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  1. Boltman

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    Which one is which?
  2. If only the technology had been around to clone Arthur Montford
  3. I blame the Chunnel, innit?
  4. It's given against #6 because there's a flick-on and he's about two yards off.
  5. Finally, the first perv cameraman of the World Cup.
  6. and Scotland still failing to qualify for FIFA's new, revamped 246 team World Cup Finals.
  7. Russia to cigar this group, get everyone hyped up,then look hopeless in the round of 16 and go out to a CR penalty in the dullest match of the tourney.
  8. Or the fact he looks nothing like him.
  9. Looking forward to his second half dissertation on the Winter War, Mannerheim line, and Stalin's Red Army Purges of the late 1930's
  10. Well he's not exactly offering for the ball by hiding out on the right touchline. I think it's obvious his own team mates know he's buggered and aren't really expecting him to contribute
  11. Jonathan Pearce suddenly an authority on the early hours of the Bolshevik Revolution
  12. Yep. Peripheral figure. Looks like he's deliberately avoiding any sort of physical risk. Shame really.
  13. Awe inspiring rendition of the national anthem of CCCP live from Leningrad there Vladimir approves.