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  1. we should buy Jack Butland in January and develop him to become our keeper in next few years
  2. Was the announcement made on the original due date for completion? If so, maybe, it is a bug in that it didn't take into account that there had been a delay. I would play to the new completion date and see if you move into your stadium as im sure you will.
  3. i think the board are still in the planning stage of your new stadium. Since the planning date has now passed when the season ends there will be progress, hopefully with the full details regarding your new stadium such as cost and capacity. If you are very unlucky the date of the blue bar will change to a future date as further planning is needed.
  4. If you navigate to the facilities tab for your team what does it say there about your stadium? Did your board announce actual details about your new stadium such as name and capacity? Or did you get the completion date from the blue bar in the boardroom screen? If this is the case they should announce details including infmentioned above at the end of season (around end of may if in england) or if further planning is necessary then the date will change in the boardroom screen.
  5. Because it enables you to go through the process of having a second stadium built. You will still have to pay for it, and get additional benefits such as retractable roof, or the stadium being named after you. If you edit the current size of stadium then that is going further down the route of cheating. I don't want this to become a debate about using editors but i believe this is an option that is worth mentioning. If you can get your team to grow quickly, having to wait 20 years is a little frustrating. I understand why it has been programmed this way but it's good you can use FMRTE to bypass this if you so choose.
  6. if you can't wait, you could use FMRTE and edit the year your new stadium was built.
  7. true I think he would be a better signing than Elm if we can get him.
  8. any chance we can get gylfi sigurdsson?
  9. Have mentioned this in a new topic but thought I should add it to this thread as well. Ok on to my idea on how to improve a club's budget. For the last few versions You are given a budget and you can't spend more than this. Although in principle this is a good idea I feel it has limitations. Every club wants success and so shouldn't be limited to a strict budget and the ability to go over the budget and bring in extra players can make a big difference from avoiding relegation to getting into the lucrative position of champions league. For example, you may spend most of you budget and have say £1m left, then an amazing player who is seen as essential for your team comes available and you can buy him for £4m meaning you need to raise £3m. However, by the time you sell players and raise the £3m needed the player you wanted to buy has now gone. As a result of this I feel several changes need to be made. 1. You are given a seasonal budget that you have to stick to for that season but allowances are made. For example, your budget is £10m and the season runs from 1/7/2006 - 30/6/06. You are able to overspend the £10m as long as you can recoup this amount by the end of the season. So you can spend £20m on players in August as long as you recoup £10m in January so the overall spending you made is what was budgeted ie. £10m 2. Relate the budget to team performance. For example, you may be given a £5m transfer budget and the board expectation is to achieve a safe mid-table position. If by January you have spent £10m and are in a position where Champions League is possible the board may feel spending £10m is fine and even grant you more money to try and guarantee Champions League football. 3. Buying players who will have a big impact on merchandise doesn't come out of your transfer budget as the money spend will be regained through merchandise sales. This could be implemented by giving each player a merchandise value. The obvious example is David Beckham. 4. Link transfer budget to forecasted revenues and predicted success. For example, going on a cup run where success wasn't expected increases revenue and so more money is available for improving the team. Please keep in mind though that if you do over-spend and you do not over-achieve original expectations to suffer consequences. This can be to having no transfer budget next season or if you put the clubs' future in jeopardy financially to be sacked.
  10. Sorry made a thread on its own where it can be discussed in more detail but thought it should be added here as well. The main point i wanted to make and wanted to see in the game is the ability to sign a player even if the work permit fails. Yes he cant play for you and you are paying his wages but thats your choice and then its up to you to try and loan him somewhere else so that later in the game the player will either gain citizenship of that country he is playing in whilst on loan or he will be eligible for a work permit. With this new addition of feeder clubs this would be a great feature to go with it. Plus what was mentioned in the topic, more information on why you dont get work permits for players and the ability to see how close a person is to getting a work permit, or likelihood of getting a work permit on appeal.
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