division 6 in any given country, you ma
  2. Only playable league clubs will ALWAYS hire managers, and sometimes low tier "unplayable" clubs with high reputation from loaded countries, specially in England. We know SI loves their England. But, for example, if you don't load Ukraine, in three or four years Shakhtar will fire their manager and never hire again. This makes continental competitions and world simulation a little weird. Yeah FM20 was the same. Important clubs from unplayable leagues would be managerless in four or five years, and never hire again.
  3. They will have a full National Team. Probably only top teams will have a full line-up in the region, but in five years or so, non of them will have managers, and the same will happen to low tier european leagues. Only the three or two top teams from well known leagues will continue to hire managers in "view-only" or "nonplayable" countries, don't expect one in clubs like Malmo, Zenit, etc. Once I didn't load Germany and Dortmund wouldn't hire a manager for years...
  4. Yeah. I uninstalled. It's not going to change anything, but this lack of attention and feedback to important details and known bugs over the last patches is too much, too tiresome. I will lurk the forums in hope for a fix, but I doubt is going to be one this year. It's just absurd at this point. I'm tired. Will hope for a complete version in FM22. I know 2020 was a rough year, so it's understandable.
  5. How come this hasn't been addressed in last hotfix? There are several threads about this specific issue, each one with photos and examples. The problem has been acknowledged for about a month now. And It's not a minor issue...
  6. Hahahaha, sorry, krlenjushka. I guess it's just an awesome data base! I will try to sort it out!
  7. Amazing work, krlenjushka! Really loving and enjoying this custom league! Is there any conflict with clubs continental competitions like champions league? If so, is possible to change league settings to only one match between teams? Thanks a lot!
  8. Great! Thanks for the update, Andrew. Can we expect a patch before 21.3? or shall we wait until march for a fix? Thanks again.
  9. Great! Can you share it? What about best assister in history/records screen?
  10. Any news on a fix for these bugs? Does everyone experience them? Thanks!
  11. Non-playable leagues releasing players and transfer inactivity has always been a thing en FM. With this version bug, clubs in those leagues didn't populate correctly because of low youth intakes. So now, with yesterday fix, newgen are populating those countries again, but how clubs manage them has not changed.
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