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  1. Well, you have definitely put all that a lot more comprehensive and coherently than I ever could!
  2. "Sign players under 23 for the first team". Seems to think I should be signing toddlers instead... You don't win anything with kids...
  3. Taken a 20 year old Michael Hänggi on trial at Dynamo Dresden. Social feed fan reaction: along the lines of "Don't start giving out longer deals to older players now, I implore you" Journalist reaction (error): "To see Dynamo Dresden break their one-year contract rule for players over 2 is surprising to say the least" Seems to see the young player limit as 2 years old. Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the bug forums.
  4. I hadn't properly enjoyed a save in years until the last two iterations - but you know that addiction just always itched away and I scratched like a man possessed. 18 & 19 I had saves that started with "pick team for me" and both times hit Preston NE. Both saves have gone on to be some of my favourites of all time. So, Deepdale seems like a great place to kick off this year too.
  5. I'm guessing there is a way of setting up a dummy nation with an May/June 2019 start date, then adding in a real fixtures/results file and incorporating a transfer update..?
  6. https://www.g2a.com/en-gb/football-manager-2017-steam-key-global-i10000026262008
  7. Does the game still give you a "randomly generated luck seed" each time the game is loaded afresh - as is discussed in one of the CM3 era game guides? (May have been the black and white one - 99/00?)
  8. Not so much a bug... There are only 51 cities in England. At least one of them - Worcester - is missing from the Place Of Birth for manager list.
  9. Basically, get an i7. (I use the i7-7700HQ) That'll be brilliant for video editing and will run FM like a charm. Chuck on an SSD and a regular HDD, GTX1060 6GB (whic for the price is a really good graphics card that'll see you right for quuuuuiiiiittteee a while.), try and hit 16gb RAM and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank where you can withdraw all that money you have saved and get yourself a load of top of the range software for video editing and the like...
  10. I managed to get the exact same spec of that Erazer as a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming by talking them down to £600... Runs like a dream...
  11. I don't think you could! In the club charter, I believe it says City can't be owned solely by one person... Hence the reason why Cyril Duckworth was turned down all those years ago. Things could have been so much better for us...
  12. Not 100% related... But received my new laptop today... and now FM repeatedly sets me as being from the USA with MLS as the default league (as opposed to my usual EPL) any ideas on what I change on Windows 10 to sort this minor quibble..? Me and google don't really get on....
  13. Fiete Arp - was having a nightmare with Burnley in the Prem (first season) and took a gamble on him as a 17/18 year old... Almost singlehandedly saved us and took us in to upper mid table. I play him as an AF with Miguel Almiron (Atlanta Utd) and Defour as his main supply line on the break. Only early days, but he has wowed me...
  14. I was going to say, until two days ago, it was available direct from Dell for £590. Though they took money from my account, said it was out for delivery, then reneged without telling me due to "suspected fraud" (wrongly!) on my account. By the time that was sorted it had ran out of stock. Two hours of brutal complaining phonecalls later, and now they're sending me a i7-7700hq/16gb ram/Geforce GTX 1060-6gb/1tb-hdd+256gb-ssd for the same price... I may have won at the internet there....
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