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  1. Hello all, So I set up a playoff between the second last of Div 1 and the second of Div 2 to decide who's getting relegated. But I haven't really managed to make it work. So first issue, the playoff stage exist ingame but isn't being played. I decided to do some tweaks and now i can't get past the rules verification stage in the editor because "my season cannot be completed within the seasons dates". Canada Expension.fmfI attached the file, I would be very grateful if someone could take a look. In 2020, the first division has a different format with no pro/rel. Ignor
  2. No it's pretty easy. Where I struggle is how to set up relegation/promotion playoffs between the 2nd of Div2 and the 11th of Div1.
  3. Also, to get around the salary cap, CPL teams tend to provide additional benefits to their players such as free accommodation, transportation, etc. And FM cannot replicate that. So I think it's harder to make good signings in FM since we are just left with wages to attract new players. Increasing the salary cap a little before more than the figures announced (25k$ each year) could make up for that. Fantastic database otherwise. For more fun, I was thinking adding some expansions teams and maybe the rumoured second division with pro/rel. - Joining the CPL in 2022: FC Vieux Québec (Qu
  4. Yes it was me as well:)
  5. Hey its funny, im the creator of Nuu skin. I never considered myself as a good skin maker (i can't code for ****) but its funny this skin has a sort of legacy. A part from that, i agree the default skin will be again pretty bad, i will be waiting for your skin.
  6. Oh really, i will try then. Thanks
  7. An awesome regen from Faroe Island. I had never seen such a talented player from a minnow nation. The second regen is also from Faroe Island and plays for my team. Not as talented but still very good for this country.
  8. Okay this is big. One year after qualifying for Europa League group stages, they managed to do even better by reaching qualifying to the UCL. Beating Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Scottish and Poland champions The man making miracles. At first sight, nothing special.
  9. Let's say you want Tibetan regens. - Create the Tibetan nation first. - Create a region (name doesn't matter) and put in Tibet. You cannot create a region in the editor but you can edit one from another country, clear cities and change name. - Creates cities and put them in the region created above and for the country, put them in China.
  10. Good luck in Suomi. I'm playing with Tampere United, a fallen club who's now in the 3rd tier. Im in 2032 and i've won the league only 2 times. Helsinki gives me hard time every year, they produce great regens each years (I would say a good 50% of the national team comes from their academy). But the league is very homogenous (a bit like Iceland, if im correct you had a save with HK) so every year there are different contenders. This season there should be no competition though
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