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  1. Look again. There are two defenders back there, but they both start a sprinting race in forward direction as soon as the free kick is blocked.
  2. ...when the game throws things like this at me?
  3. Go to Preferences > Interface > Confirmation Dialogs > Reset.
  4. Not 100% sure, but I think you're talking about Steam Achievements. You can get an overview of them in the Steam Client on the launch page for the game.
  5. I'm pretty sure it still does. Could it be that you don't have the youth matches being played in full detail?
  6. I have a centre back with Runs With Ball Often (in an FM15 save). I don't think I've ever seen him do anything of the like. I get the feeling CBs are coded to be very conservative in possession.
  7. Weird. I don't see any reason then why you can't register this player, although that doesn't necessarily mean that much. I'm not an expert on this and find these rules daunting at times myself. You might want to post this in the bug section of the forum. It is monitored more actively by SI employees and they are usually able to tell you why it isn't working like you expect, after looking at your save.
  8. How many non-EU players do you have currently? You mention the ones that you signed in the last two years, but are there any others from before that period still at your club? Also, when did they leave? The cut-off date is June 30th, that's when the quota for next season is set, so if they were at the club on that date they will count towards your non-EU total. I'm pretty sure you get a message from the board at the beginning or just before the start of the season, informing you how many the rules allow you to get next season. Can you find that in your inbox? Has he played any matches for the national team (or U21s if he is under 21)? If he's the only new one you got and you're not able to register him right now, I'm pretty sure you will only be able to do so after you open up a spot by letting another non-EU player leave to another country (either on loan or transfer).
  9. Did you switch off the computer immediately after closing the game? The cloud save requires some time after exiting to synchronize the save files. If the sync gets interrupted, the save file can get corrupted, which seems to have been the case for you. Unfortunately there is no way of recovering a corrupted save file, so you'll have to start a new game.
  10. I looked, but I'm pretty sure they aren't available currently. Please, correct me if I'm wrong. I would like columns to be available in the customized squad view showing the assistant manager's opinion of a player's consistency and important match rating (or scout's opinion when looking at other squads). It would be nice to get an overview of this for your whole squad or starting lineup. As it is now, I have to visit each player's profile page and look at the report individually and then try to remember it for all players.
  11. You got a straight answer. herne79 gave it. Nothing I said was intended to cast any doubt on that.
  12. This was actually answered by Rashidi a couple of posts above: As to the following remark It's similar to the limitations of general training, isn't it? Just as with match training, it's equally unrealistic for a manager to always set all general training for the complete week to one particular focus (tactical, defensive, ball control, etc.). It's just a design choice SI have made to strike a balance between realism and fun game play. Now, as for discussing your method of setting this up, I can honestly say it never occurred to me to try to do it like that, even though I do pay some attention to setting up training myself. It actually surprised me a bit that it's possible to change its setting after the first day, and that the actual training that is eventually performed follows the setting on the final day. I would have expected it to be consistent with how general training works and lock the setting for instance on 9:00 am of the first day of match training (or 12:00 if it's a half day of training).
  13. Ha ha, I sometimes negotiate like that myself, so perhaps it's very realistic for the AI to do it at times, as well.
  14. I was a playing a save where a couple of my younger players were participating in the U21 World Cup and U19 European Cup tournaments during the off-season and I attended a couple of matches to see them in action. After the games I would receive an inbox message that I was spotted at the stadium and would have been checking out certain players that happened to be on one of my short lists, or if none of the players were shortlisted the press were at a loss as to why I had been there. It would be nice if the press would pick up on the fact that some of my club's own players were on the pitch and I was simply there to watch them.
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