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  1. MLS editing

    Hi soulsaver, in response to your original post, it is possible this year to create a custom MLS style format in terms of league structure(conferences)/Fixtures schedule across groups. However it isn't possible to create a custom draft.
  2. MLS editing

    Mars_Blackmon would you be able to upload your fmf editor file so that I could have a look at it. Instructions on how to upload it are here - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/405113
  3. MLS editing

    In regard to NYCFC not having a Superdraft pick, it's possible that on both saves that they've traded them away, which might explain why they don't seem to be having a pick. I'd guess by looking at the screenshot above that they've traded it with Columbus as they are the third pick in round one, where NYC's pick would be. It's not a bug as they do actually have draft picks allocated to them.