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  1. Hi @CyberStatus, we have intentionally removed the restrictions for foreign players in the Russian Premier League for the 19.3 update. This was because the rule was previously slightly wrong (it was that you were only allowed 6 foreign players in your squad, the real rule is you are only allowed 6 foreigners on the pitch at anyone time). Due to restrictions in FMT that aren't in FM we took the decision to remove the foreign player rule altogether. What other leagues are you also having an issue with?
  2. This is still with our dev team, and we hope for a fix for it to be included in our next update. We will update this thread if/when it is rectified.
  3. Hi guys, we have now just released an update. 19.2.3 that should address this Mac slowdown issue. Apologies for the inconvenience over the past week while we have been investigating and working on a fix.
  4. @dyguscs Would you be able to create a new thread for your issue in the relevant forum.
  5. Unfortunately we cannot give support for a game that we released 13 years ago. At this point we can only offer limited technical (hardware) support for previous titles and unfortunately as this doesn't fall under that it isn't something we can look to fix. But FM19 is currently 25% off on the Steam store
  6. In FMT we do not support the feature (that is in FM) of taking control of your reserve teams. There have been a couple of issues raised where in certain scenarios people have been incorrectly in charge of their reserves, this primarily due to changes in staff members at the club.
  7. Hi @Hulk Hopkins glad to hear that you've come back to the series, how are you finding FMT this year? If you have any features/bugs or just general questions don't hesitate to create a thread. Unfortunately with the Fred transfer, as it has already gone through in real life it isn't possible to cancel the transfer. However, you can get your money back through the boost bank balance DLC if you wanted to reinvest it in some better players!
  8. Hi @annarborhawk, it is by design that you can't choose Full Match due to memory limitations on tablet devices.
  9. @daherlihy For obvious reasons we wouldn't recommend that (thats even if it works at all - as it isn't something we would have looked at here) and any issues that would then occur we wouldn't be able to offer support for.
  10. Hi @Tommasoking13, this is an issue we are aware of and are currently investigating.
  11. Hi guys glad to hear it is now working. As mentioned before we're not entirely sure what was causing this from our perspective, and was most likely a Steam issue. We are in contact with Valve see what the issue was and to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  12. Bit of a miscommunication issue there, that would have been for us here in-house rather than fixed in the Live build, apologies for that. As mentioned a fix for it has only been in since yesterday's build.
  13. Hi @edhdurham, yes, it will override the work permits rules that are in place post brexit. However, it won't remove the number of foreign players that are allowed in a squad.
  14. There wasn't a fix before 19.2 for this issue, so not sure where I would have mentioned that. We did put the same fix onto the public beta branch, but that is the exact same build that has just gone out for 19.2.
  15. The transfer fees for players will vary from save game to save game, and this year we have put more weighting on players form when it comes to transfers and fees, but there are still so many variables that determine transfer fees. When testing the fix for 19.2 we have run the simulation dozens of times and the average seemed about right to us. We will continue to keep an eye on it though.
  16. Hi @Origin.Unknown If you were to go to the Staff > Responsibilities screen, have you got your Friendly matches set to 'Backroom Staff'? This would mean that you won't get taken into a friendly match when it is played.
  17. Hi all, we have just released an update, 19.2, which should have some potential improvements in this area. It will require a new save game for it to take effect.
  18. Hi @thebugel, unfortunately not. However, this was something that was raised earlier on in the cycle and it is a feature that is under consideration for future versions.
  19. Hi @Meak06 the tablet version of FM Touch, probably has the best performance on iPads, obviously depending on what iPad you are playing on. It goes without saying that the better/newer the iPad the better the game is going to run. As for your questions: 1. How many seasons can u do on the touch for tablet? max of 30, at which point you can carry it over to the PC version (if you have that purchased) 2. Is there any way to have custom logos downloaded onto the tablet? Unfortunately it isn't possible to import your own custom logos into FM Touch on an iPad. 3. I've seen u can only choose 4 leagues for startup, if I choose 4 European leagues, do the others get watered down in terms of players available, ie Brazil, Argentina? The max number of leagues is actually only 3, and any non-playable leagues will be less detailed than those selected to manager in, however there should still be a reasonable amount of players/staff available. 4. Any experiences with crash/dumps on tablet? This year for the game across all platforms we have seen a reduced amount of crash dumps occurring for the user. 5. How fast/slow does the game go on tablet as opposed to PC? This will obviously depend on the specs of the PC. However, due to the league limitations and the faster nature of FMT the user shouldn't experience too much slowdown on an iPad in comparision.
  20. As the Samsung Note 9 is a mobile phone it will not be supported.
  21. Hi @jbjAgent, this is by design, while I do accept that it isn't that clear. It is basically trying to inform you that the client would be willing to talk to you if you can improve your financial capabilities, i.e. sell a couple of players/increase wage budget.
  22. Hi @prot651 we have looked at this in house and it looks to be an issue Steam's side that only effected the 19.1.1 > 19.1.2 update. Did any of you guys have this happening again for any update after this?
  23. Hi guys, we have looked at this in house and it looks to be an issue Steam's side that only effected the 19.1.1 > 19.1.2 update. Did any of you guys this this happening again for any update after this?
  24. Ah found out what the issue is, looks like it is because you are using the Touchscreen version of the Retro skin. I believe it should be there for these skins as well, but theres a chance that it shouldn't be, as database size isn't an option for the tablet builds however I have passed it onto the dev team anyway to take a look. If you were to switch your skin to the normal retro version while setting up the game it should be there and then you can switch it back once you're in your save.
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