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  1. Thanks for the tactics @Totalfootballfan ive been having mixed results so far with Raptor and Predator. However last two games vs City and Munich ive removed the left AF and dropped behind the singular AF for a Advanced playmaker and i might be onto something with my Dortmund team. Going to test for a while then report back. Took a while for the players to get used to this one. Might of been the training to get it up to a good level though. Haaland and Berge coming in Jan and June respectively
  2. Great skin! Love this, how can i insert my current teams badge and into the menubar? Also maybe the league logo too?
  3. Absolute Hero! Thanks a million for that! Yeah its was an odd issue coming up, and tested every skin to make sure that it wasn't just narrowed to one or two. Many thanks for this!
  4. Hi there how can i change the schedule result colors? I'm a complete newbie at this sort of thing. Just been testing things out and it doesnt matter what skin i choose all of the result icons are the same for some reason. Almost as if the defaults ones have been written over...Am i looking at a full uninstall and then a reinstall? Just done some more testing and uninstalled then reinstalled. Verified the files and then cleared caches and then reloaded files. Still the same....odd!
  5. Great skin, however are there possible errors with the fonts limits? In the two screenshots below you can see special characters instead of normal letters in names etc. Is this something thats being worked on at all?
  6. @KUBII'm thinking about creating a 1992-1993 database at the birth of the Premier League and was wondering how close could i get it to the real deal. So for example league structures, european cups to match what the rules and structures where at that time?
  7. Just to confirm the one you have suggested for FM15 - is likely not to work? OK no worries, appreciate the help! Will do some digging around.
  8. Oh wow, thanks for that @KUBI . Being a bit of newbie in regard to merging one database into another, is it a relatively less painful experience?
  9. If there was a database available, what year would take your interest?
  10. Good Morning This morning I'm been mostly thinking about creating a database from possibly around the late 80s, and i was just getting some feelers as how complete do you think i could get it given the limitations within FM18?
  11. Hi there, great skin. I used your one in FM 15 I think it was and had a great time. is it relatively easy to change the image of Safaris window at all? (not that I'm anti mac
  12. Hey Neil, thanks for getting back sure thing will do captain!
  13. I am yes. Logos, Kits, Emblems, background images and Skin. Just an query when you chaps play the game do you guys not use the extras? (Graphics etc)
  14. Hi Neil im getting crashes here again in FM, seem to be happening at random times. Once when on pitch in full screen and another when it was loading through screens I verified the cache and then it did say once that 51 files where corrupt - which was a bit of a concern. DxDiag.txt
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