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  1. Odegaard is having a super season in Eredivisie, rumors are saying Zidane wants to keep him in the first team of Real Madrid next season.
  2. Yes. I can give you the link by private message if you want. It was almost 100% finished.
  3. Why the B Teams of MLS clubs are listed as "feeder club" in the editor and not as "B team". It seems unrealistic to me i have to make offers to move a player from B to senior team (managing Seattle).
  4. When is SI going to update the demographics for regens for Canada and USA ? They do not match reality. For example, Montreal is a very diverse city who experienced high flows of migration from Asia and Africa the last few years but in game Impact of Montreal only gets dual national regens from bosnia or italy.
  5. All the countries need a continent, otherwise you wont be able to find them ingame. You said you replace Andorra so it should have a continent assigned? Otherwise, you need to edit a xml file to be able to assign a continent to a new country.
  6. Yes, this article is right. The map you posted in the first post only included the "little crown" of Paris.
  7. You can't see the nation ingame or the league?
  8. Ile de France is much wider than Paris, Seine St Denis, Haut de Seine and Val de Marne. The Great Paris includes l'Essone, Oise, Val d'Oise and more : As a parisian, i will be following this with interest.
  9. Getting the A-League right would already be good.
  10. I don't have one but once i make a new simulation i will share it. Also there seem to big isssue with the finances of A-League teams. At the exception of 1 or 2 (generally the 2 Melbourne teams), they all end up with a negative balance of 1 or 2 millions $ after a couple of seasons.
  11. I'm not so sure about this considering Knights popularity I think most people would prefer Auckland City ? You can always change it with the editor. Quick update. Rosters are done. Clubs informations too. Testing is going good. I'm also trying to fix the A-League NPL squads issue (A-League NPL sides are listed as a feeder club and not as a youth team). But it seems impossible to have a A-League NPL side playing a competition (NPL) and be a youth team (or B team) as the same time. Which is weird because it was working last year and it works this year for teams like Barcelona and Barcelona B. Phoenix Reserves and Auckland Reserves are playing in the New Zealand premier division, no problems there.
  12. I will make a separate file allowing New Zealand teams to qualify. The only downside is that they wont generating NZ regens.
  13. Thank you, i hope to release it next week. Doing some testing right now. Expansions teams not doing bad and surprisingly, Victory got relegated after 3 seasons
  14. A League teams are barely signing any marquee players. As the previous years, the league level goes downhill seasons after seasons. Poor regens + low transfer activity.
  15. Yes the squad selection rule was causing problem. I didn't remove it but applied it to the Hyundai League 2 and somehow it worked. I finished the structure of the leagues. I need to do the finalize the database and i will create a youth league.
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