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  1. Africa : 177 newgens after 3 seasons and not a single player from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, South Africa, Egypt, Morroco, Algeria, etc. Asia : 124 newgens. Only 1 regen from Iran and 2 from South Korea. Europe : All countries get a fair share of regens according to their reputation BUT small countries and medium nations regens are all generated in foreign clubs. For example, greek clubs don't generate regens at all. All greek players are german, english or swedish bi-nationals. That causes 3 issues : - Its unrealistic as we have some national teams (for example Greece) with a roster full of bi nationals after some time. - Since they have a smaller pool, those nations tend to weaken. - It makes it harder for small club saves because there is no player to buy in smaller and affordable leagues. Also less transferts activity since less opportunities for the AI. I play with a large database with a save launched under the 20.2.4 update.
  2. Well, I was more talking about regens generated by African clubs. Surely more dual national regens will help to improve the competitiveness of National Teams but further regens generated from African sides are also needed for teams/leagues relying on african imports.
  3. I saw this in game, its definitely better in terms of % but the nationalities aren't quite correct. It's mostly european immigration, like the data is 50 years late. For Vancouver, top nationalities should be China, Phillipines For Toronto, India, Jamaica For Montréal, Morocco, Algeria, Haiti. Also, a bit of topic but English-Canadians should not have French as languages spoken.
  4. Teams like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal should have 50% of dual national regens, if not more. Those cities are incredibly diverse and it reflected in their football teams.
  5. After 2 years, Africa has barley generated 20 regens for the whole continent. I hardly see how African nations will remain competitive in the future. Also small clubs like the one I'm currently managing hugely rely on african imports. Such low numbers of regens make it very difficult. I dont have South Africa loaded (never had, in FM) but i'm playing with a large database. I noticed Asia and South America lack a bit of regens too.
  6. I'm a student in International Studies and really into migration, I would be glad to give SI a hand with collecting the data. I've done for myself the past years, browsing gouvernement official databases. I really hope we can match IRL demographics. I live in Montreal, the diversity here is outstanding and it really frustrates me to see the lack of bi-nationals amongst the regens generated by Canadian clubs.
  7. Is it me or they completely removed bi national regens ?
  8. I doubt Christian Makoun has made 7 apperances for Juventus. Pacific Football Club shortened name is "2".
  9. Yes it was me as well:)
  10. Hey its funny, im the creator of Nuu skin. I never considered myself as a good skin maker (i can't code for ****) but its funny this skin has a sort of legacy. A part from that, i agree the default skin will be again pretty bad, i will be waiting for your skin.
  11. Oh really, i will try then. Thanks
  12. An awesome regen from Faroe Island. I had never seen such a talented player from a minnow nation. The second regen is also from Faroe Island and plays for my team. Not as talented but still very good for this country.
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