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  1. I got the feeling that it isn't the brand, the resolution, or another thing but the panel, IPS, VA, TN, PLS etc, behave differently, anyway great that they improved the text as it was unplayable, it isn't perfect and could do some sharpening but it's way better than before, weird that this game is the only one affected from my 100+ game library. Well done improving it.
  2. For example I create teams to become the best of the nation, best of the world, have the best facilities etc, they last a season and then the chairman changes them completely to something else....
  3. I love this league, lower leagues are so fun in this game, the biggest challenge, thanks for adding it through the workshop. Why it itsn't in the base game?, just wondering
  4. I got 2700 hours at FM14 and so on,1300 at FM20, I got 4 hours at FM21 this is so 2020, F 2020, hopefully it will get fixed someday
  5. IKR?, just place a palm or anything, the same wall without the TV screen, great work with Benito and Pierre, not real but realistic anyways.
  6. I like to use the game editor to add nation rules, for example take a team like Indautxu, make only Basque players eligible for the club and move it to the last playable division, you could do that with English players, any nation or even nationalities from small countries like Andorra (make FC Andorra sign only Andorran players) or create a team based in San Marino to use only San Marino players, it's way harder and tactics matter the most
  7. Readability is super low, fonts are hard to read with blurry edges and are very thin, creating a sense of shadowing and ghosting, also some fonts keep their small size when scaling, this didn't happen with older versions, please focus on accesibility next year
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