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  1. 7-0. It looks more and more likely that you will do a clean sweep of trophies this season.
  2. That 16 year old right back.
  3. The squad in general looks very decent for the second tier. Great start so far, hopefully you can keep it up.
  4. Whats your great ever FM Save?

    I have 3 that stand out most: FM11- Took AFC Wimbledon from the BSP to the Premier League, winning 4 promotions in 8 seasons, established them in the Premier League. Managed them there for about 7 seasons where the team became competing regularly for the Europa League spots. Tycoon came in, I finished 6th, wasn't going to be sacked but I lost interest and resigned. FM12- Tried to do forameuss' Tetradecagon Challenge, managed a host of clubs and countries before getting a breakthrough when I won the African Cup of Nations with Burkina Faso. Blew a big lead in the Serie B with Reggina and failed to get promoted but moved to Lillestrom and won the Norwegian title. Moved to Mexico with America but got sacked after losing in the playoffs in both the opening and closing stages. Joined their fierce rivals Pumas de la UNAM where I won 4 league titles (2x Apertura, 2x Clausura) in 4 seasons as well as 2 NACL titles and the CWC with a win over Barca in the final. Developed many prospects and half my first team was from the academy. Also won the Copa America with Argentina sometime during my spell at Pumas. Game petered out because it became too slow despite the add/remove leagues feature which was probably not working as it should have. FM15- Took over at Gjovik-Lyn in the Norwegian 3rd tier but didn't have much success in the year that I spent there. Lucked out when I got a job at FC Honka in the Finnish 2nd tier. Got promoted in my second full season, then won a league and league cup double during the second season in the top flight. Went to Mamelodi Sundowns in South Africa, eventually toppled a dominant Kaiser Chiefs and after 3 and a half years, finally won the African Champions League. Left for South Korea, winning the league win FC Seoul but not managing anything in the ACL in two attempts. Took over at a Dortmund side that had finished 8th and won the league in my first season before following it up with a treble. Won the CWC as well with them. Tried to get the Liverpool job but they didn't want me because I had rejected them multiple times at Dortmund. Took over at a yo-yoing Southampton side who were 19th in the table, kept them up on the final day. Finished 3rd, 6th and 3rd in the next 3 years (iirc), winning the FA Cup twice, the League Cup once and a solitary Europa League by beating Bayern in the final.
  5. Making up for all those years in non-league now.
  6. Finally caught up with this 3 days after I started and I have to say that it was worth it.
  7. Silva did a better job than most. Maybe with a non-Portuguese manager, they would have gone down earlier.
  8. Just can't believe Mourinho has lasted at a single club for so long.
  9. Just one more game. Hold on and you get some security. Fantastic turnaround after a not so good Apertura. I don't remember for sure but the first playoff maybe a two-legged one with the second being a one-off game. Either that or both are one-off games. Edit: Never mind, seems like both are one-off games.
  10. The Comeback: Frustration to....?

    That's an incredible youth team. How are they only 9th in February though?
  11. I can explain the rules in Uruguay's top division to an extent as I managed there for a season. Anyway, here's the explanation from dafuge's thread - Starts from there and goes on for a few posts. No idea about the 2nd tier though as I've never played in it.
  12. Great job with Stourbridge and it's only right for you to choose a different career if you are not enjoying this one. I'll definitely read the next one you start.