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  1. Save Game Won't Load error

    Hi @Simonaghan79 sorry to hear this, do you have a save from before that match that you could upload to the FTP for us to take a look at. Instructions on how to upload saves are below. Thanks.
  2. Fixtures BUG ! 3matchs in 3days !

    Okay, thanks for the information we're looking in to reproducing it in house.
  3. Game freezes on ipad

    Hi @jdubsnz, we've just released an hotfix, 18.2.2 which has a fix in it for freezes when generating match reports, which should fix the issue you were having. Could you update to that and let us know if this has fixed it for you, thanks.
  4. Fixtures BUG ! 3matchs in 3days !

    Hi @suwandiwang77, we will need a save from you to look into this. If possible it will need to be a save from before these 3 games were scheduled. By the looks of it its because you have got into the semi-finals of the EFL cup, so the save will need to be from just before you play the QF. Thanks.
  5. Won’t pass loading screen

    On Android it should be fine, your data and saved games will still be there once you have reinstalled, but if you want it couldn't hurt to back up beforehand to a PC just in case of any eventualities. Hopefully that should fix the issue.
  6. Won’t pass loading screen

    Hi Jake, what device are you using to play the game on? Have you tried a complete reinstall of the game to see if that rectifies the issue?
  7. Hi @edhdurham neither of these are unlockables will remove the league specific rules. No Work Permits, as it suggests just removes the need to apply for a work permit for that player, regardless if you are able to sign them because of the league rules. The Foreign Influx is just in regard to match day squad rules. So for instance if you are playing in a league where you are only allowed to play 5 non-EU/foreign players in a match day squad, this unlockable will remove that. We don't have an unlockable currently that will remove league specific rules, like the Serie A example you mentioned, hope this has helped clear it up.
  8. Change Player No. All the time

    Hi @Bobic9, it is intentional and by design for you to be able to change squad numbers throughout the season in FMT on both PC and on Tablet.
  9. Fm 18 Touch won’t load on ipad

    Unfortunately reinstalling the game hasn't been seen to fix the issue so far and the only way is to reset the device. This is the only known fix for it your end and as I said previously because we haven't been able to reproduce it locally here in house we don't have a fix our end. Again if resetting the device isn't an option please email help@sega.co.uk to get a full refund. Apologies again Shane.
  10. Fm 18 Touch won’t load on ipad

    Hi Shane, really sorry to see you've encountered this issue. It something that we are aware of however it is a very rare issue that only seems to occur in a live environment, i.e. you (customers) playing the game at home. This has meant that unfortunately we haven't been able to reproduce it internally during testing. What we do know, and what is consistent with what you have experienced, is that it is to do with an in-app purchase being interrupted or becoming corrupted in some way and that's what causes the crash and then the game subsequently crashing every time it gets to the start screen. How it becomes corrupted we're not sure of, since we've never actually seen it happen ourselves despite trying many times. In the past, the only way to resolve the issue has been to factory reset the device, so your device would essentially be as new. If you don't mind doing that, you should be able to back up your save files to your PC using iTunes before resetting and then putting them back onto your iPad once you have completely reset and reinstalled the game. If you would need instructions on how to do this I'm happy to let you know how to do it successfully, we wouldn't want you to lose your save progress because of this issue. However, if resetting your device isn't something you wish to do, the only other option we have at the moment is to email help@sega.co.uk and explain the issue and they should be able to process you a refund for both the game and your in-purchases.
  11. Hi Musestar, this forum thread might be of help to you.
  12. staff role comparison bar size discrepancy

    Thanks for posting, this is now under review.
  13. Board override

    Hi Seph, do you have a save game you could provide for this. I've tried to reproduce this in house to no avail. Board override is working for both improving the Scouting Range and expanding the stadium.
  14. No intressted players

    Hi, thanks for raising this. Would you be able to upload your save game to the FTP so that we can take a look at it. Instruction on how to do so are below, thanks.
  15. Transfer window/germany bugs?

    These are all intended behaviours in game. In real life from next season the English Premier League Transfer window will close the night before the first game of the season, this was recently voted on by the majority of Premier League clubs. In regard to the German national team, due to licensing we are not in a position to display the national team or have real players called up to the squads in this years game.