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  1. Luke Rumble

    Press Conference Graphics

    Reviewed so locked.
  2. Luke Rumble

    The old 2d camera for matches.

    Reviewed so locked.
  3. I think @CFuller has covered the points pretty well above, so locking thread.
  4. Luke Rumble

    Chairman Mode

    @Ltagames I would suggest reading through this thread before posting feature requests. Locking this thread.
  5. There are instructions below on how to switch between Dedicated and Integrated Graphics cards.
  6. Luke Rumble

    Error server

    Hi @Damianos14546 are you getting this message every time you try to run the game? Have you tried restarting steam?
  7. Luke Rumble

    Crash dump

    Hi Daniel, would you be able to attach the dump file you got for this crash as well as uploading a save game from just before it happened to the FTP, thanks.
  8. Hi @Roosey unfortunately we cannot access the filedropper link here in the office at this time, would you be able to try and upload your save game to the FTP again? I did get the one you put up last time however it is unable to load which will probably be down to the fact that it failed when you uploaded it.
  9. Do you get that message every time you try and upload a file to the server?
  10. @realTIAN You may need to configure your laptop to run FM, have a run through the page I've linked below. After you've completed that it would be worth clearing both your cache and preferences again before running the game.
  11. I would advise then to go to the Nvidia website and use the auto-checker and that should find the correct update for your driver. https://www.geforce.com/drivers
  12. Hi @carlmorgan do you have a crash dump file you could attach for us to take a look at?
  13. Are you running any anti-virus software? This may be causing some issues, it might be worth running through some of the suggestions on the page below to see if that rectifies your issue.
  14. Hi @phd_angel are you running any anti-virus on your machine? This can cause issues for FM on occasions. I would also advise running through all of the suggestions on the page below.
  15. It may be worth completely uninstalling and reinstalling your drivers, I've attached instructions on how to do that below. If that still doesn't rectify your issue what anti-virus are you using on your machine, this has been known to cause some users issues in launch?