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    Recently acquired a vast amount of football books to get through. Level One coach, with a love of football around the world.

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    38yr old who's still obsessed with FM :)


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    Reading football related books, Films, Wine, FM

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    Man Utd, Portsmouth, Boca

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  1. Fantastic skin mate! Love it, noticed though on this screen there bits missing on the side panes. Is that norm?
  2. Good afternoon all When creating a new game and click on advanced setup and then I've chosen my leagues and extra divisions and want to save this setup - where do those files reside? As I want to share them with a pal. Many thanks!
  3. Is there anyway to direct FM21 Touch to read the existing data that's installed for full fat version of FM21 (logos/kits etc) - or do we have to copy it into a new graphics folder?
  4. How can i create a DDT File for FM21? so for example if i wanted to say keep people in the game that had high potentials but didnt want to load the whole league etc?
  5. Good evening all, I do miss the old versions of CM and wondering if it's possible to bring some of that layout into the current version of FM? So wondering if I could replicate this Batigol screen into FM21 removing a few Images and landing screen just attributes? Then a new menu structure coloured specifically like CM3.
  6. Firstly just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me being slightly special (no alcohol has been consumed) , so I've got Ben Woodburn on loan from Liverpool and his contract is expiring at Liverpool on 30/6/2022. The date in game is 29/03/2022. Therefore i should have been able to offer a contact to him in late Jan, early Feb at earliest? Also Sheij Ojo from Liverpool has his contract which ends as the same as Woodburn, im yet again unable to offer a contract to the player - yet Toronto are able to? This is slightly baffling to me - not sure if this is replicating real life or a massive error in the game?
  7. That was my train of thought too - so i tested with various skins and the same outcome Hmm im on FM21 atm but will load FM20 up and let you know. So i had to google and find some hi-res images of the stadia
  8. Love this! Thanks for sharing - one question though can this be used with an existing save?
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