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  1. Hi @Dodgyhat, It is possible to see the graph on the player profile screen. If you select the little arrow in the top right of either the Transfer Info or Contract panels and then select Attribute Analysis from the drop down menu it should then appear.
  2. Hi @RicBebop, sorry to hear you're getting these errors when playing the game, which leagues in particular were you getting these errors? Because it seems to happen for you in a lot of leagues, have you tried reinstalling the game? And by any chance did you install it onto an SD card or the device's internal storage?
  3. Crashing more

    HI @Woccy, sorry to hear you're experiencing more crashes since the update, if you have it could you provide more information as to where and when you are getting these crashes in matches. For instance is it when a tactical change is being made or changing match settings/camera ect so that we can investigate them a bit further, thanks.
  4. Crashing When Setting Up Friendlies

    Hi guys, last week we released a hotfix 18.3.3. that included a fix for the crash when arranging friendlies.
  5. crash dump

    Hi again guys, last week we released a hotfix 18.3.3 that included a fix for this crash when trying to arrange friendlies.
  6. Hi @v.ulisov we released a hotfix last week, 18.3.3. that included a fix for this issue when trying to arrange friendlies after cancelling them. Could you let us know if this has sorted the issue for you, thanks.
  7. Crash Dump

    Hi @Colorado we have released a hotfix last week, 18.3.3 that should have a fix in it for the crash when trying to schedule friendlies. As for your other crash dumps that you are having you can upload the dump files to the FTP but we would also need a save a long with that and a new thread explaining what you were doing when it happened, thanks.
  8. Can't transfer players

    We'll update this thread if we put out any fixes for it. As I said by the looks of it the only work around is to reduce the number of players in your squad over the maximum wage limit so you can sign players again.
  9. Stats missing

    Hi @Woccy this is something we are aware of and it is currently under review, thanks.
  10. Can't transfer players

    Yes this is a bug and we are aware of it and are investigating internally.
  11. Can't transfer players

    @selik4real what team are you managing in these screenshots? Is it a Russian First Division team or is this still when testing England? If you're in Russia the make offer button isn't available for you at the moment because of how many players in your squad that are currently earning over the maximum wage, you are only allowed two players on more than $60,000 p/a (assuming by your screenshots you're currency is in dollars) see the screenshot I've attached below. How many players in your current squad do you have earning more than $60,000 p/a? We are looking into this as a bug because the make offer button should still be there for all players and there should just be a restriction when you come to offer a contract, but I thought i'd just clarify for you why you currently can't make offers for players. You will be able to make offers again for players if you reduce the number of players in your squad on at least $60,000 p/a to 1 or 0.
  12. 18.3 Cross-Sync not working

    @Esbenito Cross-sync isn't available for the FMT Demo, you would have to buy the game on your PC as well for it to work.
  13. Player Condition!!!

    @oleg8979 You may need to clear your cache to pick up the fix for this issue. If that doesn't work a full reinstall will, but when reinstalling you will need to delete all your data (don't worry it won't delete your saves but you could always back them up if you want to be sure).
  14. Can't transfer players

    Hi @selik4real, I'm looking into this issue for you now. The situation you are describing is because of a league wage rule in the Russian First Division. Each team can only have 2 players who are on over £875p/w. How many players in your current squad are earning over this amount?
  15. Premier league TV rights money

    Yes sorry @HugoRune for not replying sooner, that second save loaded fine and we are looking into the issue. Thanks again for uploading them.