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  1. South American teams have the option to arrange warm weather camps, which is unrealistic since it's already warm around the time the option arises, the pool of countries to visit is also unrealistic being the same as European teams.
  2. I need to gather the last 4 winners of Copa Libertadores, Champions League and such and seems that there's no way to do so, right?, editor only has the option to add the winner from last year.
  3. yup, something like that, current title is misleading.
  4. Can we get this clarification in game?, youth facilities should be renamed like recruiting facilities or something.
  5. Also when stadiums with like 400 seats get expanded to, let's say 50.000 they don't expand graphically (visually in the ME), it happened numerous times during testing and custom saves. So you get like +5000 people on a 400 ppl stadium.
  6. As soon as I start my careers I set the camera at "close" and even so the camera looks like taking a shot from above the stadium, especially when you manage lower league teams... or give us a zoom, players are so tiny but what bothers me the most is the camera flying above the stadium floating in mid air hanging from nothing. That. Not all camera angles must be copyrighted I guess. Thanks.
  7. Now I got it to work, the pregame editor is broken and corrupts the saves, I can only play careers without it since the last update.
  8. Another new career, can't load it´s saved games, this one was saved locally. I verified the integrity of the game with steam but still no solution.
  9. I use rolling saves, I can't load either v1, v2 or v3. Something weird, since yesterday when I began my new career I noticed that FM exits instantly when I close it, unlike before when I had to wait like 5 minutes to play another steam game due to the slow synchronizing process, so I did a check and when I exit FM it doesn't synchronize anymore.
  10. and wait until you see the superleague running at the same time as the campeonato nacional as proposed xD Bummer, forced to recreate one with lower leagues from scratch, thanks.
  11. The button is grayed out, other leagues from other countries can be added easily as usual.
  12. Remember staff, maybe we need more staff to accomplish that, for example, let's improve the infrastructure and have world class facilities with crappy staff that you could train buy educate, etc to differentiate both. You could buy the infrastructure right away if you got the money but the human talent takes time to flourish. An extra layer of reality compared to today's game.
  13. League rules and minor bugs where addressed. So the question is, is there this huge thing unfixed which will force me to create a new save like a crash on a date or something or should I begin my long term save?. In the meantime I'm managing a team on India just to test tactics.
  14. As a lower league manager and a real time editor freak I agree with this. I think that reputation shouldn't matter if you want to improve your facilities, just money, I mean, the purpose of the football game is to win and if a team has the money, why wouldn't want to become better?. Look at China, they had nothing now they have impressive training facilities just by the magics of money.
  15. Or the upcoming updates will force me to create a new one?, I want just one career and earlier the better.
  16. League type friendly tournaments can make tons of money for your club, if your team is part of two top divisions, smaller teams get less money, less attendances, etc. Standalone friendlies are never profitable or are profitable by a very small margin.
  17. Not even determination?, weird choice. OT: What about Directors of football?
  18. We'll have to wait for FM19 to see it using 6 gigs of RAM I guess. It IS an improvement and it feels like one though.
  19. So it seems, feels the game is capped to work with the entire range of computers even if it could do better with your setup, I would like a setting about that to force the game go faster (high, med, low, whatever). Reminds me of CMSpeeder, god we are old. xD
  20. Same, I'm on holiday now, it doesn't go over 4 gigs overall and FM is using no more than 30% CPU and +1321 mb RAM I went to the BIOS and everything's fine, the mobo recognizes 8 gigs,
  21. I loaded all leagues and FM17 is using 1268 mb of RAM, the performance monitor never exceeds 4 gigs, is it normal or a bug?, how do I know if steam installed the 64 bit version? i mean, shouldn't the game gone overboard and use like 7 gigs?
  22. That's pretty much my question, I got the feeling that more memory available equals more leagues running at the same time but not a higher amount of players than a 32 arch.
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