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  1. Hello! No it's pretty much the case in all my saves. My setup is usually all the top European leagues + 10 additional European Leagues and a large database. Right now i'm playing in Finland and Egypt and Iran still haven't generated a single newgen after 3 seasons.
  2. Thanks Im actually using this file and built my own database from it. I created U Sports and made the draft picking U Sports players only, like in real life. Despite being playable, L1 is still not competitive enough to generate enough decent players for the CPL. If you generate 10 seasons in the game; the average CA goes from like +100 to about 90.
  3. Not so much but probably more than 1 every 3 years like I see in game The other issue is that if you delete the CPL academies in FM in order to come close to real life, then the CPL really lacks a pool of players to build their squads from since: - L1 Ontario regens are poor and even if they have a decent CA, they will never reach it because the league rep, the facilities and the coaching are poor. - There are not enough Canadian regens generated abroad (the CPL relies a lot on the diaspora) - Too little transfer activity from AI managers To overcome this, I decided to make U-Sports players slightly better than they are but this is not enough to supply an entire league. Hence my idea of forcing CPL teams to sign a lot of talents from L1 Ontario or other academies, even if CPL sides don't do it that often IRL.
  4. That is correct. The problem is the AI manager will only take a handful number of players (like 1 every 3 years) and ones with a CA already good enough so they can make an immediate impact on the parent team. So it doesn't really work.
  5. Hi, Basically I am trying to replicate the Canadian Premier League IRL system where clubs have no academies and rely on local academies to sign youth talents. So I would like to have a parent club not generating any regens and be linked to regional academies which they can poach regens from. I tried the following set ups: - Parent team has youth intake disabled+ feeder team with box "players move freely" ticked: The AI doesn't move any players from feeder team to parent team - Parent team has youth intake disabled + feeder team is a "B Team" in the editor: B Team generates no regens - Parent team has youth intake activated + feeder team is a "B Team" in the editor: Parent team generates regens So nothing I really want. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. You might want to quickly create Yougoslavia from scratch in the editor, replacing a defunct nation such as Eire82 (I believe they do not have a regen name file). Create a bunch of regions and a bunch of cities with the relevant languages just for testing purposes. I believe it should work. If it does, it means you have to recreate the database to get correct regen names:/
  7. It works the same way as for real life nations. >get the ID from the editor or from the game >write the required xml file and create a folder with the graphics
  8. Okay I found a pdf explaining how they schedule the games. The only way to implement this in game I think would be to set up 3 competitions, all running every 3 years, with a custom fixture plans. I'm still having a hard time understanding how custom fixture plans work in the editor and how I could replicate the attached plan. If anyone has some screenshots or files of examples of custom fixture plans in the editor, it would be highly useful. Thanks!
  9. Ok thank you very much for all these interesting ideas, i'm gonna be experimenting a bit with the editor and I'll get back to you! And here's the league in question: https://usports.ca/en/sports/soccer/m/standings It's a bit of ****show with some teams not playing as many games and others (???) and playing some teams once and some other twice for no apparent reasons.
  10. Hi all, I am trying to replicate a real life competition with 9 teams, each playing a total of 12 games. Obviously if I use the number of rounds option I would be left with 8 or 16 or 32 etc games which is not satisfying. I tried to set the number of rounds to 0 and set 12 additional games in "Extra League Games" (Matches from other Stages) but the game would generate no fixtures at all. Also saw an option called "Custom Match Plans" and I tried a bunch of things with it bu i would make the editor crash every time. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. Hello all, I wanted to make a Greenland database for FM23 for personal use but to save myself some time, I wanted to use an existing gGeenland database from an old FM. In the past, I was able to import past FM's databases in the editor but I am unable to do so with the FM23 editor. I have a fmf file which the editor don't even recognize. I tried converting it to a xml file with the ressource archiver but that didn't work as well (the archive was empty). I attached the file (from @Sangue Blu) I am trying to open. Thank you for your help. Greenland League.fmf
  12. Another case of the game being too UK centric. The rule was made only for the UK but SI decided to apply for everywhere else it in the EU. Which doesn't make sense. EU clubs are full of 16 and 17yo players poached abroad. PSV U18 have presumably 5 players of this kind: https://www.transfermarkt.com/psv-eindhoven-u18/startseite/verein/81337 And I can provide more evidence if it helps. I would also add that the new rules shouldn't matter too much because clubs can still pre-agree on a future transfer.
  13. Im 2 years into the game and nations like Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Egypt have not generated a single regens. It was the case already in FM21. Apparently, this could be intended? But this raises several issues: - A representation issue as national teams of these countries have to rely exclusively on bi-nationals from European Countries whereas in real life, African NT tend to be a mix of bi-nationals and local players. - It makes really difficult recruitment for teams from smaller leagues (typically Eastern European leagues or Asian leagues) as African-based players are some of the best talents they can attract for a cheap price. If you browse the leagues of lets say, Bulgaria, Latvia and Romania, you will see a large contingent of African players. These players play a key role in the recruitment strategy of lesser known clubs and I would argue big clubs as well as we have seen several Premier League teams poaching African-based talents. Here's the current squad of Riga FC (Latvian League). As you can see there are lot of foreigners, including a bunch of African players and South American players. These kind of players would be impossible to attract ingame without loading players from African and South American Leagues (making the database very heavy). - As a result of these 2 problems, African Nations tend to weaken over time, especially if they dont have a lot of bi-nationals in European League, and clubs from lesser know clubs weaken as well without this source of cheap talent. I would argue this also apply to Asian and North American Nations but it's less noticeable as they provide less imports IRL.
  14. Wouldnt Babelsberg be an eastern german team as well? Last time I checked they were in the 3rd division.
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