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  1. Just can't believe Mourinho has lasted at a single club for so long.
  2. Just one more game. Hold on and you get some security. Fantastic turnaround after a not so good Apertura. I don't remember for sure but the first playoff maybe a two-legged one with the second being a one-off game. Either that or both are one-off games. Edit: Never mind, seems like both are one-off games.
  3. That's an incredible youth team. How are they only 9th in February though?
  4. I can explain the rules in Uruguay's top division to an extent as I managed there for a season. Anyway, here's the explanation from dafuge's thread - Starts from there and goes on for a few posts. No idea about the 2nd tier though as I've never played in it.
  5. Great job with Stourbridge and it's only right for you to choose a different career if you are not enjoying this one. I'll definitely read the next one you start.
  6. Well, they seem to do poorly in pretty much everyone's save. Can't say I'm surprised. Thanks for the screenshots though.
  7. Finally caught up to it. This is fabulous. If you don't mind me asking, ho have Liverpool done over the course of your save? I saw that they were awful when you were at Leeds but other than that, have they done anything of note?
  8. Nobby will be delighted.
  9. It was based on past experience really. On FM11, I won the Conference play offs (after coming 4th) with Wimbledon and followed it up by winning League Two. On FM13, I came 2nd and got Luton up through the playoffs and then lost in the playoff final after coming 7th.
  10. Excellent progress over the last three seasons. League Two is much easier in many ways and a safe mid table position shouldn't be too hard to achieve next season (at worst). You could even get into the playoffs with a bit of luck.
  11. I definitely wouldn't turn it down but on the other hand, I would find it pretty difficult to leave Utrecht.
  12. MLS rules are absolutely bonkers...