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  1. I couldn't find it either. Is it there? I'm asking about the feature where your assistant suggest changes in the match lineup.
  2. Looks like Gunzo Skin fo FM19. Great work, mate. Where can we try it?
  3. Nice! Dallan is back! Thanks again for this awesome tournament.
  4. Wow, that looks so awesome and clean. Great job, keysi! Is it possible to add player's shirt number on the bar, like in FMT?
  5. Used your skin in every game since you started skinning as "Ivan", I believe. Thanks for your wonderful job, it looks amazing as always.
  6. When opening a match result -and stats-, the background colour suddenly changes. This already happened in FM19.
  7. Thanks, wkdsoul! I had that doubt.
  8. Is it possible to add last XI on nation profile page? Thanks.
  9. Hi! Thanks a lot for the file. Is there any chance to get the same file but for FMT. Thanks!
  10. They are amazing. I used them through Fm16/17/18. Love the work he put on them!
  11. Amazing skin. The best, as always, Yacs... Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi! I don't know if this is due to regen face generator being incomplete, but almost all east-asian players (Japan, Korea, etc) have an occidental look.
  13. FMT needs an Editor. It's all I want for this year version.
  14. The possibility to add competitions to the game is such a vital part of it, I can't believe there is still no editor for FMT, even a limited one for desktop client. I Hope this year is the one... I believe in SI.
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