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  1. Oh really, i will try then. Thanks
  2. An awesome regen from Faroe Island. I had never seen such a talented player from a minnow nation. The second regen is also from Faroe Island and plays for my team. Not as talented but still very good for this country.
  3. Okay this is big. One year after qualifying for Europa League group stages, they managed to do even better by reaching qualifying to the UCL. Beating Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Scottish and Poland champions The man making miracles. At first sight, nothing special.
  4. Let's say you want Tibetan regens. - Create the Tibetan nation first. - Create a region (name doesn't matter) and put in Tibet. You cannot create a region in the editor but you can edit one from another country, clear cities and change name. - Creates cities and put them in the region created above and for the country, put them in China.
  5. Good luck in Suomi. I'm playing with Tampere United, a fallen club who's now in the 3rd tier. Im in 2032 and i've won the league only 2 times. Helsinki gives me hard time every year, they produce great regens each years (I would say a good 50% of the national team comes from their academy). But the league is very homogenous (a bit like Iceland, if im correct you had a save with HK) so every year there are different contenders. This season there should be no competition though
  6. It's not comparable to the case I posted above. APOEL, Copenhagen are well established european clubs, winning more or less every year their domestic league. Vikingur is a semi-pro team and there was never in history an icelandic team making to the groupe stages. 2031 or not, it doesn't matter. The FM world is quite static. You will never see a nation develop and have constant gold generations like Icelandic recently and the clubs in european competitions are usually the same unless you holiday to 3000ish.
  7. Have you ever seen the AI doing incredible achievements, that usually only us, FM coaches, are capable of? Here is one case for you. Mighty Víkingur Reykjavik doing a Leicester. They got promoted in the Icelandic top flight and 2 years later only won the title.And then they managed to be the first Icelandic team to qualify for a groupe stage of a European Competition, beating Valerenga, an opponent of higher quality. For their first match of groupe stage, they did a decent draw against Aalborg. I can't wait to see if they can grab points against Celtic and Valencia.
  8. Thank you for the help. Its almost working but it seems the titlebar is transparent :
  9. Great work. Can you tell how to recolor the title bar. I am using Livid skin and i would have team color back.
  10. Yes except the offers represent sometimes more than the entire club is worth. No semi pro teams turn down a 1 million bid irl.
  11. Great thread. I've always wanted to make a Greenland database and play it but i'm waiting for SI to implement a feature allowing us to create languages in the editor. All those greenlandic regens with danish names and facies ruins a bit the immersion for me.
  12. As a French who spent some time in Vietnam, I will be following closely.
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