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  1. I agree. I really don't enjoy the interface of the newer editions of FM. Loaded up FM10 the other day and I don't understand how it could go downhill from that. And it's not because of nostalgia because I didn't play FM "for real" before FM15. Prior to FM15, It just looked so much cleaner back then imo.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, but this could do! But would it require me to completely redo the CL and EL formats? As much as I'd like a salary cap, I think redoing all of that would cost me too much of a headache.
  3. Just bought the MBA M1 and can't wait for it to arrive! Was very doubtful whether I should be getting the MBP instead, but I don't believe I actually need it. Plus, that also saved me some money, so happy days! I had been thinking about it for a while, but decided that today was going to be it. Dropped my MBP Retina 2015 last Wednesday and saw that half a centimer of the screen on the left side had turned black. Now it's Sunday and that half a centimer has now turned into a few centimers. Bought a 256 gb USB stick right away when I noticed it. I suspect that in two weeks or so, the entire
  4. Another question for the experts. As far as I understand, the biggest difference between the MBA M1 and the MBP M1 is the in-built fan that comes with the MBP, right? Just how important is that when it comes to heavy FM sessions? I'm planning to load up 28-32 leagues (minimum detail) on either full fat FM or on the touch version. If I choose the MBA, will I be able to cook my eggs on the touchpad or will it actually function just fine? My current MBP 13" mid 15 turns into the sun as soon as i view a match in 3D. Thanks in advance.
  5. Very interesting save you've got there. I rarely ever read blogs, but this one has caught my attention. I've had lots of fun in Switzerland as well and I think my next save is either going to be Lausanne-Sport or GC. Now regarding your save: What would be your next ideal destination in case the board won't turn the club full-time pro? Are you already looking for other jobs?
  6. As the title goes, I'm wondering whether it's possible to establish a european salary cap. I want it to be imposed on all 55 UEFA nations. The main idea is essentially to bridge the gap between the leagues and make both european football and domestic leagues more unpredictable. I'm relatively handy with the editor, but I have never dived into salary caps and how they're installed so to speak so for this one I'm going to need help. Thanks for reading. Best regards.
  7. Thanks for the quick feedback! I knew this forum was going to help me out! The reason for choosing a AP on the flank was essentially to make him a ball magnet so our play would naturally go through him, so to speak. I am more keen to change the DLFsu, but the whole idea was to make him a linking player as well, potentially drawing a defender out of position. But you're right about the lack of potential goalscores. Perhaps an AF could be an option. Or maybe I should change the Mezzala on attack to a B2B instead, making sure that the AP has more space to roam in. Not sure at all.
  8. I wonder as well. It seems like a great tool to "read" your opposition's passing patterns, but I don't understand how to use it either.
  9. Hi there, Recently I've been trying to implement an overload on the left flank in my tactic. After having watched @Rashidi's shows on YT regarding overloads, I feel like I have a decent understanding of it. However, I have found that although I have no trouble retaining possession, there's absolutely no end-product to say it mildly. I constantly manage to completely dominate the middle third, but still struggle massively to dominate in the final third. 14 matches into the season and I believe that around 40-60% of our goals have all come from set pieces. I sit down and watch matches
  10. View-only leagues allow you to view the table and other stats. It won't add more players to the database. Plus, the simulation will be very basic and will not require much computer power. Not a lot of regens will come through either. However, it's very ideal if you (like me) don't have a very powerful computer. Based on experience, I find the star-rating useless. You really need to test how many leagues your computer can run yourself. Having a league set to 'view-only' will therefor not make it any more active than not loading the league at all.
  11. Update. I deleted all folders related to FM 20 and then reinstalled the game. The problem is now solved as I no longer get stuck on the loading screen.
  12. My specs in case it matters. Sorry for the Danish.
  13. Hello there. This night I was playing FM as usual but as I tried to change the resolution the game got stuck and all I could see was a black screen. I decided to force quit the game by holding down alt + command + esc. I've done this before numerous times without any issues. Neither have I faced any issues with the recent patch. However, every time I launch the game I get to the loading screen but not any further (ss attached) . I reinstalled the game but nothing has changed. What on earth is going on? How can reinstalling the game not solving it? I'm so frustrated. Any help wo
  14. Bumping this as well as I'm trying to figure this out myself. Will update if I find out how.
  15. Thank you very much! It caused me a lot of pain working this around, unfortunately I couldn't do the fix myself so thank you once again.
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