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  1. I'm pretty sure it still does. Could it be that you don't have the youth matches being played in full detail?
  2. Weird. I don't see any reason then why you can't register this player, although that doesn't necessarily mean that much. I'm not an expert on this and find these rules daunting at times myself. You might want to post this in the bug section of the forum. It is monitored more actively by SI employees and they are usually able to tell you why it isn't working like you expect, after looking at your save.
  3. How many non-EU players do you have currently? You mention the ones that you signed in the last two years, but are there any others from before that period still at your club? Also, when did they leave? The cut-off date is June 30th, that's when the quota for next season is set, so if they were at the club on that date they will count towards your non-EU total. I'm pretty sure you get a message from the board at the beginning or just before the start of the season, informing you how many the rules allow you to get next season. Can you find that in your inbox? Has he played any m
  4. I was a playing a save where a couple of my younger players were participating in the U21 World Cup and U19 European Cup tournaments during the off-season and I attended a couple of matches to see them in action. After the games I would receive an inbox message that I was spotted at the stadium and would have been checking out certain players that happened to be on one of my short lists, or if none of the players were shortlisted the press were at a loss as to why I had been there. It would be nice if the press would pick up on the fact that some of my club's own players were on the pitch
  5. @Bigpapa42, without knowing the full context, that does indeed sound like a terrible game mechanic. Just out of curiosity, do you have an asking price set for these players?
  6. There's an in match widget that sometimes shows this information, but I'm not sure it does it consistently. I think it's the Performance widget and it will say something along the lines of "Mistake led to a goal in the 38th minute."
  7. It could be tied to team discipline. If a manager is earning less than even his youth players, team discipline should be impossible to maintain, with players laughing in the managers face when he's giving them instructions.
  8. As I understand it, both work to increase team cohesion. You can get an assessment of its current level from your Assistant Manager by navigating to Tactics > Analysis > Team Talk Feedback. At the top you can see his view on morale and cohesion. The next question is of course 'how does it affect performance', but that one is tough to give a definitive answer to, other than 'higher is better'. Edit: I forgot, I believe Squad Harmony on the Confidence page also indicates the same.
  9. I might be wrong, but I assumed he was talking about the regens' appearance.
  10. Assistant manager earning his wages... How come I didn't think of that myself? Scoring a couple of goals would indeed be the right thing to do, I'll get right to it.
  11. That's classic. Did you call his bluff when he said he needed to leave for first team football but he would really rather stay at the club, or something? By the way, it's disappointing that SI thinks these regen faces look acceptable. Last week I played a bit of FM15 and I was actually surprised at how much more realistic the regen faces in there look when compared to the current mess. That's saying a lot. It's going downhill.
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