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  1. Actually, you’ve got the way Chelsea is playing Sarrismo down pat. IRL they’re leaving 2-3 players open all the time.
  2. Since he came to Napoli, Maurizio Sarri has fascinated me, a former banker who started at the bottom and worked his way up to Serie A. Now, that he’s at Chelsea everything is complete. Mr. Sarri is not big in the transfer market, nor is he one for rotation, not great for FM, but his ideas on improving players via training and his tactics work great for FM. IRL he’s making football fun again and his fun is infectious!
  3. I'm looking forward to this version and welcome the new features. The tutorial feature doesn't appeal to me personally, but may help others. I'm really excited about the training and tactics improvements.
  4. Run DRC, I’m going to experiment with the same setup.
  5. I would love to have the ability to select a cam view that focuses on an individual player during the match. If I’m scouting a player, I would like the ability to focus solely on that player, his movement and how he follows instructions. i think this would help during Manager scouting sessions either when playing as a club manager or national team manager. It would also help during own team matches, especially during preseason to make sure a player is following your instructions. Thoughts?
  6. I use a 4-3-3 with a DM and two Mezzale and they’ve been brilliant. But, I’m starting to think it’s more about the players than the tactic and/or role you give them.
  7. I’ve started my third season at AC Milan attempting to replicate Pep’s tactical philosophy, moving from Sarri’s Napoli tactics after winning the Scudetto the first two years Admittedly I have some great players, not City quality, but great players for Serie A and we’re top of the table. Our hiccups come when I rest my starters so..... my assumption is, the tactic is pretty good, the philosophy is great, but I’m thinking the ME would produce similar results with any sound tactic and the players I have.
  8. After watching Napoli quite a bit, unlike last year, they seem to be a little more direct, a lot less likely to maintain possession. They also seem to be a little more frenetic, especially in the final third. Just my observation and some of the games I’m watching are not in HD. Also, Hamsek’s role is constantly evolving. I’m feeling like he’s getting into the box more often, just later. I’ve used this tactic with AC Milan the first two seasons (I’m in season 3) and it worked well. Funny thing is, Sarri left Napoli first season I was at Milan and took over the Italian team. He shows up to nearly all our matches though, keeping tabs on the team.
  9. Good article! since my Milan save is focused on youth development, I think a Total Football discussion is appropriate. There have been some great article and threads on here down the years, would like to see others’ inputs on how they’re achieving this.
  10. Looking forward to it as well. I’ve been playing around with my own Sarri tactic on FM18, it works quite well, but not really the same as I see from Napoli. Might be the players, might be my instructions.
  11. Interesting change to the formation. Did I miss who you plan to use as the Segundo Volante?
  12. Thanks! That’s what I thought. Had to pause my match while I ran off to pottery class (??!!?!), now that I’m back, I’ll see how that works.
  13. Real quick question. About ready to take on Benevento and I know the answer but am drawing a huge blank! Show Onto Foot instruction: both opposing wingers for Benevento are playing as Inside Forwards, The left side is right footed, the right side is left footed. I should be issuing the instruction to Show Onto Foot for the left winger on the left foot and the right winger on the right foot, correct? Thanks! I should know this, but I’m drawing a blank, and the search I ran isn’t exactly clear, nor is the guide when dealing with Inside Forwards.
  14. I’m also using a Sarri-inspired tactic at Milan. It’s worked a great for me so far. Closing down less for my CDs, and progressively moving to more closing down as I move positions up the pitch has really helped.
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