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  1. Hi guys, a general UI lag isn't something we have noticed during internal testing, but this could be caused by a number of issues, in particular the number of users you have in a certain save game. If you don't have that many anyway and are still seeing issues, then I would suggest try configuring your machines anti-virus with FM. Also clearing your cache and preferences may help and make sure that the user with the best system/connection is the host (but it sounds like you may have already done this).
  2. Thanks for the save @alvaan, however again the issue hasn't reproduced for us at all in the match you have stated, this is with Red Cards/forced injuries/shouts and other tactical changes in the numerous games we have played out. We have still passed the save onto the dev team, but we are still waiting to hear how useful that will be. If you do get anymore freezes, would you also be able to attach the PKM of your match, so that we can play it out the match exactly the same every time we load the save, thanks. They can be found here: C:\Users\luke.rumble\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\matches\automatic
  3. Our in house testing before beta release and since has been stable, we do have a reasonable number of people testing it this year and considerable hours have already been dedicated to tracking down the issues raised since release. However, as I have stated in other threads, if we cannot reproduce these issues in house it is extremely difficult for us to be able to do anything about them, but even so we are trying as best as we can even without reproducible examples. As for previous years, I can't comment on those personally, but as far as I'm aware the main issues were caused by connection issues. This may be the crux of the issue, however we do have a wide variety of machines in house and it still isn't reproducing for us here. We would be in a difficult position if Network games required a higher minimum spec than the full game, but this may be something that we have to look at in the future.
  4. Luke Rumble

    Tactics Squad Views won't Save

    Hi @mbrown4464, if you want to save a custom view you click 'Export View', that will allow you to save it locally or upload it to steam. If you are having trouble customizing your view, the best way to do this is to right click on the column headers and select the options from the context menu that opens.
  5. Luke Rumble

    New Contracts block progress

    Ok thanks for the extra information @Ramuel, we'll keep trying to reproduce it in house and will update this thread with any further news.
  6. Luke Rumble

    Broken Training

    Hi guys, we are trying to reproduce this in house to get a quick turn around on a fix. However, do any of you have a save you can upload from just before the squad is meant to return from break, to make us finding the issue even quicker?
  7. Luke Rumble

    Appealing a red card

    Sounds like it may be a bug, do you have a save from just before you appealed the red card that you could upload for us to take a look at?
  8. Hi @MJK, looks to be working ok for us here, but you will have to untick the 'Show Match Info between highlights' option from the match settings to be able to customize the widgets on the pitch screen.
  9. This is an issue we are aware of and it has been passed onto our dev team.
  10. Hi @prot651, we have passed this onto our dev team who are taking a look. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Luke Rumble

    Unlockables aren't working

    Hi @Lashley, are you still experiencing this issue? Have you also reported the problem to sega?
  12. Hi @jere_d, we are aware that some people are having issues with network games and I can assure you were are putting all of our efforts into trying to rectify them in house, however we do need reproducible examples which unfortunately we haven't seen. When your game crashes does it reproduce a crash dump at all? Do you also have a save game from before a game where it crashes for us to take a look at?
  13. Luke Rumble

    New Contracts block progress

    Hi @Ramuel, do you have a save game that you could upload for us to take a look at as unfortunately we haven't been able to reproduce it here in house. Ideally if you have one from just before you try to continue and the button switches to 'must respond'. Thanks.
  14. Luke Rumble

    Manager experiences

    Hi @uroszila this is an issue we are aware of and it is being investigated by our dev team. It will hopefully be fixed and included in a future update.
  15. Luke Rumble

    Game Crashes during the match

    Hi @Veptune, would you be able to provide a save game from just before you play the match where it crashes for us to take a look at? Instructions on how to do so are below.